I can tell you that, already in this side of the box, limited edition, heres the laptop actually quite slender, the system is now engaged out of ammo its a actually a collaboration its another one of these studio style laptops its for creators. This is a hot segment right now in the laptop category, its a collaboration between msi and hiroshi fujiwara. If you dont know who he is, i mean they call him the godfather of streetwear in japan. They they say that he was responsible for for bringing rap and hip hop to japan. After a trip to new york, he was into music its a. I was on the wikipedia page hes, a japanese musician producer and designer born in 1964.. This guys done a lot. What youre going to see in a moment here is that we have a very unique aesthetic, which is exclusive and limited in this particular case, and its also probably why this box is a little larger than usual. I think we might have some special goodies on the inside now as far as horsepower is concerned, since it is a creator laptop, its gon na have to have some rtx stuff. Its also gon na have the latest intel chips inside check his logo. How cool is that its like two lightning bolts, what a fancy unboxing experience? I can tell you that already looking at this look at the color black black black black quadruple black 16 tommer, qhd plus 165 hertz display oh yeah.

The display is also mini, led in here it creates a very oled like experience, intel i7 11800 h, 2.3 Gigahertz, its an rtx 306 gigs of video memory, one terabyte ssd 16 gigs of ddr4. Its also got, Selvfølgelig, like wi fi, six and all the latest stuff that youre gon na want. This is an understated box, but you can kind of tell that something lurks beneath the creator z16 and you can see on this side of the box limited edition. So theres only a certain number of these units that are going to be available nice to pursue the ultimate aesthetics msi meets hiroshi fujiwara godfather of streetwear. I wasnt wrong. The creator z16 hiroshi fujiwara limited edition out of 3000, only a total of 3 000 units, so heres the laptop, actually quite slender. What theyve been able to achieve over here that is thin. Okay, lets put it to the side just for a moment and see what else we have in the box. Ah, an exclusive sleeve handle up top and then entry from this side. This is like a soft, almost microfiber like feeling and its padded, so its a little bit of protection there as well. Here is your power extension cable. This is your power brick. Since we have rtx, we have to have some decent power. Vi har 180 watts fairly slender 480 Watt. We have an msi padded envelope. Oh look at this. It comes with a wireless mouse part of the limited edition kit and look at that with your branding, your limited edition logo.

Endelig, we have a mouse mat again with the branding limited edition. Okay lets get to the main attraction here. The laptop. The first thing i notice is just how thin it is. This is strikingly thin. It has the logo on the top, but its subtle here with just like a two tone effect, so its not like overwhelming branding, which is cool blends in there msi logo, above that its tapered in the front as well. For this really slim edge on the front side trying to get an idea of how slim it is look at the power connector here youve also got a usb a port. This is a thunderbolt port, Theres, a headphone jack and again in order to determine how thin it is. This is a great demonstration the body starts to wrap around within the width of the headphone jack and then over on this side. Another usb a port, another thunderbolt port and a micro sd card reader. Okay lets crack it open true pixel qhd, plus 100 dci p3. So this is another area of focus on these studio laptops. Is this idea of having an accurate display because of the type of work that they expect people to be doing on here, whether its inside of a photo editor video, editor things like this? We have a very wide screen, looking track pad fingerprint scanner over here and chiclet style keyboard. Selvfølgelig, indication of the geforce rtx thats inside for some reason, theres a steel series logo did they work together on the keyboard, måske, and look at that.

Golden ratio 16 ved 10 gives you a little bit more height, obviously when compared to 16 ved 9, and can be the choice for some users as far as productivity is concerned, some people prefer that i myself also do like a 16 ved 10 display. Oh look at that also the hinge. This is something i recognize on a number of laptops. Sometimes this doesnt come back as far as you would like. If youre working on the couch, you might want to have some sort of aggressive angle, this will go all the way to completely flat Music. The system is now engaged its been set up, which is uh, Det er, the magic of television whens. The last time anybody watched television thats, what youtube is for its the magic of youtube, look at this display and that funky background kirk must have set this up, that that is a nice looking display, though ill be honest. Now this system has rtx in it. So we can of course, play games, even though the system is targeted at the creative type. With this understated design youre still going to want to have that capability, and i kind of like it, because actually it can do double duty it can. You can take it in the executive mode, you can take it into work mode, but you can also obviously do a little bit of gaming as well before i boot up a game to see what thats like lets, just move around the laptop a little bit.

The reason for that steel series indicator little logo on there is because this keyboard has backlighting its customizable yeah msi per key rgb keyboard and the current configuration is rainbow split but of course theres others, aqua, roulette and so forth and youll be looking at this right. Nu, with the lights off its very configurable on a per key basis, if you want to lock certain keys on a static color, du kan gøre det. Some people might want to have keys that are specific to like in a game, lets, say or shortcuts in a productivity app that are highlighted in a different color when youre working in dimly lit light. But you can also get those animations. Just for cool looks whoa whats that christmas disco, its got this like funky party aspect in the keyboard area, under kølerhjelmen, but then its also got the stealth look on the outside, so it can really go uh either way, so its a chiclet style, its got A fairly slim travel, but this is kind of the direction for thin and light laptops. I mean just look at how thin this thing is to begin with, with the lid up its even more impressive how thin it is now. It says dynaudio at the top, so i presume we have some speakers in here – Musik, Åh wow. I just found this audio configurator inside of the msi settings check it out. It has presets for music movies communication gaming, so it can do some sort of surround sound emulation.

Uh theres also a feature in here for voices where you can kind of like enhance the frequency that voices would live in so theres. Some different audio settings now lets watch a little bit of video on this display too. Let me bring up some blue later real, quick, so its going to be comparable to oled with the mini led tech, so you can see how dark the blacks are capable of getting so. The other thing with this true pixel display gives you a lot of control. Faktisk, over the color temperature and brightness and, Selvfølgelig, also color representation, you can choose between srgb adobe rgb. Dci p3 display p3 anti blue, which is going to be like a low fatigue mode theres, a productivity mode called office which this is a pretty cool, color temperature, but i kind of like it. It goes more towards blue and then, Selvfølgelig, theres a complete custom. Setting where you can go in and distinguish whatever color space, you want native rec 709, which is what we use, which is what this video is. Probably in again, this is more into the productivity side of things where you would have features like this, because if you were working in some sort of a creative application, you might want control over elements like this play game rip a game play a game. Oh actually, i find the sound to be a little bit more invigorating in game here. Its like a variety.

Is this your profile, thats right, demon, horde like my skin, i just got that skin. The ancient gods won. Oh thats, a dude. We got dude, oh out of ammo out of fuel Laughter Applause, oh theres fuel, oh hes, partially dead part of his body is dead, hes gotten faster. He lost his legs, somehow hes more hes tougher now, even though hes partial Music can i chainsaw big dude or no Music, these dudes go forever yeah, i killed a big dude yeah big dude is dead all right. Ja, sir, Damer og herrer, we can game that that game is just why dont, we learn a little bit more about this specific collaboration. Oh by the way, the fans are there ever so slightly now kind of makes sense. A couple of frames were served up, so lets learn a little bit more about hiroshi fujiwara. Who was the collaborator on this particular design? Hes got a tremendous fan base himself been doing it for a little while hes, a japanese musician producer and designer born in 1964.. Fujiwara was born in ise me. He moved to tokyo at 18 and became a standout in the harajuku street fashion scene. During a trip to new york in the early 1980s, he was introduced to hip hop taking american records back to tokyo. He became one of japans. First hip hop djs and is credited with popularizing the genre in japan. He subsequently went into music producing specializing in remixes.

He is known as a godfather of ura, harajuku fashion or yura, and his globally influential streetwear designer, including being the pioneer for nikes htm line and the phenom line for levis. He launched his first brand good enough in the late 1980s good enough eventually gave way to new project fragment design, the brand which fujiwara dedicates most of his time to as a creative. I 2003, he appeared in the film lost in translation as a musician. He has collaborated with many artists in 2003, he designed a guitar for clapton, which was custom made by martin guitars for some performances in japan. After an initial run of eight martin built a total of 476 of these ornate black guitars, another fujiwara clapton guitar, followed in 2006. i 2008. Fujiwara made a rare public appearance in the us and participated in the imprint culture. Labs cult of collaboration, so were talking were talking. Japanese streetwear is what were talking and were talking about the godfather of japanese street, where or a godfather at least dating back to the 1980s. The late 1980s and all these years later were talking.