This actually took like so much longer than i’ve wanted it to take like i’ve, actually been urging to just like plug this thing in and see how it runs out. But i swear i’ve been waiting and waiting patiently to try to find a good time to record when i’m gon na record the pc and if i can get good shots of it, and i legit did a whole review on my phone. And then i look at the audio and it was all the audio was messed up like you could hear out of one uh earphone and not the left, one which was so weird. I was like bro what i think my phone’s just like busted, so yeah um. I got a couple of shots of the pc and the mouse and the keyboard and i’m just gon na, like what i think i’m gon na do, is just gon na like put the specifications of each one, because this has taken so long it’s taking so long. Mand – and i i just wanted to like get rid of this already dude, so yeah i’m, just going to say the specs for each one of them and then like uh you’ll, see like pictures of the pc and like a little like uh overview shot and the Dark with it, because uh it’s actually really hard to get stuff from your phone to your computer, i had to upload it to youtube, and then i had to record it on my pc.

So then i could edit it on my pc it’s, a whole process. So i’m, just gon na i’m, just gon na say this. This text that that i know for the love of christ, fyr. Oh my god! Let me do that all right, so the specs for the pc i’ll put them up on the screen as you’re. Seeing the little overview of the pc it is, the gpu is a nvidia geforce, rtx 2060 super with eight gigs uh and the cpu is an intel core, i7 uh 9700 with eight cores and three point: zero gigahertz, and then we got oh wait hold on before. I move on to that. Cpu has got the turbo mode of 4.7, gigahertz i’m, not sure what that means, men det er, probably really good. Um, 16 gigabyte uh hard drive memory, ingen, no i’m wrong. Undskyld, 2.2 terabyte hard drive memory, and this and the solid state drive of 200 480 gigabytes that’s. Like crazy storage like i could. I could just that’s crazy storage, All right, that’s, really crazy storage, um and 16 gigabyte uh ram, which is extremely good. It’S got the wi fi included, which is really good because, like some pcs, like don’t, have the wi fi, which is kind of weird and it’s, got some warranty and some life lifetime technical support, which is you know, always nice to have um and the package also Included a mouse and a keyboard which i will also be using.

Let me just uh get the specifications for that really quickly. All right here we got the specifications for the mouse, which is the tracking method, is an advanced gaming. Optical sensor uh, but it’s got seven buttons. It’S got the rgb lighting uh. The cable length is a meter and a half uh it’s it’s it’s, pretty damn light. Det er 107 gram, 10 million lives, life switch cycle which is really good and it’s uh. The dpi can go from 1200 til 3600, which is really good to have an x like a little uh. You know range of dpi that’s, always good and uh in case, because you see the the here’s the box in case there you go a little shot of the box. You get the keyboard here, which i already have so i’m, not going to pause. The recording it’s also the same thing. You can see the box here. Rsm2 it’s got some spill design spill resistant, design, 10 million click life cycle, which is extremely good. Uh it’s got a scroll wheel and 11 lighting effects, which i did show on the video but uh like i said again, the audio got corrupted, so i didn’t really uh include it uh. Here we got the specifications, the switches is a membrane and for those keyboard geeks that i really don’t know much about what a good keyboard is and whatnot but i’m pretty sure this is good. Um, 104 plus eight keys and a roller for adjustable volume.

It’S got the multi zone, rgb lighting uh. This cable length is also one and a half meters with the brake to cover uh it’s a little bit. Heavier 730 grams and it’s got a 10 million switch life cycle which is really good and it’s a usb port. So that is always good. That is basically it i mean you like it’s. The package came with the keyboard and amounts and that’s like already crazy good, and if you post a review on like costco or something uh, they also give you like a 10 amazon dollar thing. I don’t know, which is also kind of cool, so i’ll be i’ll. Probably be doing that just because um and yeah that’s, basically the pc i’m, going to be editing on and streaming on and working on for the rest of Music whenever it stops working which it’s gon na be a while until it stops working but yeah it’s gon Na be crazy, God, and i want to think i want to really thank every everyone that has really supported me, fordi, if it weren’t for you, i would i would have never gotten this like for real, selvom, fordi, as my parents saw, that my channel was growing, They were starting to realize. Oh, you know, det er, actually something that matters and not just something that you could just like play on all day or you know it’s actually has a purpose to it. So i want to thank you all for that and to give me that chance also thank you for 200 Subs.

I might make a separate video on that, but just a little thank you before i can do that there’s, a lot of things i got to do. I had to like find a way to transfer my editing system or find another monitor for this old pc. So i could edit on there and i’m gon na, have to find some way to transfer recording so yeah it’s gon na it’s gon na be a little bit of a while, and i don’t know when i will post again, because i may might not have my Editing system but we’ll see i’ll find a way and i’ll get the content delivered to y’all.