My surface go tree to do a little bit checking with my windows, Hej, and i will be checking up some daily activities through my google calendars. I will be seeing that any reminders to be left off and i will see if there is any to do list today and i will check on my student campus online to see if there is any assignment to that but phew. Heldigvis, no ok lets go Music. So usually the day like this bright sunny day, i usually go to my neighborhood and grab some fast breakfast. Just because, like every day is like school days and having some quick breakfast is always very convenient to me, especially if you have class in 9 eller 10 and so on and yeah. I will show you the the place where i had to buy my breakfast yeah. This is my neighborhood in case you didnt know yet: Musik Bifald, Musik, so Musicand this is my roti prata just nowand this is a typical indian culture, like traditional food in malaysia and happy deepavali to all those who are celebrating by the way and im Going to eat my breakfast and ill see you guys, laters, Okay, so after, synes godt om 20 minutes of my breakfast and some chilling time so its time to get my lazy bone to study, alert, yup thats how it goes anyway. Before i conduct my study um, i would like to talk about the screen, so the screen itself is packed with a 10.

5 inch pixel sense display. It shows the true vivid, color out of the screens, and it also supports touchscreen how nice it is. Så, after nearly an hour of studying the battery drains from 100 til 87 in under 50 brightness and also 50 of the speaker volume, so this battery drain is pretty mediocre for small pc form. Factor like this, which is the battery, fits in the 10.5 inch of the tablet, so we do not expect a much, but we will be keeping our eye on the battery level, so stay tuned Music. So now it has been 1pm im going to get my lunch and ill talk to you guys later. Okay, so sadly, today is a rainy day and i had to go out to get my lunch but yeah. What can i do so? Yeah lets just embrace the rain and lets go so yeah ive arrived to destination, and today we will be having one of this, and this is a complimentary ticket yeah. So before i talk about how awesome the chicken is im going to talk about how awesome the pc is in terms of portability and its versatility, so it packs with an intel core 10 General 110. Why and then it packs with an 8 gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabyte lagerplads, ssd storage, so yeah it it cant do many work, but it can be anywhere. You want to do and you can pretty much do any office work and any school works um on the go so this device.

It definitely cannot edit the full pc video alone so im going to edit the video all on my big laptop device, which is the asus gaming laptop device, so yeah this surface go. Three definitely cannot edit any sort of video unless you like to do some like editing like cutting cutting and cropping, but definitely not some effects and definitely not some crazy things, so yeah thats the image Music yeah. tak skal du have. So before we talk more about the pc i have to describe, where is the place that i have just been so? The place where i have just been is the typing garden, which is the first public garden established during the british rule in malaysia and the left hand. Side is just the restaurant, where i just take my fried chickens and yeah. Forresten, this garden is located near bugilar route, which is a gunnong which is a mountains of um of our taiping pera and its equivalent to the town center and the taiping zoo, så ja. This actually means a lot to us, as the typing garden has was originally a mining ground before it was established in the public garden in the year of 1880, so yeah its always good to know some history when you happen to come to typing for travels yeah. So i love typing yay. Afterwards i got back im super hungry anyway. The video sample of the microsoft surface go 3 out of the 8 megapixel rear facing camera yeah yeah.

Let me know what you guys think, and this is the shots taken from the surface. Go three camera. I do think this is a mediocre specs and it needs some saturation boost, but then never mind its just the camera behind the laptop okay. So now its 3 p.m in the evening, and i have class at 5 and now im testing out the surface go 3 front facing camera, as well as the front facing studio mics. Let me know how it sounds. So this is how my 5 pm class work go so yeah. Samlede, the keyboard travel is very nice to tap with and also the speaker. Sound is very good for students to help with, Samlede, its very good. Så, after a full day of usage of the surface go tree, i want to talk about the battery life, so the battery life is well overall, not too impressive, but i try to not push it on heavy tasks, but i really do try to like it, but Yeah, the battery life, you cant demand more than like four to five hours of typical usage. It depends on whether you take it for video video watching watch some videos, and maybe you do some. If you do some work based like documents office, it should be no problem across 5 timer. But if you watch some video content in 4k or 1080p on youtube or netflix or whatever you name it, it will be around three hours.

Like the statistic i showed below, which shows that the microsoft age takes almost half of the power away from the surface gold tree so basically with the battery life ends up. This goes to my full review of the statistical tree. So what questions do you have about? The service goal trip, or what do you think about the surface goal tree? Is it good enough for you to buy it in such a cheaper price at minimum of 4.