Surface Pro 8: el PC más productivo y versátil | Anmeldelse en Español

He dicho vctor haz, la review y cuenta tambin cul ha sido tu experiencia, utilizndolo, despus de todo, este tiempo as que all vamos Msica la gama de surface pero necesitaba un lavado de cara urgente un lavado que no vimos y en 2019 ni en 2020 cuando apple Tena ya su ipad pro con […]


Ento s soltar vinheta, 1 Og, no por acaso que a Motorola escolheu Janeiro, para lanar, o seu novo tablet, j que a ideia que o moto Tab; gt70 seja equipamento pensando para as aulas online e tambm para o consumo de contedo, nada to avanado, o carro, a Ideia aqui que ele seja um […]

ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 (Oled) Review and Unboxing

How goes it today were having a look at one of the more premium offerings in asuss lineup of laptops im talking about the asus zenbook flip 13.. Now the configuration we have here today is rocking intels core i7, 1165, g7 evo certified processor, 16 gigabytes of speedy ddr4 ram. We also have intels […]

TOP 5 Best Cheapest Android Tablets To Buy in 2022

Like comment share hello. Everyone today, i am going to show you top 5 bedst, cheapest android tablets of 2022 based on specifications top 5. black utab 10. android 11 is committed to promoting communication and improving user privacy. Protection notification bubble is convenient for viewing and replying to messages. Doke os 1.0 har en […]

TESmart KVM Switch 4K 60hz HDMI for Dual Monitor Setup – Unboxing, Review and Demo

My name is gizmo and today, im looking at a kvm switch from a company called te smart. This is their dual monitor. Kvm switch. A kvm switch is a device that lets you control two different computers using one set of keyboard mouse and monitor any queries or questions leave them in the comments, […]

Laptop Vs Tablet : Choose the right one for you

Welcome to the UNiQUE Tech Review Channel.. I recently watched a video of Apples iPad on my YouTube and came up with the idea for this video. Youve, probably seen it all, but its been a while, and I will show you again. In the video. A child uses an iPad and asking what is […]

The Galaxy Tab S7+ Keeps Getting BetterOneUI 4!

Anyways on the surface, it doesnt look like a massive upgrade and thats kind of the vibe im getting from a lot of people, but a lot of cool new features have actually been added. First thing: youre gon na notice are the cleaner animations and just how smooth using the device feels in comparison, […]

Top 5 Best Graphic Tablets [Review in 2022] for Mac, PC, Chromebook & Android

Most popular xp pen, star g 646 ved 4 inch ultra thin graphics tablet. At first glance, the xp pen, star g640, looks very similar to the wacom ctl 4100 in design. The build quality of the xp pen star g640 is excellent and feels light in weight, making it easy to carry around in […]

An Open Source Raspberry Pi CM4 Linux Tablet! Hands-On With The All-New Cutie Pi Tablet!

Thats actually really impressed me so far known as the cutie pie tablet. Nu, if youre familiar with this product, weve actually been waiting. A long time for this, originally it was supposed to have the cm3 module and im actually really glad that they didnt do that, because if you try to use the […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: What's New?

I had this question whats new now, im sure a lot of you guys have the same question. So let me answer that today. So this is the brand new galaxy tab a8 and the first new thing about this are the subtle design changes. Først og fremmest, the design is slightly more boxy when […]

RESMI INDONESIA‼️KAPAN LAGI COBA ⁉️Tablet PC + Blyant + Tastatur, Advan Sketsa 2

tom iPad, Pro itu juga harganya kisaran 56 jutaan itu juga, bener, masuk keyboard dan pensilnya, nah ini, Advan, nggak, mau ketinggalan, fyre, Affan Bikin tablet: PC khusus sketsa nih namanya Hai Advan, sketsa, tua, yang bisa, dilengkapi dengan keyboard dan pensilnya tuh Wow gila, yang menariknya, adalah harganya ini, jauh, jauh, mere, murah, kau, […]

A por el iPad BARATO: SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 REVIEW!

Se est creciendo tuvieron un momento de bajn pero parece que ahora los fabricantes en android se estan espabilando para sacar tablet de este tipo est alrededor de los 250 euros aproximadamente pues bien hoy venimos con la solucin de samsung de los coreanos pero antes de nada tenemos Que dar las gracias, al patrocinador […]