This game is published by outright games and it was developed by 3D clouds. This is the fourth PAW Patrol game released on Modern consoles. It is a kart racing game and you would think its going to be a fairly easy, 1000g or platinum trophy. Imidlertid, its actually a very grindy one now Id say you can actually get most of the achievements in about an hour and a half. Imidlertid, we do have an achievement related to completing the adventure mode with each of the characters and theres 10 characters in total. You need to complete the whole Adventure mode with each of the 10 characters. There were 17 races in adventure mode, so we have 17 races times. 10 characters were going to need to complete 170 races to be able to get this full 1000g or platinum, trophy so thats whats going to make it a grindier completion. I found that it took a little over an hour about an hour and 10 minutes to complete the adventure mode with each of the characters. Så, Samlede, you can expect this 1000g or platinum to take about 12 hours now in terms of price, dens 49.99. Imidlertid, it got added to Xbox game pass on day one. So if you have a subscription to Xbox game pass, you can download and play this game and get the achievements. I also want to foreshadow before we get too deep into this video. We do have an achievement related to winning a four player split screen race, so you are going to need four controllers, ikke kun, at, but for some reason the game requires you to log into a separate gamer tag with each of the four controllers.

So you are going to need four separate. Xbox Live accounts to be able to get this achievement, ikke kun, at, but the four controllers, of course after you win that race youll get your achievement for winning a four player split screen, race and youll also get an achievement for winning a race in split screen. Aside from that, all we got ta do is complete the adventure mode with each of the pups, and then at least one time you need to get first place in every single race. Personligt, I would just focus on this the first time that you play the game Id actually play it for the 17 races make sure you get first place in each of the 17 after you get first place in every race and complete the adventure mode. Youll unlock the achievement called unbeatable for winning all the Adventure races in first position, if you were to jump right into the game and complete adventure mode for the first time and get first place in every single race, youll end up with 500g out of 1000. Just by completing the game with the first character and making sure you get first place after that, for the other nine characters, we can actually use the auto drive feature in the game. If you put the game on the easiest difficulty its automatically going to activate this featureand this feature automatically drives for you, so it basically accelerates by itself it steers by itself, meaning that really you can let this game play for itself.

For most of this completion, the only thing is: is that youre not going to get first place in every single Race using this Auto Drive feature, but at least youll get in the top three and thats all you need to do to be able to complete the Adventure with each of these characters, as long as you place in the top three positions in a race youll, be able to advance to the next race and nine times out of ten. The auto drive feature will get you in the top three. Hvis, for some reason you dont get in the top three, it will have you replay that race. Så, personligt, what I did is, I just had the game going on my Xbox. I would do some work on my computer and when a race ended, I would go ahead and start the next race, so its basically trying to get stuff done and then Id go back to the TV and then go to the next race because whats going to Happen is, you can have auto drive, but eventually the race will finish and youll need to press a to go to the next race. Nu, first thing I thought is what, if I plug in a turbo controllerand I just turbo the a buttonmaybe that will work for automatically you know going on to the next race once its finished. Godt, I can confirm a turbo controller is not gon na work for some reason it.

It would just keep pressing the button so fast that it wouldnt move on to the next screen. Heres an example of the glitch that I ran into while using a turbo controller. Så, Desværre, a turbo controller is not going to work. You are going to need to basically go back and forth to your game, making sure that you press a to go to the next race. Det er, if youre using the auto drive feature so yeah. If you look at my gamer tag, it says I spent like 54 hours playing this game. I really didnt spend 54 timer. I just had the game running for like two days in a row and every time I went past my Xbox or my TV, I would try to advance to the next race, and eventually I was able to grind through all 10 characters. Now also were gon na. Have an achievement related to using all the skills each character has their own skills specific to them and to use that power, you press the B button or, hvis du er, playing on Playstation thats going to be the circle button and basically the way it works is, as You collect the pup, treats eventually youll fill your meter and youll be able to use your special attack after you use the special attack with each of the pups youll end up, unlocking the achievement for using all skills. So more than likely youll get this during your playthrough with the last character.

Now we also have an achievement or trophy call collector its for unlocking all aesthetic items. You are sure to unlock this while playing through the game with each of the characters. You should unlock it after your ninth race, with your final character. To be specific, you do not need to play on any other difficulty other than easy. You can play on easy with all 10 characters. You do not need to play on hard. None of the Aesthetics or unlockables are unlocked on any specific difficulty. You can unlock all the aesthetic items, whether youre on easy or hard, so I recommend playing through all 10 characters on easy, especially because youll be able to use that auto drive feature but yeah. Eventually, I ended up on my last character. I ended up getting those last three achievements, one for using all the skills, one for unlocking all the aesthetic items and then finally, the grindiest achievement. We have here A Sky Full of Stars for winning the adventure with each of the pups. På dette tidspunkt, the only two achievements I had left were related to the split screen races, so I went ahead and plugged in four different controllers made. Sure I signed into four different accounts ran a four player split screen race made sure I won it and I ended up unlocking my last two achievements or trophies one for winning a split screen race and one for winning a four player split screen race.

En gang til, let me clarify for this achievement. You need four controllers with four separate profiles. Lad være med at, really understand why I tried using a guest account. You cant use a guest account. You are going to need four separate profiles at this point. I had my full 1000g and hopefully you will get yours as well. Aside from that guys, I do have guides for all of the other Paw Patrol games. Så, if youre interested in getting all the achievements or trophies in any of the games, make sure you check out the videos on my channel. Som altid, I like to give a huge thank you to all of my patreon subscribers. We just hit 12 patrons. I like to give a special shout out to everybody in the big fan club, including timg84, kegger, 101 Connor, 25 Rock mono 44 and Fabio Novato.