Tech class do do budget tablets and laptops, and this is no exception. The t40 plus also with the t40 plus case, hvilket er rart, comes off fairly easy. He says all right: jesus christ, Okay, thats a little bit older than i thought so. The unboxing experience you obviously get the tablet in the box: a cable and a charger. Pretty standard, really um. This retails around about 220 pound in the uk uh on ebay, its about around 220.. If you go to places like banggood or something like that, then you will get it cheaper. But if obviously, if youre in the uk, then you need to ship get these shipped in as well. So you might have to wait a while. If you want it now and quick, then yeah ebay is probably your best bet. I cant seem to find it on amazon, so we have a 2k display on this 10.4 inch 2k display full laminated android 11. 8. Gigs of ram 120 gigabytes of internal storage and an optical processor, the unisoc t618 processor that powers this theres, also a 6 600 milliamp battery built inside this lovely tablet and design wise its nice. It feels very light is a plastic back two sort of shades of gray there. We have like a metallic y gray there and a not so metallic y, looking gray there on the back as well, but its a nice design, thin speakers at the bottom and the top so quad speakers.

We have a volume button at the top along the side. We have a power, switch usb type c to charge the tablet and also a sim tray. So you can have a 4g sim inside this tablet. So if you want to take it out and about portable, you have internet on the go, which i think is a fantastic plus for this tablet. T40 plus, we also have a 3.5 mil socket there for your headphones. So this tablet pretty much has everything it has. A camera there on the rear and on the front dont expect amazing quality, pictures or videos from it, but its something that you, you could definitely use okay. So this is front facing video on the t40 plus 720p. This is and, like i said its not going to be amazing quality, but its still there and some of you might be able to make good use of it. This is on the rear. Video 1080p, like i said its, not um, fantastiske, just trying to focus on that. Uh yeah youre not going to get fantastic quality, but i suppose, when youre buying a tablet, dens – maybe not one of the first things youre looking for when getting a tablet really going back to the connectivity theres a 4g sim awfully theres wi fi as well. Its dual band, wi-fi, so um have the option of 2.4 eller 5 Gigahertz. If you uh wish to use that its a really nice design, its got an aluminium body.

Apparently this does feel plastic unless its im missing something here. It does feel plasticky, though one question that i remember having before when i did the tech list or tech last or a laptop or tablet review is, is hd, Netflix, compatible or working with a tablet or laptop? I have installed netflix on here. No problem watch films series, but there is no hd option or this tablet is not supported, actually checking online with netflix regarding this theres, only a select few of uh devices or tablets so that its actually compatible with hd, but in all fairness watching in standard definition, Was no problem visually, it looked fine. So one of the things i like testing with tablets is gaming. Now also bear in mind that i personally dont use tablets as i would do a mobile phone every day. This is something that id pick up for maybe an hour or two and put it down and maybe pick it up for another hour to the day, after mainly gaming, on this and watching netflix. Every now and again, uh battery life has been very good. I mean over a few days, ive managed to play games and netflix and stuff, and then maybe you have to put on charge um but, like you said, i like, i said, dont use it like a phone um in terms of games. Ive installed call of duty mobile on here, ask.9 shadow legends as well ive been playing them on their maximum settings.

Nu, if we look at call of duty on the whole at maximum settings, the gameplay was actually okay. There were a couple of times where it did. Maybe drop a frame here and there, but youd have to reduce the graphics or probably the frame rate uh to have a smoother gameplay experience. Derefter, on asphalt 9 samt, you can see here there were a couple of um drop frames as well um, so that was on higher settings as well. So youd need to claw them back a little bit to get a more smoother gaming experience, but on the whole, in terms of navigating and just general surfing social media and stuff, Som dette, it performs fine, helt fint, multitasking theres, eight gigs of ram in there. So you can open up multiple applications and still be able to scroll through social media, helt fint. So with with sound, we have the four speakers two at the bottom, two at the top. Så, even if you do pop it in this caseand you do have it sort of standing up like that, two other speakers will be firing down whatever surface you have. So if its more hollow or reflective youre gon na youre gon na hear that sound a bit different, but weve also got two firing at the top as well. Samlede, sound quality, jeg tror, is good, but when its whacked up right to the top, it can sound a little bit messy and muddy.

So crack that down a few clicks and youre going to get a better sounding experience, Musik Bifald, Musik, so its shipped with android 11 and there areor there were, updates available for the tablet. So updates are still being pushed out to this actual tablet. And one of the updates here was released on the 23rd of october and i can restart this now actually to actually apply the update, so updates are still being pushed out to this tablet to fix any sort of bugs and stuff like that. But i think tech class have done a decent job on this tablet. Uh performance is good. I mean the obviously the value as well. Jeg mener 200 pounds or under that, if you shop elsewhere, the fact that it has 4g capabilitiesif you have a sim card in there, makes it more portable when youre out and about um yeah. I think its good and bundled with the uh the case um. It makes a a great partnership if youre looking for something that a bit more powerful, then obviously youre gon na want to pay that little bit extra. But i think this is quite on the sweet spot really in in terms of performance and value, a tech class. Normally do that with other tablets and laptops and theyve done it again here so ill include links to this tablet in the description below guys uh. That was a a quick overview of the tech glass t40 plus i do really like it.

It packs lots of features like i said. Performance and value is balanced perfectly on this, but yeah go and check it out guys. The tech glass, t40 plus, and also check out the the case as well, keep it protected and allow you to stand up and watch movies without having to actually hold the tablet yourself. So thank you very much for watching guys. If you enjoyed this content, then please give that video a thumbs up do hit subscribe as well. Thatd be fantastic and ill.