We wont boast the GamePad go 3s main features and test this overall performance with some video games. This unit was kindly provided by busy future. You can check out their website as well. They offer a variety of gaming, peripherals, smart lights, gaming, chairs and desks. If you like their certain product, you can use my discount code skg to get even better price with 15 off and with that said, lets proceed and unbox the h101x GamePad first, as I said, DCC multi platform device, so youd be able to use it with your Mobile phone Nintendo switch PC, or even with your TV, we have remote support. We do motors S6 axis controls, which is a nice little extra. The controller comes in this black box foreign to find a very helpful user manual. They do come in handy once. We try to pair the controller Music next, we have the controller itself well get to it in just a second and below it is the USB type c cable. So guys back to the controller, we got the black model with orange accents, which looks really nice. The whole button layout with the asymmetric temp sticks is similar to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, so if youre used to them, youll find the h101x quite comfortable to hold and use. So the outer shell of the controller is made from hard plastic and their grips are finished in this really nice rubberized material. It gives plenty of grip and remains comfortable to hold even after long gaming sessions.

As I mentioned, we have asymmetric dumpsticks. The moment feels very smooth and we have wide range of motion. Next. We have the d pad again its quite similar to the one on the Xbox 360 controller, so nothing to complain about here. Above it, we have the select button, two buttons for taking screenshot and enabling turbo mode and a start button at the center theres, the home button with the Dario logo. On the right side, we see the Y X A and B buttons. They also feel pretty solid with fairly long travel distance, and thus there are the bumper and Trigger buttons on the back of the controller. We also have this rubberized plastic and on the top theres, the USB type c port for charging and now guys lets try to pair the controller with our Nintendo switch. First, we do that by pressing both the Y and home buttons Music. Next on the Nintendo switch. We have to go to the change controller order option and the controller should be paired successfully, as you can see, foreign quickly test, the controllers overall feel and responsiveness in some fortnite Applause: Applause, Applause, foreign Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Music, foreign Applause, the pairing process for your Mobile device is also pretty straightforward. You press the A and home buttons on the controller and it should be listed in available Bluetooth devices. Now the majority of mobile games have controller support and Ive selected Real Racing 3, which works brilliantly with the Dario controller Music Applause.

Foreign Applause overall Im pretty happy with how the controller performs and Views again considering its price of around 35 dollars. There is no noticeable delay, the controls feel responsive and, since the overall design is quite similar to the Xbox 360 controller, it also inherits the good ergonomics. So can I recommend this controller? Yes, if youre looking for a multi platform Gamepad, then you could also use on your different gaming platforms and its also reasonably priced. The Dario h101x is definitely an option to consider. If youre interested, you can check out busys future website to browse even more gaming peripherals and be sure to use my discount code skg to get 15 of your purchase so thats it for this video guys.