S6 let’s get to the video and let’s do the review Music tablet. Pretty much looks like without the case or any case at all. As you can see here the front nice screen, as you can see in the back that’s the pen, the s pen right there. You know it looks like a slim. Nice premium tablet that’s what it looks like so let’s get on to testing the sound of the tab. S6. Okay. So this is going to pretty much showcase. You know how loud the samsung galaxy tab assist can go so let’s begin Music, All right. Så, som du kan se, it sounds very clear: you know it really does and also too when it comes to playing. You know youtube videos and stuff like that. It can go all the way up to um 1440p 60 billeder pr. sekund, All right, so let’s go to the unity demo let’s go to as you could see here. This is uh. This is where it can go up to you know 1440p, so yeah when it comes to youtube, video, playback and also sound quality and stuff, Som dette. This thing is pretty good when it comes to that when it comes to the cameras themselves, you know they’re they’re fine, i mean they work. I mean you know the front facing cameras, you know it’s pretty decent and the rear facing camera. You know it’s pretty decent for a tab, but you know these cameras will probably be used for like zoom calls, and you know document scanning, it will probably be fine, for you know those things so let’s get to the you know s pen when it comes to The s pen itself, you know we’re gon na test out when it comes to drawing you know, som du kan se, i’m gon na be coloring.

This it’s pretty fast. You know when it comes to. Jeg ved, response time and things like that. Look at me, i’m scribbling, Jeg er, not coloring inside the lines we all right so that’s enough of that when it comes to you know using the s pen to access the camera and things like that, i don’t really use it. For at. You know pretty much. You know i don’t really use the s pen like that, but for what it is it’s, pretty good it’s pretty decent for what it does. I i mean for artists. You know it’ll, probably be good for them. You know this s pen right here, but so let’s get on to say the gaming. Så, as you can see here right now, i am at pub g as you can see i’m already about to start a match. Som du kan se, let’s go to settings all right, let’s go to graphics and, som du kan se her, it can go up to you know, hdr or maybe even ultra hd. You know the frame rate can go up to extreme. You know it can go up to any. You know style pretty much. So when it comes to playing you know pub g and stuff like that, bring up voice chat. Jeg ved, it’ll play, you know pretty much. Just fine it’ll play. You know pretty much any other game, you know just fine and stuff like that, pretty much it’ll play fortnite and all that other stuff.

So as far as gaming goes, you know general android games and all that other stuff. You know it’ll play everything pretty much. Just fine let’s, just you know, go to the emulation part when it comes to the gaming. As you can see here, i am now playing you know. Mario kart double dash, som du kan se her, it’s running at a consistent. You know pretty much 60 rammer pr.. Anden, you know you’ll be able to play, you know super mario sunshine, you know spanx and the curse, mommy and you know pretty much nearly all the other. You know gamecube games on the dolphin emulator when it comes to using the tab. S6. Pretty much like i said, the snapdragon 855 is a beast of a chip still in you know, late 2020 and in pretty much, probably in 2021. So so, if you’re, if you have a plan to play, you know gamecube games and stuff like that. Then this tablet is pretty much for you all right. Så, som du kan se her, this is uh tech attack tournament. You know this was a launch game for the playstation 2 og, som du kan se her, it’s running you know kind of slow, ah crap, like it’s running kind of slow, even with you know me putting it to best compatible mode on gaming ps2. So some games will run better than others when it comes to this emulator right here, but it can run some ps2 games.

You know at full speed such as you know, rayman, arena and stuff like that, but as far as like all the ps2 games, you know no you’re gon na get very, very mixed results when it comes to playing. You know ps2 games on this tablet, pretty much let’s get to the conclusion. All right. So do i recommend the tab s6 in 2021, and i say yes because even though you’re not getting the latest and greatest processor it’s using a snapdragon 855, which is still pretty good when it comes to gaming, you know multitasking, you know video editing, you know stuff, Like that thing, you know this tab. Six will probably still get. Jeg ved, updates still pretty much. You know when it comes to you know playing. Jeg ved: psp games. N64 games, you know all those other. Jeg ved. Retro consoles, you know it’ll play those pretty much. Just fine, you know it’ll even play 3ds games. Samlede, i would say if you can find this tablet used for about you know 370 eller 400, because i got this tablet for about. Jeg ved 400 something dollars on amazon, so i would recommend you getting this tablet for that price, because the prices that they go for you know as far as new you know they can go up to 500 and that’s a little bit too much for this tablet. På dette tidspunkt, considering that there’s a new tablet, which is a tab s7, but if you can find this tablet for about you know 400 or heck, maybe even 370, i work.

I would recommend getting this tablet right here, but that’s all i have to say with the tab. S6. Tell me what your guys experiences with you know the tab x6 or the tab. Syv, i mean put them down in the comment section below of this video. If you want to see more, you know leave on case and videos and stuff like that, hit that notification bell hit that like button hit that subscribe button, and when you hit that notification bell, you got ta hit all notifications, so i could be notified for future.