Welcome motel 14 inch performance laptop price only 299 at the time of this review is raising the budget laptop bar to the new level. So please sit back. Relax enjoy the review. Let’S do a quick unboxing in the box. We have more till 14 inch laptop charging cord QuickStart, guide and warranty information. Now let’s look at the specs. The laptop is powered by AMD second generation Rison: 5 3500 quad, kerneprocessor, 8Gb, ddr4, RAM 14 tommer, full HD display 256 GB SSD 802 2.11 AC, dual band Wi Fi, Bluetooth, 4.2, built in 720p HD camera and microphone; thx, audio Windows, 10 home and weighs only 2.5 Pounds, starting at just 2 Punkt 5 Pounds. The motor laptop is designed towards the ultra portable category. When I open the box, I was really impressed the motor laptop offers clean, efficient and modern design. The top and bottom are aluminum with semi flat finish. I was an expecting exceptional quality, considering its price point. Først, impressions from a visual standpoint is excellent when compared to any of the laptop in this price. Category on the bottom are 2 large rubber feet span almost entire. The width of the base providing exceptional grip and there’s a large intake vent in the bottom and to speaker, grilles, der er, no flex to the body and motor laptops 14 inch screen needs a little help. From the other hand, when you open the lid up and lit, can open to maximum 160 grader, the motor performance laptop features, a USB C port, Usb 3.

1 port HDMI port and the charging port, and on the left side of the laptop, we have one locked slot. Ethernet jack USB 2 Port, Usb 3.1 port and 3.5 millimeter hovedtelefonstik, the mortal performance laptop, comes with 720p resolution IR camera with built in microphone and following is a video quality from the webcam. The cameras picture quality is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It surpasses the 3000 macbook pro webcam quality as well. The webcam can also use Windows. Health feature to unlock the device using facial recognition overall motor laptop has a design that is well over average in its class and clean smooth body hides fingerprints very well. The motor laptop display has a very thin bezels and our unit came with 14 tommer. Ips display the full HD resolution was quite nice and lets you view content in vibrant clarity. An LED backlight provides a thinner and more energy efficient screen. The display has non glare made finish, hvilket er fantastisk. The motor laptop has tuned by th xt m display, which does looks very nice tune by thx devices, come with a unique viewing angle mode that mimics the display uses by Hollywood and TV professional. The motor laptop visuals are handled by AMD Vega, 8 grafik, watching YouTube or Netflix. 4K content looks really good, and this display works extremely well in low light conditions. The motor laptops keyboard is good for longer typing experience, it has a nice feel to it and it definitely beats the competition in this price category.

The pressure point is not noticeable and the feedback of the key is good. The key size and arrangement are very good. As well and our unit came with backlit keyboard, but the backlight is something that could use some improvement, but it works very well in very dark environments. As far as the touchpad concern, it is a regular sized touchpad and it is a precision touchpad, which means it is fast and precise. Touchpad also features the ability to double tap on the top left corner to turn it off and there’s even a little light. That comes on when the touchpad is off in the performance section of our Motel performance laptop is equipped with AMD risin 35. Under you processor. The processor has 4 cores with the base clock, speed of 2.1 gigahertz and a maximum clock speed of 3.7 Gigahertz. The processor is rated for 15 watts and based on 12 nanometer technology. This processor is used in mainstream and 2 i 1. Laptops it’s performance is sufficient for everyday general usage and office tasks. It can also handle very well some more demanding stuff, such as video editing. Our units code 1274 points in Cinebench multi thread cpu performance benchmark running at 2.1 Gigahertz, which is much better than the intel’s 8th generation Core i5, 8. 6. 5U processor. The processor is slightly faster than his previous generation Rison. 5 2500. You processor, as expected and in the CPUC benchmark laptop cpu, scored 2000 points in multi thread and 321 points in single thread in the storage solution.

Motor laptop offers good, read and write weights that are average in his class. Our unit score 510 megabits per second read and 455 megabits per second write in SSD benchmark thanks to its 256 GB SSD in the graphics laptop is powered by AMD Vega, ID processor, det er, not powerful as dedicated video card, but Vega it can provide a very decent Gaming experience in many of the popular titles, but also great for popular multiplayer titles like fortnight overwatch, a rocket League, the motor laptop comes with 8 eller 2.11 AC wireless card, which supports both 2.4 gigahertz and 5. Gig are dual band with the max speed of 403 megabits per second in the audio. The Moto laptop is advertised at having thx audio, but it is disappointing to find out that this feature only works through the headphones. Også, the built in speakers are not the greatest. They get loud not to fill a medium sized room and the THX special audio software is helpful to fine tune the settings to your liking. The motor laptop stayed exceptionally cool during over testing the hottest location of the laptop is the underside reached 80 degree Fahrenheit after we played a full HD YouTube video for 15 minutes that is well below over 95 Grad, comfort threshold, the touchpad reached only 68 degrees and The center of the keyboard hit 70 degrees in the battery life Department. Motor performance laptop has 46 for our battery. Det 46 for our battery can provide between 5 til 6 hours of runtime.

If you use to utilize the power saving features, you could probably get near 8 hours of use, which is good enough for students for on campus projects or taking notes during classes when it comes to upgrade ability motor allows you to upgrade some of the components you Can access the laptop motherboard by removing the screws from the back cover? You need to be careful while removing the back cover with proper tool, but the process is very simple: you can replace or add bigger, SATA form, factor, hard drive or upgrade or replace RAM with available. One Ram slot hidden under the cover and laptop comes with 8gb total ram in the CPU cooling department. We have a single heat pipe with heatsink at single fans. You cannot hear the fan noise during general usage, but temperature never cross 85 degree celsius during our test, which means cooling is sufficient enough to keep the laptop temperature under control during gaming or CPE intensive workloads. The motel 14 inch performance laptop is a good overall performance machine. I wasn’t expecting very much from a moocher laptop going into this review, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the performance and build quality of the system. The AMD processor, in particular offers better CPU and GPU performance than the eighth generation Intel Core i5 processors. Casual gamers, who like to throw in a game or two of rocket League or lol in between classes, will find this AMD Vega 8 to be much more powerful.

For their needs, the motor 14 inch performance laptop is an excellent Buy of 400 300. I would absolutely recommend it on that basis for anyone looking for a decent looking decent built budget friendly consumer laptop. Let me know what you guys think of Mattel 14 inch performance laptop in the comments below.