Oh thank god. I thought i thought it was it’s. Crap that’s, Fine, everybody is fine, it’s crap, but now the supermarkets are getting in on the game, hark the sound of many ceos, buttholes clenching and their buttholes are clenching, because both tesco and lidl are now doing. Smart home ranges and the prices on these things are ridiculously low. The question is: are they any good today i will be comparing the brightness and the saturation of tesco’s calex products with philips hue, but i will also be confirming the functionality of both products. To give you a full breakdown of the advantages and the disadvantages of both i’ll then be in my comments, section replying to weird nerds, who are saying amaga has been around for ages. Perhaps doesn’t know what he’s doing i bought my first kx product in 1924 off amazon shut up klx is not a new product. I am well aware of this. It’S been on amazon for a while, but not at this ridiculously low price tag and not on our supermarket shelves. This is a turning point for the smart home industry, so my initial trip to little to pick up some of their smart home gear turned out to be entirely fruitless. It wasn’t entirely fruitless. I did buy a catson flapper flapper Laughter, i don’t own, a cat. I went to two littles before i realized their smart home equipment hasn’t, yet been released as of time of filming i’m still waiting for that, so i went to tesco.

Looked at the shelves spoke to some inanimate objects. For a moment, Hej, my pretties came home and washed the apocalypse off everything before unboxing the cheapest smart home gear. I have ever owned seriously. Eight pound bulb. Tesco are clearly trying to embarrass philips hue into oblivion. I’Ll be checking out lidl’s zigbee, offering once i can get my hands on it, but in the meantime, let’s find out if an eight pound bulb can really compete with a 50 pound bulb spoiler alert. It can Music it’s time for paul’s tenuous excuse to dress up. As he man, this is my lux meter and it proves trolls wrong. It is therefore the most powerful device in the universe and i’ve used it to assess all the bulbs in today’s video and the results from the calex bulbs are a mixed bag. The whites are extremely bright and absolutely trouts the philips bulbs, with both the gu10 and the e27 seriously. Oh, hey philips hue you’re, the worst we’re talking about obscenely poor performance from phillips here, and i can see the philips hue fanboys in my comment section right now. Going well, i think the calex bulbs are too bright. Don’T ever buy gu10s from phillips. Please for the love of god. Promise me you’ll never buy gu10s at this price tag. Okay, so the reason i said the klx bulbs are a mixed bag is because, although they are brighter for both cool white and warm white, they are duller for all colors in the spectrum, i’ve measured every color from reds to greens, to blues to purples the only One that really comes close is like a greeny blue, at which point both bulbs are a very similar lumen output, but that certainly justifies my love of phillips hue.

I only bathe my house in hot, pink sorry to burst your hot pink bubble, but that’s still not a good reason to buy phillips. This is an ajax gu10 zigbee bulb. I reviewed it a few weeks ago and it works directly with philips hues hub it’s way. Cheaper and it’s brighter on every single color settingand this brings me nicely onto the advantages and disadvantages of the klex productthe klex’s stuff is all wi fi based. It is not zigbee which gives it the advantage that it will work without a hub. So you can use this directly with google home and she this should not be named, and if this than that, but it has the disadvantagethat is completely reliant on your internet connection and somebody else’s server to keep operating. Am i good, i can’t believe you’re relying on a smart home company in china to keep all your devices working. Oh man shut up. These devices are indeed reliant on a third party server from a company called toyo and they are a chinese company, but they are a staple of the smart home community and have been for years if you don’t, think they’re a legitimate enterprise. Please explain to me why samsung and apple and google and amazon are all getting into bed with them as part of the choip alliance. You can find out more about the choip alliance in this video here, but i digress. I have never ever known the toyo server to go down, but not only that the products aren’t actually reliant on your internet connection or the server on a constant basis.

Alligevel, they only check in with the server periodically, which actually means that they are operating locally and i’ve proved this to an idiot before, because he called me a lawyer. Oh weird, it’s still instantaneous there’s no lag. You know why there’s no lag because it’s working locally you butthole, but phillips, will respond much more quickly to my voice assistant at least. Surely i don’t know where this character came from no actually it’s slower. The turn shoot: Okay, Okay, Musik, one of the age old, philips hue arguments is that their stuff is compatible with more stuff than anybody. Else’S products well, as well as buttons door, sensors led strips cameras, plug sockets and power, strips that you can buy in tesco you’ll. Also find a massive amount of other companies using toyo’s smartlive’s platform online and anything that connects to toya’s platform can interoperate with other people’s equipment between that and the constant improvements to amazon’s routines. Philips. A fast running out of excuses for you to buy their stuff. To give you a little bit of balance, then the philips hue app is more polished to look at than the toyota app is, and it has some functionality that the toyota app does not. The toy app does have an amazing amount of different scenes and automations and things that you can create. That will make everyday life easier and there are so many products to choose from that. You can get it to do practically anything, but i have to give this one to phillips, because philip still has over it the sunrise and sunset hose.

These are things that i personally use every day of my life. My philips hue, led strip comes on in the morning very gradually to make me feel like we still have a son in this country. We do not have a son in this country and therefore it’s really valuable to me to be able to do this. We can’t do that yet with the toy app and so phillips wins this round yeah. Godt, that justifies my love of phillips hue Music. Who is this guy if that’s enough of a reason for you that’s fine? Personligt, i would recommend, if you’ve already invested in the philips hue ecosystem, i.e, you already have a hub. I would just stop buying the bulbs instead of buying their bulbs buy from somebody like ajax or any other zigbee manufacturer that works directly with you. You will find you’ll get better brightness, better saturation and for a lower price if you’re tied into hue fine, but don’t keep giving them your money unnecessarily. Just before we wrap up then calex’s wi fi solution is not a direct like for, like replacement of philips hues. Zigbee product because it is wi, fi and not zigbee and zigbee has two advantages. The first one is that if philips hue went bankrupt tomorrow, you would be able to take your ajax bulbs and link them up to a samsung smartthings hub instead. But i should point out a lot of the philips products cannot be transferred, and this is another reason not to buy anything directly from philips hue.

If you have their hub, don’t buy their bulbs, buy bulbs from third party that works cross platform that’s. The whole point of zigbee and, for some reason, philips, decided to ignore the whole point of zigbee all the zigbee. Conversely, the klex stuff is unfortunately tied to the toyo smart life platform and there’s, really not much. You can do about that. If toyo went bust, you would be stuck with a very ordinary light bulb like some kind of capers. So there is a way around this. If you’re clever, you can actually flash toya based products with some software called tasmota you’re, i bund og grund, hacking your light bulbs so that you can control them with a raspberry, pi running home assistant. That way you get to flex your inner nude home assistant. The second advantage of zigbee is the battery life of things like remote controls and door, sensors and buttons, and anything that is not plugged into the mains. Wi fi is a far more intensive protocol and it uses batteries up more quickly if you bought the klx remote control, for eksempel, which they do sell or their motion sensor or their door sensor you’ll find that you’re changing the batteries far more often than if you Bought a zigbee equivalent. This is why i’m so interested in the little stuff. The little stuff is zigbee based and it all works directly with philips hue. So i am told if i find out that that is the case you could be looking at the cheapest ever zigbee stuff right on your supermarket shelves.

Will it be enough to kill philips hue? I doubt it philips. Hue fanboys are Music mental. This video is not sponsored by calex; it is not sponsored by tesco and i don’t have an affiliate link to your supermarket shelf. I get called a shill in my comment section so regularly by stupid little fanboys they’re like no no he’s slagging off my favorite philips shoe grow up seriously, you’re not married to it. You bought it. It was a mistake. I’Ve told you it’s a mistake, buy something else in future. I stand to gain very little from this video and nobody has paid me to say what i have said today. It wouldn’t change a thing anyway. I am always honest with you guys whether i am sponsored or not. Please do yourself a favor watch this video over and over again, if you have to but look at the brightness of this eight pound bulb versus the philips hue, fifty pound bulb and then tell yourself: Okay, buy it philips, hue don’t. Do it don’t do it? I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. If you have, please give it a thumbs up that will tell youtube’s algorithms. It was a good video and more people should see it. If you want to see some more of this guy hit that subscribe button and ding that bell, if you think the bell it lets youtube know that you want to be notified when i upload videos. These amazing people here are my patrons from patreon.

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