So for those of you who follow my channel, you may remember that about half a year ago i tested this product called the nyx stock 2 and it basically look like this so it’s. Dybest set, a laptop it’s, a clamshell aluminum device. It has a screen as a keyboard as a trackpad. It has ports except it. Didn’T have a processor inside it. Didn’T have any memory, so instead, how you power the devices you plug a smartphone into it and you use your smartphone’s processor now, if you have a samsung huawei device, that means you can take advantage of the desktop ui that samsung and huawei has each developed for Their phones, samsung calls the dex huawei calls it emui desktop. Dybest set, what you have to do is plug in usb c into the nik stock, and you have yourself a fully functional computer, so i have here now the upgraded version. This is called the next stock touch. It looks virtually identical from the outside. It has the same overall dimensions except. The screen is a little bit larger now at 14.1, inches it’s larger, because the bezels have been trimmed on the next stock too. The bezels were quite thick, so now we get a more modern design. So now you have a 14.1 tommer, 1080p lcd display and, as the name suggests, it supports touch functionality. So now you can directly interact with the ui, with your finger. Let’S go over the hardware. Først, before i plug in the phone, so the overall design looks like many other laptops in the post, macbook world.

You know the space grade. Aluminum finish, the hinge is pretty sturdy. This is as wide as the open, so not quite 90 grader, but you see that it doesn’t wobble once it’s in place in terms of ports, you get quite a lot of ports. So on the right side, you have an hdmi out. You have this usb c port that charges the laptop there’s a 8 000 milliamp battery inside this deviceand this is another usb c port for data transfer and over here this port is to connect to your smartphone. Nu, on the right side, you have a usb a 3.0, -en 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and an sd card slot. So that’s awesome for someone like me who shoots a lot of videos and takes a lot of photos. I can just plug the card and immediately read the content. Most laptops nowadays, don’t give us a card reader, so it’s a little bit annoying. Nu, som du kan se, the keyboard is pretty much a full size keyboard keys evenly spaced. You have a number row right heref keys right here now this trackpad, although a decent size, Desværre, is the weak link of this whole hardware. Here the tripod is just a little bit jumpy a little bit finicky to use i’ll show you later enough, talking let’s plug in a phone and test it out so let’s plug in the galaxy note. 20 ultra so, like i said, the nik stock touch has a 8 000mah battery, so the whole time it’s running it’s using the laptop’s battery and it’ll keep your phone charged.

So that means you don’t have to worry about your phone running on juice. Okay, so we have here a desktop ui, completely running off my samsung galaxy note, 20 Ultra. So all the apps i have on the phone are on here too let’s check out the screen, Lysstyrke, really quick! So right now we are at about 40 we’ll. Go up to max brightness 100 max brightness. The screen looks pretty good for an lcd panel 1080p resolution. Betragtningsvinkler. Look pretty nice too, Så, basically any app. I have on the galaxy note, 20 Ultra. I can run now in desktop format, so i can open instagram. I can open twitter and, like i said this is a touch screen. You can open google play store and download apps directly. Now you notice that i’ve been navigating mostly with the touchscreen that’s, because the trackpad just isn’t that good. Let me show you what i mean. Even though moving around the trap pad is fine, whenever you you click into something to tap, sometimes it’ll register a false touch and the arrow will move like halfway across the screen, when all i did was click into the trackpad now. Heldigvis, the trackpad also supports tap to click, so you don’t have to physically click into the trap head every time, but unfortunately the tapping doesn’t always work oh and girl, but the tapping does not always work. You have to tap it with a bit of force just to get it to where we don’t tap it hard enough it it won’t work, som du kan se lige her, see right now, i’m trying to close it.

It took multiple taps. Don’T. Get me wrong. Det er, not the worst trap pad in the world to use, men det er, definitely not a good track pad. The good news is because the mixed dock has so many ports. You can just plug in a mouse or you can use the galaxy note. 20, ultra as a track pad and to be honest, i prefer to use the trackpad right here more than the track pad on the next stock itself, it’s just a lot more precise when i’m doing it on the note 20 ultra screen. Nu, as i mentioned, this keyboard is excellent to type on so i’m, going to take a typing test right now. Okay, Så, som du kan se, i was able to type at 95 watts per minute with 91 accuracy, which means it adjusts the speed of 87 words per minute now. The next stock touch has four speakers. desværre, they are located at the bottom okay, so the speakers are down below, so the sound gets a little bit muffled. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na put this wireless mic right at the bottom of the speaker, so you can hear this laptop at full volume, so i’m gon na play at 100, so some of you guys may be wondering. So what is the point of this? Why buy this and plug a phone into it when you can just buy a proper laptop well, one big reason is that this can be upgraded continuously.

When you buy a laptop let’s say you buy a 2017 macbook pro by now 2020. That macro pro is a little bit outdated, particularly since apple released the m1 chip with the nyx stock. I teorien, every time you upgrade your phone you’re upgrading, the processor of this device too, and nowadays a smartphone processor is arguably as powerful, if not more powerful than most laptop processors out in the world. So the second reason why this might be useful is it allows a sharing of a computer without sharing of data so, for eksempel, let’s, Sige, covert, recovers and then next year i take a trip with my girlfriend and it’s, not a work trip it’s, just a trip For fun, so you know when you’re going on a trip for fun on holiday, you don’t want to be tied to work, so we probably don’t want to bring two different laptops, but at the same time it would benefit us to have at least a keyboard and A screen in case we do have to do some last minute: emergency work, so in that case we just bring the next stock touch one device. So if i need to do an hour of work today and let’s say later on evening, she has to type a long email. She plugs in her phone here and she can work off of that and everything we have worked on remains on our phone and it’s. Not like getting mixed up, you know she’s when she’s on this device, she’s not seeing my documents when i’m on this thing, Jeg er, not seeing her documents, so i definitely see use for this.

desværre, right now the only phones that support the desktop software is samsung and huawei. If you plug in an lg from a oneplus phone, all you’re getting is a screen mirror so hopefully, i fremtiden. Other brands, like xiaomi opal, oneplus lg, will develop something like similar, Hvor, when you plug into a monitor, it becomes a full fledged desktop ui, because i really think you know smartphones are getting more and more powerful. These are basically our personal computers and only makes sense that we give it a larger canvas to work off so anyway, that’s about it. For this video on the next stock touch. This thing sells for 269 us dollars. If you’re interested, i have the link in the description below so that’s about it. For this video um have a merry christmas everybody. I should have one more video up before the new year, so i won’t say happy new year, yeah i’ll see you later take care.