Look at the microsoft surface, laptop 3 and the apple macbook air m1. So i’ve had these two devices uh well over a month. Nu – and i want to come back and tell you what i think about these two devices using them pretty much side by side for that amount of time now, this is not going to be a spec field video. This is just going to be my opinion about these two devices since having them and using them as a everyday consumer. I will throw in some specs here and there, but this is just my opinion on what i think about these two. After having them so they’re, both great devices, one of these devices gon na go one of them’s gon na stay. I can tell you that right now, Uh, but i do enjoy both of them and they both have their advantages and disadvantages. So i want to talk about the build quality of these two starting off. They both have great build quality. They both have aluminum build, they feel very premium in the hand, as you guys can see just stunning looking devices. You know you have some quality built devices here when you take them out, they’re, not cheap, looking and they really fit the bill. Aluminum size, aluminum bill. You got your microsoft logo. Der. You got a couple of ports here, you got a type, a port and a type c. You got a 3.5 millimeter hovedtelefonstik.

Nu, med denne, this is uh. You can charge your device here. You can hook up external monitors type, a uh. I have augmented mine with more storage right there and then on this side you got your uh surface, connect port for charging and surface dock and here’s the bottom of it. Now this has a fan in it, so you got your ventilation back here on this and, like i said just a very nice built the weight on, it is only 2.79 Pounds, so you get an excellent build quality with both of these. So that is the microsoft surface laptop three. Now the apple macbook air m1 has that same classic design. This is an aluminum as well, and you only get two ports here. You get two thunderbolt three ports right here: uh for charging and uh external monitors, and things of that nature got your rubberized feet this one. Only you got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack here, 2.89 Pounds, space gray, this one’s called platinum. So two beautiful beautiful devices build quality is a1 on both of them. You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for excellent build quality. So next let’s talk about the displays on these guys. Okay, Så, starting with the display on the microsoft surface, laptop three, it has a 13.5 inch pixel sense display they call it. It has a resolution of 2256 ved 1504 that equals to 201 Ppi. This has a three by two aspect: Forhold, as you can see the difference here.

You get a little bit more content over here when you’re in web browsing and things of that nature, but uh it also had. This is also a touchscreen, so that’s one thing that i really like about it in comparison to the macbook air. You can also use this with your surface pen and your surface dial, and this also has what they call uh windows, Hej. So as soon as this recognizes my face, if it’ll do it behind these lights here it jumps right in just like so and uh very this uh. This is very bright at 400 nits and i truly enjoy uh the display and and also the touch you know, being a touch screen as well, so on the macbook air m1. This has a 13.3 inch display uh ips resolution 26, 25, 2560 ved 1600 til 227 Ppi. This is what they call a p3 wide color gamut. This has true tone technology 16 ved 10 Størrelsesforhold, so not as much content on the when you’re looking at it. On the internet, or something like thatand this is also 400 nits so with both of these displaysyou’re gon na get excellent quality. I do like the colors and everything on the macbook air m1 better, but for your video watching netflix hulu disney youtube social media. All of those things both of these are great, this being the touchscreen has a little bit of an advantage over this to me, but you’re gon na be great with either one of these.

So i do give the colors and i do like the display a little bit better on the macbook air. So next let’s talk about the keyboards and trackpad okay guy, one guys, one more thing before we get to the keyboard. So i wanted to talk about the two cameras here. So the microsoft surface, laptop three has a 720. They both have 720 peak cameras, hd cameras. This one has dual fairfield studio, mics, which sound great the Music macbook. Air m1 has a 720p hd facetime camera and uh the mics sound great on this, but every time i facetime with this one uh, they always say it looks a little grainy and when i use my uh ipad, they tell me that i have. They see me better than this and my ipad is only the uh ipad 8 General. So i think the camera’s a little bit better over here, but the mic sound great on both so now let’s talk about the keyboards and track pads, All right, fyre, keyboards and track pads. So on the microsoft surface, laptop three, we have this alcantara type material. Here we have a glass track pad that’s supposed to be twenty percent bigger than any than the one they had on the microsoft surface, laptop three uh two and uh. It is backlit the keyboard. The keys are nice, they have nice press i’m. Not i don’t care for the alcantara exterior so much you do. Have your adjusters three finger two finger different shortcuts like that, as well as on the macbook, you got all your mac short uh keyboard gestures and things of that nature as well.

The macbook air is, this is called the magic keyboard, it has a glass force, touch track pad and they both are accurate for input and smooth strolling and the back they’re, both backlit. If i didn’t mention that already, i do prefer the keys and the back lighting on the macbook air m1, it may be because this has a black color on it in comparison to the keys, are the same colors the alcantara material over here, but backlighting is great. You do have on both of them function rows here that uh, where you can control your brightness keyboard lighting. You can’t control the keyboard lighting over here on your your function row up here with the uh macbook. You have to go up to your menu on the top, but you can do other things with the with your shortcut row. There uh both are nice, keyboards and trackpads glass. They both feel like butter. Som du kan se, the trackpad on the macbook air is a whole lot bigger than that one, but they both are great. This one i just don’t. I prefer the macbook a little bit better. So next let’s talk about the speakers guys so next we’re talking about the speakers so on the macbook air m1. This is supposed to be what they call stereo speakers supposed to be high dynamic range. You got one here. You got one here with the surface laptop three: you got what they call omnidirectional drivers.

They are underneath the keyboard area right here and i’m, going to tell you straight out. I prefer the speakers on the microsoft surface laptop 3.. I did a comparison video between these. This one has a fuller, richer, Uh, more bass, just a a better all around sound than the macbook air m1. These speakers are loud, but they’re kind of tinny. The great speakers you’re not going to have any issues listening to or watching movies or listening to your favorite, music or podcast, whatever on either one but you’re going to get a better sound quality. Efter min mening, out of the microsoft surface, laptop 3.. So next let’s talk about performance and battery life, all right guys. So when it comes to performance, this is where they kind of separate. Quite a bit. The microsoft surface. Laptop 3 is running the intel core. I5 10th gen isolate processor uh. It has eight gigabytes of ram 128 gigabyte lagerplads. This is good for web browsing light. Video editing photo editing and uh some gaming, some gaming, so it performs well for all of that stuff. Godt, browsing watching movies and just the things i mentioned already apple macbook air m1 is running. The apple m1 processor has the one. I have has 8 gigabyte ram 256 gigabyte lagerplads. I can do 4k video editing on this without any problems. No stutters, no hiccups, i can do photo editing video watching some gaming i’m, not a gamer but you’re, going to get better performance out of the apple macbook air m1.

When you want to do some heavy editing and things of that nature. Now everybody’s not doing video editing, so this would be great right here, an example: i tried to do some 4k video editing on it and it just uh it did it, but it was hot. This one has a fan in it, and the fan runs when you put it on a little when you put it under a little bit of intense intensive use. The fans are gon na come on and it runs pretty hot to the touch, whereas the mic uh. The macbook air m1i have haven’t, felt it hot, yet maybe a little warm doing some 4k video editing, but it cuts through it like it’s butter. This macbook has uh, i don’t know if i mentioned it: uh eight gigabytes, RAM 256 gigabyte lagerplads. This has a 8 Core. Cpu has seven core gpu and performance. This one is gon na be better if you’re into video, editing and things of that nature uh, but for browsing. They both are great for watching movies. Things of that nature. Reading your books, documents, uh doing office work and things of that nature that both are going to be great and uh, something i didn’t mention earlier. They both have wi fi six and they both have headphone jacks. If i didn’t mention that but uh when it comes to price uh straight off the bat they’re both listed at without without discounts they’re, both listed for 9.

99 Uh, you can get your student discounts on this for 8.99 and maybe some others. Sometimes they’ll run some specials on it. I got this one for 7.99, but normally it’s 9.99. So it’s your choice. If you like microsoft windows or if you like, mac os, i prefer windows os better than i like mac os but i’m, not gon na keep the microsoft surface laptop three because uh the mac uh for my little i’m trying to be a youtuber. So this works better for me and in the future, video editing and things like that. This is going to be key for me. I really enjoy this device, but i have other windows laptops and i just don’t want to keep keep this one when i have other ones they’re, not as updated as this one, but for right now the macbook air is great for my channel it’s great for me. So i’ll take this money and when i sell it and i’ll buy something else for the channel, so that’s my look at the two devices. Hopefully this helps someone out it wasn’t too spec too much into the specs. But i just wanted to talk about the way that i use them and how they work for me.