I kind of miss doing it were going to be coming back with a little bit of a product review im bringing this up, because you know things and things and stuff and stuff, and things have actually happened, that have kind of inspired me to come back and Do one of these reviews so lets go ahead and get into that real quick, but first i got a brand new toy. Would you like to see it? Okay, here it is okay, coming back at you with a little bit of a product review, Okay, højre, two reviews were doing two of them today, one of them i actually should have brought up months ago when it was uh, actually a little bit more relevant at To the situation before last night, as of this recording were going to be talking about this amazing little piece of technology. It is a tablet pc by chewie, its a high 10x pc tablet. I got this back at the beginning of the year when stimulus checks were being issued, willy nilly, for this reason, or that reason, or you know things and reasons i got this pc this tablet pc because well, my laptop, the thingy thats literally right behind me, is Beginning to show its age and its beginning to slow down, and it doesnt actually work all that. Godt, so i decided to get a tablet pc now granted. I already have one its a surface but its an old surface, its got windows 8.

1. Just to let you know how old this thing is: weve gone through what 8.1 Windows 10 five years ago, and now we are seeing the new iteration come around, but lets talk about the tablet for a moment. I originally got this tablet be from amazon.com. I had the ability to go off and do that, which is awesome and good. I enjoy it, Men, as i was going through there, well theres no real, Men, as i was going through there, this thing looked amazing. I can do my audio editing, for you know the music that i do on this thing im a little bit of a mobile gamer, a little bit of a console gamer. But you know it sold me on the concept that i can do mobile or mobile style games on this device. So thinking it was a little bit more of a beefy thing. I decided to get it so i waited a couple of about a week and the thing came and oh, my god, i have my tablet im gon na be so happy and then i open the damn thing. So without any notes, im going to tell you my thoughts on the entire thing. As i remember it, i opened up the package and lo and behold theres this shiny brand new computer with windows 10 på det. I can use it. I can have fun with it and all these nice little things it even came with its own cd key.

I got the computer to have a keyboard with it, but unfortunately were going to put a down on this. Wherever i have my markers im going. To put it down here, because i got the computer, but i never got the keyboard with it and by the time that i was actually able to turn right around and say i need to compete a keyboard with this thing. My finances were already gone for reasons and stuff so down. We dont have a keyboard with this thing, To, mens, Ja, this thing is sleek and sexy and beautiful, and all that kind of stuff i plugged in the cd key, which said it was a legitimate windows. Cd key only for the key to not work so another down rate there. The cd key does not work. So what the hell am i supposed to do? Godt, as it turns out, i went ahead and i scavenged the cd key from my laptop in order for this now tablet pc to even work in the first place, thus making this laptop behind me effectively at its end of life term. When it comes to the os itself, Okay, cool the cd keyis still active its on the tablet pc itself. Nu, how does the tablet pc actually work? På den ene side, it works absolutely beautifully beautifully its sleek, its sexy, and i love it and its mobile, which is something i can really really and easily get behind on any given day.

Imidlertid, another down is one of the more prevalent games of today. That is constantly being advertised everywhere. Is raid shadow legend not trying to do an advertisement for that thing im. Just not so i put read shadow legend on this device just to see if it could work. It was um advertised that i could run app, Uh, mobile and app like games on this thing. Da det viser sig, men, another down rate shadow legend was slow, it was laggy, it was bulky and ultimately it was slow. So this thing was already false advertised on three fronts: it was advertised as a gaming system or could run mobile type games on there and it could not two. It was advertised that the cd key that came with the thing would work and it did not. I had to scavenge another cd key from a oh active computer and transfer it over to there. Okay, three, the device that i got was advertised to come with a keyboard and it never did and because of circumstance at the time. I did not actually complain to the seller that you know i got the keyboard for the to come with this thing. It never came the hell, but but even though this nice little thing that i am using amounts to nothing more than well a tablet style netbook. It still does work, it still does actually function like a pc and it does all the functions that pcs used to do back.

When i was a child, you know like sending emails, Word, processing, internet browsing and all that kind of stuff. It does the job. Just fine it does it beautifully so theres really no problem there. We have an up here in the fact that, for the basic functionality of a net book type thing, this thing works out beautifully. We have another up here. The advert that i saw on amazon said that not only could i do small time gaming on this thing or mobile standard type games on this little device. I could also do you know: computer um, digital art type stuff on there so and up here is the fact that i can actually do digital art on this thing, with a little bit more beefy type, Um. Undskyld, a little bit more beefy um programs like photoshop, express krita, ink space and all those kinds of things, so that is definitely a plus for an artist like me it even after i was able to get the um cd key to work on there. Im even able to go ahead and do audio editing, which is awesome and and go ahead and do a little bit of video editing, theres a bunch of free stuff out there that i can get off the marketplace, which is awesome. Så, on the one hand, not this thing came to me as a not as advertised thing, its kind of meh, or rather its meant to be used.

Som I ved,, a samsung galaxy back from about five to seven years ago. Cant do a whole hell of a lot, but you can do a little bit but thats it. På den anden side, it is a good computer because it is able to do some good things, its not going to be your top of the line. Gaming computer, where i can go out there and play say horizon zero dawn or anything like that, but i can play some old style mmo games on there with minimal 3d rendered opengl graphics, which honestly um aside from occasionally streaming on twitch. I dont play as many games these days so cool, but not exactly as necessary. So is this laptop or not laptop, this tablet, computer that i have here or there on display. Er det det værd? I have to remind myselfand i have to remind everybody that, while yeah, it sounds amazing and all that kind of stuff take a look at the price. Take a look at the price and then remember this. You get what you pay, til. It is a windows or at the time it was a windows 10 device and it functioned as a windows, 10 apparat. What wasnt, exact or come on words start wording. What really got to me and the thing that really still kind of irks me when i think about it, is having to scavenge a functional cd key from an existing system, transferring it into something that is no better than a netbook.

And i say it irks me because, a week later, i decided to start working with the laptop again to see you know what i could and could not do with it. Can it still work it does? Det er cool. I can still do things on this, but when it comes to the windows update all of a sudden, oh wait, um this laptop and this version of windows 10 has hit its end of life term, its not getting any more updates, and this thing was geared to Be a gaming pc at one point: the cd key is now in a netbook style thing and okay, hey everybody. I certainly hope you enjoyed that this review its a little this all this happened back in the beginning of the year when the stimulus checks were just coming out and earlier this year at the beginning, or was it early mid tax season? When i got the stimulus checkand i actually did get this thing, but i did want to come around and show you guys, because i didnt actually have the thing on hand when i recorded the video earlier, i actually do own. The tablet that i am talking about its been growing on me a little bit lately its mainly because well, i have a brand new little toy. With this thing i got windows 11 for it and lets go. I got windows 11 for this thing and the windows 11 review is definitely an episode in and of itself, and i decided to keep that as part two of the overall review, because the recording that i did for it is about an hour long.

So timing is a thing, but i want to come back and tell you guys that i actually do own this thing that i was reviewing and while yeah it did come with windows 10. I have since upgraded it to windows 11, which is why its growing up, so i certainly hope that you guys enjoyed todays episode or review or something like that um. While i did show an image about, while i did show an image about the amazon ad for it specifically amazon has this new little thing where, after x, amount of time after an order has been placed and delivered, it no longer shows up in your order. Historie. At least on the mobile app, so the photo that i showed you guys is of this product here, but not the one that i got so its not actually from my order history. So i hope you guys enjoyed this review im going to get to editing the windows 11 anmeldelse, video, and i will see you guys tomorrow.