Faktisk, i daily drove as they say in the tech scene. I daily drove the z fold ii fairly recently from samsung what about folding tablets? What about folding laptops? Godt, Det er, where we are today with this x1 fold: this is a thinkpad. You guys know: i’ve been a fan of the thinkpad products in the past kind of a notebook style size unfolds using that oled technology into something that can be used like a tablet. This is one of the most hidden hinges that i’ve ever seen on any folding device. Very little crease in there at all. What’S special here is this action, which can pull it into a kind of more laptop style mode or all the way into your portable leather texture. So it does sort of elicit a kind of mole skin type notebook. This is way smaller than a laptop. Naturligvis, but you’ve got a laptop size screen when you set up to actually use it. We’Re looking at a 13.3 inch oled displayand you just do like thatand the nice thing you have a thinkpad style keyboard now. This is a tiny version of it, but the keys are very reminiscent, tiny little trackpad down there as well and a holder for the pen attachment you can use a pen with this, obviously just drop it on and it magnetically attaches, and it turns into a tiny Little netbook ultra portable laptop, i can imagine hopping on a plane and feeling very confident that i can find a place to plop that down.

They actually designed this keyboard to travel alongside this unit, so you don’t need to carry them separately. So if i had this down, like this you’ll, probably notice this tiny little gap on the inside and you’re thinking well, why is that there that’s to allow the keyboard to live here as you travel? That is a genius little touch to it. So i close that down and look at that, not any fatter or you can get to your destination pop this off pop out. Your kickstand for the full 13.3 inch work experience, as i have right here over here on the front of the device you can see dedicated buttons for volume up and down usb type c connector over here and another usb type c over. On the other side, the actual model of that processor intel i5 l16 g7 with intel hybrid technology up to three gigahertz. This unit also has eight gigabytes of ram and you can configure it with 256 Koncerter 512 or one terabyte of pcie nvme storage, so pen input as once again another option. That’S your pen, which also slots into this section over here, to keep everything tidy and together 65 watts of power if you’re familiar with lenovo’s products, you’ve seen this power brick before world’s. First foldable oled screen pc, yeah it’s running it’s, a full out windows on here. Talk the button keyboard, jeg tror, we’re good. If you are doing a bunch of reading, you can see how you can comfortably hold it with one hand, actually placing your thumb down inside the hinge, so the device is booted up and that’s where you uh.

Naturligvis, you see a familiar place, i mean you’re you’re inside of windows. You can do anything that windows is capable of doing. You can install your very software and so on. You see the lenovo mode switcher, so lenovo had to put a little piece of software in there in order to deal with the fact that this is really a brand new form factor, double display, one and two oriented either way and then singular display. This way. Også, Selvfølgelig, if you turn it into portrait mode, it has to figure that out and switch into portrait mode itself. As you can see it. Does there that’s automatic. Nu, if i begin to fold it, it will trigger the mode switcher, and i can select one and two in order to multitask and have multiple applications or just windows on either of the two displays a multitasking component kind of interesting here you might want to actually Have a modular setup where you have a keyboard and mouse, maybe full size when you use it at the desk and then those link up wirelessly kind of funny using such a tiny track pad. Somehow this trackpad maps kind of nicely now they did have to make some compromises on the keyboard here. Som du kan se, some of these keys had to be rearranged because of how compact the whole thing is. So i have youtube booted up right now, and one thing that kind of gets overlooked with foldables is that they still have oled displays that’s what makes them foldable and devices with dedicated operating systems and devices with desktop based operating systems.

You haven’t seen as much oled. So when you see it in a device like this, your brain recognizes that darker black those richer colors, så det er, not just foldable it’s, foldable oled and i think that’s, a key Music. So there’s been a lot of a lot of talk about these airpods max. Once again, building on the oled aspect, i mean this is a colorful frame. You can just see a lot more vibrant than what your typical laptop display is going to look like the most pen oriented device with an actual little chamber for the pen to go into. I don’t know so this section and this section here, and so that means there’s kind of a priority for this type of mode. So if i was doing this, let’s say where you would want your speakers to be placed for a left and right channel node city that didn’t rhyme. If you’re in the tablet mode like this, then you have one level unit firing on the bottom and one unit firing on the top. Definitely so here’s an example of how you might set it up for multitasking and holding it sort of as a book uh you, you may have a youtube. Video playing over here paint a picture of what you may be reading over here and, som du kan se, this is kind of a comfy laid back experience where you could use your thumb on this side to just scroll through your left hand, is supporting it it’s.

One of those weird zones when you get into larger tablets, where holding it with one hand, while you interact with the other you’re, supporting a pretty significant amount of weight, that’s away from your hand when you get that mini fold to it all of a sudden. Now it comes becomes really obvious where you’re gon na support the weight. Nu, as far as the pen is concerned, i presume it’s uh, just gon na be a substitute for your input and i think it’s going to power up straight away. I don’t know let’s see no it’s not, and these are type c really interesting. So this cap, on the top, you see that’s a usb type c connector, hiding the actual charge port on there, and then you put it in like a regular pen cap to close it up anyway. Yeah look check it out. This is this offers. Yet another element of versatility, they’ve kind of given you all these options, for how you choose to interact with it, how it can be useful to you whether it’s, like i said note, taking or multitasking or laptop mode with keyboard input or it’s pen input or finger Input they kind of shoved it all in there and then left it up to you as to how you wanted to interact with it and make it uh useful for yourself now. This is obviously a very ambitious product. This is obviously something that’s a lot different from the other products that are out there in the market and anytime.

You have a first generation thing like this it’s going to require, from the user a little bit of imagination and a little bit of of a learning curve how to adapt to a new form factor, because that’s really what this is and what it represents. I always appreciate ambition in a space. I always appreciate a new take imagination and not necessarily just continuing to create the exact same thing over again as far as form factors are concerned, so these new technologies in some in some cases, the new technologies are available before we’ve, really uh necessarily figured out how We want to implement it, how we want to use it, but i love to see something like oled and bendable tech show up in a place where i didn’t expect to see it, which is here on the couch, also on the desk in the bag under the Arm as a drawing tablet, it’s just it’s a lot of different options, packed into something that’s, really crazy, portable more portable than any laptop that i own so i’m curious to see how this fits in.