Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2022) Unboxing & Walkthrough!

I finally have the new samsung galaxy tab a8 after it was delayed a few days back samsungs tab. A lineup typically consists of affordable budget tablets, and this a8 is no different. Anyways on with the unboxing. Here is the white box. The back of the tablet is showcased in the front, along with […]

TOP 5: Bedst 2 i 1 Bærbare computere 2022

Before we get started with our video, we have included links in the description for each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which is in your budget range Music starting at number. Five lenovo chroma book duet, lenovos, chromabook duet, is far from flawless, but when youre evaluating a device […]

Top 5 Best Cheapest Android Tablets To Buy in 2022

Like comment share hello. Everyone today, i am going to show you top 5 bedst, cheapest android tablets of 2022 based on specifications top 5. black utab 10. android 11 is committed to promoting communication and improving user privacy. Protection notification bubble is convenient for viewing and replying to messages. Doke os 1.0 har en […]

The All New ONEXPLAYER Mini Is A Powerful Hand Held Gaming PC! Hands On First Look

Now you might be familiar with the original 1x player or even the 1x player 1s, and when it comes to that handheld weve got an 8.4 inch 2k display, Som, efter min mening, the resolution on that was a bit overkill, and some people did complain about the Size just being a pretty massive […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 – Review (Deutsch)

Voraus und packen es kurz zur, seite ist wir, have, hier einmal, so eine verpackung da drin sind hchstwahrscheinlich dokumentation, dann haben wir hier, noch das, ladekabel denke, ich mir und das muss so ein, blitz, drauf und strom, zeichen ja, so sieht das, ganze aus, den, ist ein 65 watt netzteil hier ist dann […]

Turn An Android Phone Into A Desktop PC! Motorola’s New Desktop Mode! Moto Edge X30

You know ive done a lot with samsung dex right now, im putting my samsung galaxy s21 into my little usb type c to hdmi dock samsung dex is going to pop up. What we have here is an android based desktop operating system that works really well with a mouse and keyboard got a […]

¿Es ESTA la MEJOR Tablet Barata de 2022? | Realme Pad

Con 4 pulgadas con marcos, reducidos y 4 altavoces con certificado dolby atms y jair es audio lleva algunas semanas usndola y en este vdeo cuento todo. Lo que tenis que saber de esta tablet. Econmica de real me y si realmente merece la pena teniendo en el mercado propuestas tan interesantes como la silla, […]

Das BESTE Gehäuse 2022 2021 TOP 10!! + Gewinnspiel

Steckt zum beispiel eine rtx 370 und die ist auch schon etwas wrmer deswegen, ich in der freund einen weiteren 120 millimeter lfter empfehlen wrde ein glasfenster, gibt es natrlich auch noch und nach, meinem letzten, video mit diesem case war, das case instant ausverkauft, also wer bock, drauf Hat muss sich definitiv grundstzlich bei […]


13.. Endelig, work is done its me time. All right lets find a good show to watch hey a kickstand thats clever, who doesnt love alcantara. So soft now lean back and find that perfect angle, Åh ja! This is working looking good and sounding good, too youve got 12 hours of juice, so just […]

Samsung Dex Anmeldelse efter 24H – Kan en telefon erstatte en pc?

En af de mest almindelige, der er kendt, er Samsungs dex-funktionen, der har eksisteret siden galaksens dage s8. Oprindeligt, du havde brug for en Windows-pc for at få adgang til dex-applikationen, men nu behøver du ikke engang, at alt hvad du behøver er en skærm, tastatur og mus, and a single usbc cable […]

LO SCHERMO DELL'AUTO diventa un MINI PC ANDROID in modo super semplice | Carplay2Droid af Carbotics

Android come un mini pc android dove potete fare veramente di tutto, guardare film giocare andare sui social tutto quello che volete semplicemente con questo senza installazione particolari senza diciamo complicazioni, ulteriori vi, faccio vedere come funziona, Musica eccoci qua io ho gi; collegato, il box fino al sistema Di infotainment dellauto tramite usb un […]

Best Laptops of CES 2022 | Must see laptops!

So many came out. I almost drowned, but dont worry ive swung to the surface, to offer you the five most exciting laptops of ces 2022 Musik. This is luke again and ces is coming to a close, so make sure to check out our channel for all of our recent videos. Weve been putting […]