You already know ravpower, probably from their power banks, charges and hubs, but they also make an ssd and we’re to test the performance of this ssd on an ipad pro a mac and a windows computer first of all, der er, a manual included which gives you information about Working with an ipad pro with an android device and a computer, a thank you notice and a hello message and, Selvfølgelig, the ravpower itself so take it out over here. This here is how tiny it is it’s just this is how small it is, for eksempel, here this here is my magic keyboard for the 11 ipad pro and, if you put it next to it, it’s about the same size as a trackpad, så det er, really that Small another comparison is, for eksempel, here the apple remote, which is actually a very small and very thin device, it’s even smaller than that. So this is how small it is, if you would compare it to another famous ssd it’s, very clear that this device, that ravpower has a very has a much smaller footprint compared to the ssd from samsung. Også, here the ravpower is thinner than the samsung t5. It kind of reminds me of an m2 ssd that you get for like for internal use in your pcs, so it’s really cool that it is this small, because external ssds are usually larger. Then we have this box over here, a pouch for the ssd, which is really nice and also two cables: a usbc to usb a cable and a usb c to usb c cable.

Først og fremmest, we like that they include both of them, because this one i’ll need for my ipad test and this one over here for my macbook air test, and i also like that they include these cables to make sure that the ssd will perform as fast As possible all right, let me just put these things to the side and let’s give it a go Music now on the website, where you can find a coupon code by the way, as well as in their manual, you can find a spec sheet, which is always Useful, if you want to know more details about this deviceand it has a transfer speed of 540 megabyte pr. sekund, which is very high and the dimensions are 102, Så 10 centimeters high uh three centimeters wide well and 8.5 millimeters thick. So it is a really small device. Now it supports ntfs, fat32x fat, so actually all the most important things i always recommend exfat. So it will work between your windows, pc and an ipad or mac Music, and now here on the left side, you’ll see the ravpower is here already and if you open it, we have some user guides and some i think this is software software for the encryption Mode on mac and windows – Musik – here is my macbook. Now this macbook air from 2017 has a usb 3 Port, which is a usb a port by the way and i’ll now transfer this 1.

24 gigabyte file over to my ssd and we’ll time. The whole thing here with a timer, so three two one go: Okay, three and a half seconds to transfer that file over to my ravpower. That is extremely fast in my opinion, but that is a very good sign. Okay and the same speed for transferring from the ssd over back to my mac, now transfer the same file over here from my windows, pc on the left side. Over to my ssd and we’ll time, the whole thing again this time through definitely through a usb 3.1 port second gen and a much more recent pc. By way, three two one go all right: five seconds to transfer on a windows pc on a second gen, 3.1 Port, still very fast, a very impressive five seconds for a 1.24 gigabyte file. Let’S try the same thing now on this ipad over here, Musik. Så 22 23 seconds to transfer from my ipad to my ravpower ssd. This is much slower, Selvfølgelig, but that has nothing to do with the ssd Music okay. Now some of you would probably want me to make a detailed speed test like this one over here with aj system test and over here i can choose the resolution of the file i’d like to transfer i’ll. Take the 5k red hd resolution i’ll. Take a 16 gigabyte file – dette er, i don’t know i can take 64. Det er 664. and the target disk right now is my ravpower ssd.

So this is the ultimate test to see how long it will take to transfer everything, and you can really see the megabytes per second speeds over here. Read and write start. Okay, so here are the write and read speeds according to this app, and if you look here at the right speeds and the read speeds, everything seems stable, so there’s not a certain moment where it like drops down Music, you could encrypt your ssd, the rav4 ssd, With ravpower’s software, so every time you would plug in this ssd into a mac or pc, you would need to enter your password to be able to access your files. If you do decide to install the app. This is what you get so every time you connect your ssd. They get this pop up screen over here and you can change the settings over here. Så der er, something called safe mode, safe mode will encrypt your whole ssd. When the lock function is enabled. You can only unlock and use ssd with the password you set so let’s just turn it on and now we can enter our password now. I can see over here nothing actually. Normalt, my videos are here but they’re, not here anymore, and i can see that the name changed to uh to rav encrypt. Nu, if i do enter my password and press unlockand now here it is here are my things that i added so in other words, you have rav power and you have rav encrypt.

If your hard drive is encrypted, then you do get a very small selection of files that are default on the ssd. When you unlock it, they do get all the files that you have in the rav power section. So i think this is working with two different with two different partitions that got unlocked. If you unlock your ssd now the problem with using that kind of software, is it doesn’t work with an ipad, i mean you do get the non encrypted stuff. The things that you don’t really need, but you don’t, get to see your own documents because those are encrypted and there’s no way to unencrypt them. So to be able to do this, to be able to use this with a password, you would need to reformat the drive into an apfs file system, and there you go so now. It will ask for authentication i’ll, just click here on unlock and type my password there. It is and i’m here now so. In other words, if you really want to use encryption with this ssd or actually any ssd, you would need to first format this in apfs encrypted, and then you can use it on both your mac and your ipad in an encrypted way. This isn’t supported, selvom, with windows that’s, something that you will have to give up. If ever you want to have encryption between your windows and your ipad, this is something that ravpower can do anything about.

It is limiting encryption to only apfs drives okay, so this is the ravpower portable ssd. If you have any questions, just leave them down in the comment section below also check out the link in the description for more information.