You don’t have to have a powerful gaming pc anymore, because there is a much more affordable option in this video. You will learn how to do this and, som du kan se, i am playing a pc vr game in the oculus rift store using an ipad with the oculus quest 2. you’ll be able to do this using the shadow app, which is a virtual desktop. A gaming pc in the cloud basically and you can access it for as low as 11 per month. A few things you will need to do. This is a reliable, Trådløs, fi connection. Without that, you will experience more latency and the performance just won’t be what you would what it could be. You will also need a device that you can run the virtual desktop from that would be a mobile phone like an iphone or an android a tablet. A macbook or a pc, and it doesn’t have to be a very powerful pc. It can be a pretty old pc. Som du kan se her, you will also need the virtual desktop application that you can get in the oculus quest store. This is what you’ll use to mirror the video from your virtual pc to your oculus quest 2.. I think for this video i’ll be showing you how to do it on a mobile device as well as a desktop pc. The processes are very very similar, but there are some slight differences. There might not be any differences.

I could be completely wrong about that. We’Ll know by the end of the video hear me out. For this part, there is one small step where you will need to plug into a pc: it doesn’t have to be a powerful pc. It can be your mom’s pc, your friend’s pc. All you have to do is plug your quest 2 into it, with your charging cable so that you can do one quick step at setup and you will never have to do it again. All of the downloads you need, i will provide in a pinned comment below and if there are any issues people have that i notice i will provide solutions in the video’s description. If you find the video useful do drop a like to support the channel and subscribe. If you would like to see more vr content in the future, Music first you’ll have to create an oculus developer account. You can do this in one of the links i will provide in a pin comment below, but i will be googling it here. Det er, probably easiest to just link your oculus facebook account that you use, but if you don’t do that, then you might just want to create one here: you’ll have to enable developer mode in the quest 2 application on your smartphone, which is in settings and right there. Yeah developer mode turn it on subscribe to the shadow gaming cloud pc, and you will have lots of really cool stuff that comes with this um, but basically hit the subscribe button.

This is like the equivalent of uh having your own gtx, 1080 Gpu. 12 gigabytes of memory, 256 gigabytes of storage um, you can do monthly plans or annual plans and you’ll have to check and make sure it’s available for your area i’m doing the monthly plan right here right now, after you sign up for it, they will tell you That there’s going to be a wait time before you can access the application. They told me four days, but it was more like four minutes once you get the confirmation email that your account is ready. You can head on over to their download section and download the application for whichever device you’re using here if you’re on a tablet, i’ll go ahead and just show you what that looks like you’ll, just it’s really easier, just go over to the app store and download. Well type in specifically shadow app, and it will be much easier to find all right time for the fun stuff you’re going to boot. Up your cloud, gaming, pc and we’re, going to download all the applications that you need to make this happen. Så, whether you’re on a mobile device or on a pc, this should pretty much look the same. You’Ll open up the application and it will give you the option to start now. If you’re on a pc, it should be really fast on the tablet. It might take a while because it will most likely have to install more software if it does, let it do its thing, don’t mess with it.

So this is what your virtual desktop should look like. It looks just like a desktop, but in a window here, so this is the mobile view. I just want to show you this in case you don’t have a mouse and a bluetooth keyboard. You can hit the icon at the top of the screen and it will pull up a keyboard and some other options. So if i type in the space here i’m just going to do a basic search for something i’ll type in like google, but yeahgoogle we’ll type it in but yeah, and you can see how that works. På den måde, you’ll be able to follow right along because i am using a mouse and keyboard, so i will be moving a little bit faster, so open up your microsoft edge explorer so that you can start downloading these applications. You need first we’re going to download the oculus rift application. I’Ll provide the link below again but i’m going to be searching for it here in the video. I believe this is it no wait, that’s what i want right there? Okay, oh they changed the page it’s. All about the quest now that’s cool, so just download this link here. This is really the first thing you need run the application install it. This can take some time so just go ahead and install it to its default location and wait. It out grab a cup of tea or something man.

You got some time and it’s going to take like a good 30 minutes to an hour once that has downloaded make sure you sign in to your existing oculus account all right. Now we are downloading the virtual desktop streaming application. Another important app like all of the apps you will see here today. You need this one so download it just install it to its default location. En gang til, we are on your virtual desktop. All of this is being done within your shadow, pc um make sure you always have this application open in the background it’s required. In order for you to be able to stream. The most important part is that you plug in your oculus user, account right here type. It in thereand that is how this application is going to find your quest too, whenever they’re on the same wi fi network, without this you’re going to have problems so make sure you do that if you ever have problems with connectivity, just go ahead and reset It and re enter your name in there and it should fix it so now we’re going to download the sidequest application, so i will provide the link below. Selvfølgelig. Why would i not right so go ahead, just download that to the default location, and you will be good to go on that now. This is the one thing you will need the pc, for this is the one part. This is the catch.

So now on the pc that you’re, using not your virtual, desktop download the sidequest application, just like you did on your shadow pc plug your quest 2 into that pc. Allow access open up the sidequest application. Som du kan se, you’ll be connected here. You should see the green light up there download the virtual vr patch. This is another necessary piece. Once you’ve done that and it’s successful, you can unplug your quest to and you will never have to use a pc again. I promise, unless you factory reset or do something you know crazy and now for the fun part you can put on your quest 2 and launch a game from the virtual desktop menu. Make sure you launch it from the virtual desktop menu, just like i’m going to do here, so we’re going to go ahead and pull up virtual desktop. If you installed the patch correctly, when you plugged into a pc, you should see the games tab here and don’t worry about it, saying that it wasn’t on the same network as your pc mine always says that, and it doesn’t make a difference just as long as You’Re on the same wi fi, you shouldn’t have any issues now in the background. Her, selvom, make sure you do have your uh both of these applications open the oculus rift application and the desktop streamer with your oculus account plugged in and you should be. Okay, let’s go ahead and boot up blade and sorcery there.

You go it’s just like that, and you know the better. Your wi fi connection, the better your performance will be, and you will experience less latency because, Selvfølgelig, when you use virtual desktop, it always does introduce some some latency when you’re playing wirelessly. But overall i think it’s a totally acceptable experience and it’s a great way to play more graphically intensive games, uh really, Samlede, not just in virtual reality, player ones and twos that’s. All i have for you if you found that useful don’t forget to drop a like subscribe.