Asus ROG Flow Z13 review A gaming tablet with guts#laptop

The asus raj flow z13 proves why gaming tablets might be the future of gaming laptops. The raj flow z13 shouldnt be possible, its a device not much bigger than a surface pro. Endnu, with some bona fide gaming parts inside its a two in one laptop, detachable keyboard and all, but with the power […]

Review Tablet Lenovo Tab P11 2k 128GB

Aqui ela pegou t aqui ns temos volume, Aqui ns, temos, Lisboa e tossindo de Capital, aberto que A Chapeuzinho s: pegar Msica pode colocar, o carto para expandir, esse meu aqui de isso que eu pedi ele de 128. Gigas O que bem pequenininho um e em cartozinho posso colocar aqui um carto, -en […]

MSI Summit E14 Flip review: Hastighed, and battery life holds it back#laptop

The mc summit e14 flip lacks the performance and battery life. The competitors excel in mc is best known for its gaming laptops, but it has a line of sharp mainstream laptops as well. The summit e14 flip is one of the newest members of that lineup and its a convertible 2 i 1, sporting […]

Arzopa Portable Monitor setup with Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X & PS5 | 1080p 144Hz

6 inches 1080p resolution and 144 Hertz refresh rate links to purchase it are in the description. This is the box. It comes in lots of support from this company if youre not satisfied, 30 day return policy. Customer service and 12 months of warranty inside of the Box, you get a user guide, Heres […]

They FAILED us! JingOS and their Linux Tablet

This is a linux based tablet, its an arm based tablet. The genepad a1 is powered by jing os, the worlds first, consumer ready linux tablet, Hej, everybody! This is tech cut in this video. What were going to be doing is talking about jingling, the company responsible for the jing pad, but before we […]

Unboxing Apple Ipad Magic Keyboard in 2022

Here are our system requirements for the ipad 11 inch magic keyboard, its for the ipad pro 11 tommer, Første, second or third generation or the ipad air. Fourth or fifth generation, it must run ipad os 14.5 or later. Here is the ipad with the magic keyboard. Som du kan se, it looks just […]

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 (2022) Anmeldelse

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RED SPIDER de iPega ¿El mejor mando para Tabletas y Teléfonos ANDROID?

Trasera nos muestra cmo se estira y cmo es compatible con tabletas de hasta 7 pulgadas. Lo primero que voy a hacer es proceder a hacer el unboxing mientras les voy aclarando que pues la caja est un poquito en mal estado porque nosotros tardamos bastante tiempo para hacer, este vdeo ya, que la marca […]


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Marvel's Spider-Man PC'yi RTX 3090 Ti ve STEAM DECK ile Test Ettik! [4K 60FPS]

neseli yani PlayStation 4 ile beraber, Sony, PSP, mimarisi ne geti, ve bu, pis mimarisindeki, oyunlarn, bir, ekpssye, getirmeye, balad, gadoff, ona, balayan, bu, srete, Ok, konuulan, bir, baka, oyun, olan, Marvel Spiderman, artk, PCde Ben oyunu, yaklak on gndr PCde, oynuyorum, Ve gerekten grdklerime inanamadm nk oyunu, hem simdaq de hem, o rtx3 1090t […]

Llevando AL LIMITE un J2 del 2015 en la ACTUALIDAD | Samsung Galaxy J2 | Android 5 Slikkepind

1.1 bueno smj 200m el cual data del ao, 2016 tres aos. Ms nuevo que la tablet que estuvimos probando si unos das pero ser tres veces mejor ser tres veces peor, o ser igual bueno eso es lo que vamos a descubrir en este vdeo si esta es la primera vez que vienes por […]


Did you know that over 20 millions individuals in the united states of america suffer from hypothyroidism and research shows that it affects more women than men? Thyroid issue affects direct women well, being the most common symptoms? Are an increase in belly, fat, slow metabolism weight gain tiredness, poor mental health and brain fog? […]