These are two very different machines, but many of you have been asking which is worth the money, and really that comes down to what you plan on doing. To be clear. The pro 8 is the king of the hill right now when it comes to tablet two and ones remember, it does not include the signature, keyboard or slim pen, two thats, an additional purchase and at the price point, weve got right here on the left side of The frame youre looking at the core i7 with 16 gigs of ram and a half terabyte nvme thats 1900 us dollars before you add the keyboard with pen, which is another 280.. Og, Selvfølgelig, you could opt not to get this, but it would not be a complete surface pro 8 experience. Ja, you could dock it with a thunderbolt dock use an external keyboard. There are a lot of ways you could go, but ultimately i feel you at the very least need this signature keyboard cover and then, Hvis du vil, the slim pen obviously get that as well, which i do recommend if you care about inking, taking notes whatever it May be, På den anden side, this machine is the mid tier version of the surface laptop studio, it retails for 2100 og ved den måde, if you didnt see my review of either either of these, you may want to take a look, and there are links in The description for both, if you want to purchase them either one or both whatever floats your boat, you may need both in the household or individually.

This is the more powerful and more affordable device of the two uh. Interessant nok, it starts at 1600 as opposed to the pro 8 that starts at 1100, but every single segment, uh or configuration, i would argue, is youre better in your favor. If you care about overall performance when it comes to the cpu and then if you step up to the gpu version that i have here, youre going to do better in terms of performance when it comes to the service laptop studioand this is obviousthis is A laptop this is a tablet that can be a laptop, and so that means at every turn. The laptop should be outperforming the surface pro 8 and it does so core i7 quad, core 11th gen intel processor, its an h series cpu, as opposed to the ultrabook cpu found in the pro 8. So a more powerful processor complemented by 16 gigs of ram a half terabyte nvme. Most importantly, the nvidia rtx 3050 ti not the best gpu on the block, but a good mid tier gpu for a laptop in this class and keep in mind. This does not come with the slim pen 2, but it does come with a keyboard and one of, if not the best touchpad in the business. Those are two things youll be paying for, Selvfølgelig, with one purchase with the pro 8 that youre getting out of the box so 2100 before tax here over 2100 for this whole package before tax and, Selvfølgelig, a lot more computing power on the right.

A better display, efter min mening, better keyboard in my opinion and the best touchpad so clearly better than this one, even though this is very good, also its just not as good as the one here now with that said, lets take a look and listen to the Display and audio performance on both Music. I want to stop it there ill. Let this one catch up, and you should already see it. The surface laptop studio has the better display. It also has the better audio performance but thats to be expected. It also has the larger display: 13 inches uh 3×2 Størrelsesforhold, ips panel, 120 hertz opdateringshastighed, but youll want to live at the 60 hertz opdateringshastighed. If you want that additional hour of battery life as opposed to a 14.4 inch ips panel with very similar specifications and again 120 Hertz, Men 60 Hertz, if you want to save that battery life, so its really up to you. But of course i feel like the 120 hertz on the right has better application here, because you do have a dedicated gpu. So if you wanted to do some gaming, its not going to be just for inking and scrolling, which i think 120 hertz is good, but also a waste when it comes to productivity work and if youre going to live predominantly in the 60 hertz realm, then you Know i i just dont, see the use im not saying im against it, but very limited use with the surface pro 8, as opposed to a wider array of capability with the surface laptop studio.

Now lets take a look and listen just to the pro 8. Music make sure we go up to 100. Excuse me audio performance. This generation is excellent for all surface products so far Music. I mean this really does outperform a lot of laptops. That are that i review so not just ultrabooks and it has better speakers than the main gear vector pro so and thats a 17 inch gaming powerhouse 2300 laptop, so go figure. But then again this is close to twenty three hundred dollars. Uh now lets take a look and listen to the surface laptop studio on its own Music. Make sure that that volume is all the way up. It is not. This is going to get a little crazy Music, and so there you have it. Jeg mener, efter min mening, at least on the av side. Naturligvis, the surface laptop studio wins, but not by a huge margin. Ive already stated. I think the display is better ive already stated. I think the audio performance is better as well. It has a lot of things going for it, but its got extra weight. So if mobility is your primary function here, pro 8 is going to always win. Faktisk, it will win against the majority of the competing products on earth. But if you care about a complete packageand you are willing to consider where these two products stand amongst their peers, other laptops other two in ones like the hp spectre, lenovos yoga seriesthen you have to the dell xps line youve got to consider.

You know this is the more competitive product of the two. The service pro 8 has far fewer direct competing products. I mean really um dell. Excuse me, lenovos x12, detachable that i compared it to is primary, then two and ones that are close to its same weight, which the majority of them are about two and a half pounds, and they have you know slightly larger displays closer to three pounds: Uh, the Spectre, 13T, the 14t. But you knowand obviously the yoga also has a competing model. But none of them are exactly like this except the x12 or, if youre willing to look at the ipad pro or galaxy tab, s7 plus thats, where youre getting closer. But even the s7 plus isnt doesnt have as large a display both of these have excellent windows, hello capability and full hd front facing cameras, no rear camera on the surface laptop studio. So that might be the one area it underperforms the surface, pro 8, which does have a 10 megapixel shooter on the rear of the device. That can also shoot 4k video, but i dont think thats important personally now, whether or not thats important to you something to keep in mind battery life, as i stated roughly the same on both of these, so that shouldnt sway you either. This is really about portability, og, if you care about value, then the surface laptop studio by far and away is the clear winner.

Like always when things are miniaturized made smaller and lighter, you pay a premium thats. What the pro 8 embodiesand i think, thats completely respectable and ideal if what you plan on using it for calls on the slimmest and lightest profile, money can buy and thats exactly what the surface pro 8 represents. Service laptop studio has a lot more competition, so even though it can again go to three different positions with its display, it still doesnt do enough to differentiate to the point that we can abandon the competition. It has to still stay relevant now when it comes to io im gon na go ahead and put this back up and show you what each of these actually has in store. The pro 8, the i o, is basically the same, which again puts them on even keel in many ways. So two thunderbolt 4 Porte, Um, arguably the most important part in my opinion, to these brand new products, because microsoft has never made a device with thunderbolt connectivity. Its a game changing capabilitythese are not upgradable. I know windows will tell you that youre gon na you can upgrade the ssd and you can but dont get so excited about that i mean to me. The better part is forget about trying to upgrade this. Stick to getting yourself an external nvme drive thats, where its at i mean that will outlive the product and its far more affordable. A couple hundred bucks will buy you a one terabyte nvme drive like the severance that ive covered, that are there in the background and youre good to go, and if you get yourself a doc, youve got a full fledged experience.

Jeg mener overfladen pro 8. Is the king of the hill in the tablet? That also can be a pc youre not going to get record breaking battery life, but it does have a complete redesign top to bottom and it is excellent. But the only other thing, as you may have noticed on thisis your power button, the connect charge port and that is pretty much it besides. An audio jack and volume rocker so power button thats it now with the surface laptop studio, as i mentioned no camera on the rear, but you have that folding display with that hinge, you have a dedicated or discrete gpu. You still have a kinect charging port. So you can charge this and use those thunderbolt 4 Porte, audio jack right there, intet på forsiden, except for the bay with the magnetic area to store the slim pen too. So if you were wondering thats, where youll put it, if you buy it and i think for students and professionals alike who want to ink, this is an ideal place. I also think inking is better on this machine than the pro 8 just because you have a larger display that can change position without using a kickstand. But the range of motion on the pro 8 is obviously greater. Two thunderbolt 4 ports just like on the surface pro 8, og det er det. You know pretty much it youre not going to ever open this up.

Dont do that youll end up breaking it. Both are really well made. Both are expensive but, as ive made, hopefully abundantly clear through the course of this comparison, the better overall attributes go to the larger and heavier service laptop studio from a computing side, cpu gpu performance value for the money, en gang til, 2100 retail youre. Getting a real computer here on the right, whereas youre getting an ultrabook in the pro 8, but as ive stated over and over again, if your primary use is all about portability, form, factor and youre. Not looking for. You know that much when it comes to computing power, if youre never going to really edit 4k video or large raw digital still images or run software thats really demanding design oriented software outside of you know, content creation, so revit autocad, if youre never going to run Those type of programs, pro 8 – will serve you well and that doesnt mean you cant do those things on the pro 8 you can but its more of a proof of concept experience than it is a practical one when compared to traditional computers and im, throwing The surface laptop studio into that traditional computer category, because its specifications line up very similarly to about you know a twelve to fifteen hundred dollar laptop, even though its twenty one hundred you are paying for microsofts. You know from the ground up creation that theyve made here with the hinge design, so hopefully thats meaningful to you as well.

Hvis ikke, you probably should be looking at something else altogether. The pro 8 Theres, nothing exactly like it as ive stated over and over again, you are absolutely paying for the surface pro lineup lineage, all that r d money uh the flexibility of that kickstand, Men, Vigtigst, again its all about the portability of this product, which Is dynamically different than what youre getting out of the surface laptop studio, which is a more traditional computing experience with microsofts twist on the hinge which isnt a new thing, but im glad that they are putting some money behind trying to perfect it because its always been A good concept started with really sony. Acer has a product. Now you know sony duo. The flip were good attempts, but theyve been gone for nearly a decade. Um i owned two of the duos, den 11 og 13. Um. The acer concept d easel is still out there, but acer is nowhere near the brand that microsoft is of course, so there you have it portability at a. I would say extreme price point but easy to swallow. If this is what youre, after because nothing else will literally match it, and then you know the same design language applied to a laptop with a display that can do a few tricks which isnt a bad thing both amount to great two in ones. But this is the more affordable, more powerful machine that is, Selvfølgelig, larger and heavier any questions or comments.