Nu, where i live, is always raining especially around this time. We have awesome summers and i had to make the best of the day, og dette 350 watt motor has more oomph than those generic 250 watt motors that other brands use what’s. Også, Virkelig, nice is that you can collapse the handle and i’m pretty confident that most people are going to be able to lift this with no problem. It only weighs 28 Pounds. This is the long range battery that can give you up to 25 Km, but the built in display, when it’s bright outside it’s kind of hard to see the battery bar and the speed you’re going. For mig, Ærligt, i don’t need to look at it as i just move at the speed that i’m comfortable with, but it does seem dim for those who do want to keep track of that. The max speed is 15 and a half miles per hour, and the weight capacity is 220 Pounds. I weigh just under 180 pounds and this had no problem getting to 16 miles per hour. The whole deck on the scooter is rubber, with little knobs to grip. It is very grippy you’re not going to find yourself slipping off and it’s actually better than that grippy sandy paper that skateboards haveand i also took it off the payment just to see if this would push through the grass and it has that much power. So if it makes it through these worst conditions, i’m going to be even more confident that in dry days, i’m really going to be able to push this, and i have to really think about sliding all over the place, fordi, obviously those conditions are not ideal.

For most two wheeled transportations, and no, it is not for off road use. It’S more for flat sidewalks streets, pave the roads, smooth surfaces that way you get the best control the best speed, plus it’s safer anyway. I did take it through the puddle here to wash off the tires and also to show you that there’s enough of a lift where your shoes will not get wet if you ever have to go through a puddle like this. I just advise to avoid going through. Puddles like i did. The other thing to mention is the kickstand is so upright it doesn’t have a lean if there’s strong, wind or it gets slightly bumped, it will tip over very easily. But overall i, like it. It’S really quiet barely hear the motor and, Vigtigst, easy to ride alright. So we can see here the app in miles per hour. It also gives you the battery bar once you get it going. Tells you the miles per hour and the harder you press. You see it’s 15 miles per hour, Næsten 16. and right back down once you keep it at one spot for around that’s six seconds. Som du kan se, it’s on cruise control mode and you don’t have to keep pressing down, you can press it again to disengage. It it’s locked in and then you press the, and it also goes right back down here. You can also see there’s a bluetooth symbol, letting us know that our phone is connected, there’s information, all right then, and there, when you have the headlights on, Du, also get a light here really bright and it will blink the same once you press on the handbrake.

It literally says do not ride in rainy day or wet roads, and this is not a break, so you don’t need to press on it, don’t press on it. You got your hand brake on your phone. You can either go to the app store and download mac wheel or scan the qr code that’s on the scooter and it’ll. Take you to the iphone and android versions. Mac wheel wants to use bluetooth, we’re gon na allow it. If you go to bluetooth now, we’re gon na scan it, i got ta go turn it on right now. You see it says mac wheel, mx pro, and then we can see the information of 77 charged. I have not charged it since i’ve had it. So it must have been 100, which i wrote around before i even got to the app so let’s check the settings real quick. So we can change the bluetooth name name it whatever you want. We want to go to miles per hour, so the system has information that it can tell you how everything is running so it’s up and optimal turn on the headlight. As you can see this light, so you can do it manually here, Jeg er, going to guess, b means, nybegynder, n means novice and h means high mode. You know the fast one that’s level three, you can lock it so that it can’t start. No one can take it, you’d have to pedal it, so this will also have a gps on the scooter, letting us know where it’s at at all times.

So if we ever left it somewhere, we forgot where it was, or someone stole it. You’D be able to see it through here you obviously have a trip. Let’S say i want to go to best buy, so you can set yourself your little trip that way. When you go to more you’ll, see the distance traveled you’ll get the top speed and there you go that’s the app there and now we’re gon na move on to the unboxing experience. Once you take a look inside you’re gon na see some foam pieces holding it together, so it doesn’t move around everything. That’S really important is covered and protected. I just want to do a quick pass through show you how i laid it down on the table. Nice disc brakes here and the deck has a nice textured grip there for a non slip, experience and an easy locking mechanism to collapse. The handlebars for transportation there’s also an easy access charging port behind this little rubbery red tab and the kickstand has a spring to make sure it stays up when not in use. Bottom is also made of metal to protect the batteries. The only assembly you need to do is put on the handlebar and the needed screws are actually on the handlebar itself. You only need two and the allen wrench tool is included, so you can get started assembling this right out of the box and they’re also flush with the handlebar and to lock it into place.

This latch will clip on. This is a quick, secure way that almost does it effortlessly just press and go and, Selvfølgelig, you’re gon na get the power supply to charge and to recharge from zero to 100. It should take around six to seven hours. The front and back tires are eight and a half inch and they are airless tires, meaning nothing will puncture it you’re, not gon na get a flat and there’s no need to step on the fender to stop, as you have hand, brakes most scooters with a single Motor are in the front, so you’re gon na get a front wheel, drev og, Selvfølgelig, you’re gon na get a headlight your bell.