Is the M1 Mac mini still worth buying? | Mark Ellis Reviews

This is the video to watch hello and welcome back to mark of this reviews and thank you for subscribing. If you have, if you havent subscribed, the button is just down there. Ive waxed lyrical about this, which is the m1 mac mini ive, used it for nearly a year to produce about 80 […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey ReviewHow Good Is It?

This is the galaxy book odyssey, so what it does is it tries to combine the best of having a work laptop as well as a laptop that you can game on. So it borrows the galaxy book name from something like this, which is the galaxy book 360.. This laptop, i absolutely love, er […]

Logitech MX Keys Mini Unboxing!

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Retro Review: Das Samsung Galaxy S im Jahr 2021 (Deutsch) | SwagTab

So das ma der dinge wobei htc definitiv meiner meinung, efter, etwas, strker, einzuschtzen war, also etwa samsung weil, de, einfach, noch ein bisschen, mere, erfahrung mit android hatten die hochwertigen gerte gebaut haben die meiner meinung nach beste juli hatten, aber dazu kommen wir auch, im, laufe dieses; Videos noch mal wie gesagt, ich […]

PC Desktop Modern, Irit Listrik, Hemat Tempat, Canggih: Review Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3i

jeg har 1135 G7 Tiger like pula m 408 ratingnya, 12 28. What dengan total elektrik SD 8 MB integrated, siap pakai Intel iris aksi, grafik yang punya 80 execution unit, jadi dia, Har, have, Intel, quick, sync, video, Også, yang bisa, Anvendes, aspirasi, secara hardware, saat content Creation, dan konten consumption, dan otomatis, Karena, […]

Anmeldelse: Beelink GTI 11 Mini-pc (Tiger Lake i5 1135G7)

This is russ for much game. Core ive got another mini pc to review today. This ones called the b link gti 11. og, if youve watched any of my other mini pc videos, you know that i really like to review these and a lot of that has to do with putting as much […]

Kindle Paperwhite (2021) En måned senere – Men hvorfor?

med – and this is the unboxing video of the amazon kindle, and this is what we get here and wow, and this is the kindle yes, its been 14 years of kindle and whats. Funny. Is that when brandon told me that he was going to do that review so many years ago, jeg […]

Recensione Chromebook Lenovo: IdeaPad Flex 5 e IdeaPad Duet

Non si sbaglia mentre si scrive lo usate a questi tre quattro giorni per iscriversi al vero, con piacere per questo motivo ma anche; perch ha la parte; superiore tutto, il 4 in metallo mi alluminio e questo rende tutto pi stabile viene, tutto, pi bello le finiture sono Pi belle anche lo scudetto quale […]

BMAX Y11 Plus Review – 11th Gen N5100 Spec Bump is It Worth $319?

This is the bmx y11 plus that now has jasper lake in it. So its got the saueron in 5100, its a quad core maximum turbo is 2.8 gigahertz now so that is a bump up from the previous gemini lake, det er en 10 nanometerchip. It has improved graphics, which is now 24 executional […]


I social abbiamo sempre vinto Musica inoltre ricordo anche di iscrivervi, al canale attiva campanellina per andare su un video per una prossima recensione siamo almeno cinque di sheila, allora oggi andremo, a recensire il tablet: riaperti 53 minute premier perch contiene allinterno alla pastiera allora abbiamo, provato, ieri Mi sembrato molto diciamo veloce, ma […]


Si no quieres gastar mucho dinero si quieres conocer hoy, a la real mi, putt qudate Msica, real mi paz, no poda ir del ao sin; hacer la review, completa pero antes, si queris tener otras opciones, a nivel de tablets, android hace, unos, meses, hice una comparativa, muy Interesante entre la silla, o mi, […]

It's cool but not $1600 fedt nok… – Angry Miao Hatsu Ergo Keyboard

I guess., Its 1600. Am intrigued, probably gon na be so stupid, but okay Ill check it out.. I really liked the little high fiving paw thing from the company whats. It called Something miao term miao., Jono, Angry Miao., Angry Miao., Okay, I went to their website tried to scope this thing out ahead […]