This is the ThinkPad tablet. X1 and it’s got some similarities to the surface, but it does some things a little bit better, which we will cover. Selvfølgelig, in the course of this review, but I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure that this came in to the channel on loan from Lenovo, so when I’m done reviewing it, it goes back to them. I have no financial relationship with the company they’re, not paying for this review. They’Re not reviewing this video either before it is posted and all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. So let’s get into the hardware here and then we’ll see how it performs. So this is a tablet, Selvfølgelig, and it can be detached from its included keyboard. Much like the Microsoft Surface can be so pretty thin design here, pretty lightweight. Også, this is one point, six nine pounds or 766 grams when it is docked with the keyboard dock. It goes up to a thousand 66 grams or two point three five pounds. I really like just how powerful the magnet is on the latching mechanism here, it’s very satisfying. It has grabs it and pulls the pulls everything together really nicely and there’s no real lag either. When they reconnect it’s a very fast process here, when you get everything reattached, the keyboard, Selvfølgelig, will dock in like so now. This is a twelve inch display. This is an IPS display.

You do get a little bit of image, bleeding I’m, seeing here on the side, but it’s nice and bright pretty much in line with a lot of other displays, I’ve seen from Lenovo. This is AF HD, 2160 ved 1440, so I guess it’s not quite quad HD, but it is better than a standard HD display, but not quite as high resolution. As that 4k display, we saw on a similar computer from Dell the other day so that’s. What you got in there Core M processor, 6y5, seven at one point: one gigahertz, eight gigabytes of memory, soldered in not replaceable and a 256 gigabyte SSD, and it has AC wireless now. What I really like about this design is that the kickstand goes in kind of the opposite direction of the surface kickstand. So on the surface, du vil. Remember that that one kind of sits like that, this one sits more flat. So when you’re on a laptop kind of mode, it actually is easier to use, because I don’t feel like I’m balancing the device on my lap when I’m, using it that back kickstand here has a lot more surface area. It really does lay flat. It does make for a much more comfortable typing scenario here, especially when you’re in laptop mode, but even on a desk as well it’s, very positionable. So you have a lot of different ways. You can position it pretty much any which way you want all the way down to the desk.

If you wish to do that, so really, nice design in here they even tucked away a micro SD card slot in the back there. If you want to augment some of its onboard storage there, the keyboard is also very nice. This is a ThinkPad keyboard through and through same size. It has that same think, pad kind of feel with really nice travel on the keys, which is nice also considering how thin this keyboard dock is, it does come with it. You get the keyboard dock and a pen along with the tablet, Selvfølgelig, for thirteen hundred and forty nine dollars in this particular mode. You get the same trackpad you see on a number of other thing pads along with a little nub here. So if you would like to navigate your computer with your little red thing here, you can do that on this version as well, although for some reason it just stopped working you’re, also reattach it and get it to go again. There is a backlight on here also which you can activate by just hitting the function key and the spacebar, so you do have all the accoutrements of a full fledged laptop. Yet you have this very small form factor. My only gripe with the keyboard is that it does kind of bend a little bit when you’re in this mode here, so the keyboard does give a little bit as you can see, especially when you’re kind of in the middle here it does do that a little Bit but it is very comfortable to type on surprisingly so, even on a lapand there are a couple of ports worth mentioning, including a USB type c port, which is on the side here.

So you’ve got a USB type c, which is both for USB devices. As well as charging, you have a USB 3.0 port over here. There are stereo speakers on it, one on each side. So this is this one and there’s the other one over here, not very loud. Faktisk, I was expecting a louder sound out of this, but it does sound okay, det er, not too tinny, and there is good stereo separation DisplayPort over here for plugging in external displays. They do have some other docks that they’re going to come out with. They basically sit in between the keyboard dock and the tablet. One of them is going to be a projector dock with an HDMI output. So there’s going to be some little attachments. You can add to this to kind of extend its capabilities a little bit. I don’t have any of those to look at today, but those will be coming out very shortly: there’s a headphone microphone adapter here, Volumen, rocker up and down, and a Kensington lock as well. Your power switch is up here on the top and there’s, also a fingerprint reader over here for getting into your machine with the new authentication methods that are available to you in Windows, 10 and you’ve got a camera on the back eight megapixel camera, rent faktisk, with a Flash built in too so battery life isn’t the best on this. I do really like that latching mechanism there, but you get about probably five or six hours, provided you turn the display down pretty decently and you’re, not taxing the processor too heavily.

So I was, you know this is the problem when you get into this form factor. Is that you really can’t fit a lot of battery in here and still have the same weight and size. So you are going to get about five or six hours, but one of the docks that they’re coming out with that will sit in between the keyboard and the tablet is a extended battery dock they’ll, give you another four or five hours or so so there is An option to get a little bit more battery life that will add some some bulk, but also some weight to the package. But if you want to go all day with it, you’ll probably need to buy that particular device to get yourself additional battery life. Så nu, we’re gon na take a look at its performance, we’re, going to start with the pen and then we’ll go in and look at all the other stuff we usually look at so this is the pen that it comes with. They do have a little loop on the keyboard dock here. If you want to store it while you’re walking around with it, they also have another little piece of plastic that will plug into the USB 3 port that can hold the pen when you don’t, have the keyboard nearby that’s a little bit weird for me. But you do have an option to use that USB port as a pen holder, if you want over here, you can see when I get the pen closer to the screen that it’s detecting its presence and there’s a cursor moving around very similar to what we’ve seen On the surface I’m using OneNote right now and as I draw on the screen here, you’ll see the pen will get thicker the harder I push.

So it does have some decent pressure sensitivity on it. Also so a very thinner line here and then I can push down harder and get a thicker line. I does have a gorilla glass screen, so you should be ok with pushing down a little bit hard on it. What’S nice, også, er det, does have good risk detection also so it’s not picking up my wrists as I’m writing here. Even if my fingers were touching the screen, it just ignores the fingers and looks for the pen input as you’re writing on it. So pretty nice little pen here and a good alternative, Jeg tror, to the Microsoft Surface pen, all right so let’s take a look at some web browsing first we’ll visit my youtube page and pull up one of my 4k videos here. So we have this: playing at 4k starts up very quickly again. We’Ve got that AC Wireless built in so you’ll have some decent wireless capabilities here, and it actually looks really nice. The display is very, very sharp. So this is not a 4k display, but it’s slightly better than HD. So when you are playing back 4k videos like this, it will look really really nice. I don’t see any drop frames going on here. We’Ll, go load up the stats for nerds to get confirmation on that and we’re running, just fine with no drop frames and really really nice image. Quality here, Jeg er. Very impressed with the the balance of this display, both in its color and contrast, really really nice.

To look at and some decent web performance as well out of this and on the octane benchmark test, which we run on Google Chrome on all of our devices here on the channel, we got a score of 21000 172 that does put it slower than the Dell Xps 12, that is running with a similar core m5 processor, and I wish I still had it here to do a test to figure out why that was such a disparity, but unfortunately I don’t have it here any longer. So I will just have to see. Take this result for what it is. It is slightly slower than the Dell XPS 12 du vil, see in another benchmark in a few minutes that they perform about the same on some 3d graphics, Ting, so I’m, not sure what’s going on here. But I haven’t really noticed any issues with browsing. The web articles come up very quickly as on the New York Times here, as they do on other sites. You saw with the YouTube example there. It really did very well on that as well and again, Jeg er. Really quite pleased with the quality of the display here too now, ThinkPads are designed for doing work and I’ve got some work up on the screen right now in Microsoft Word. This is our usual template that we look at a newsletter template that has a lot of text and graphics as rendering very quickly as I’m scrolling through everything. So that is a good sign that we’ve got some good productivity performance here.

I’Ll take some images and move them around here and resize them. Som du kan se, everything is responding very quickly to what I’m doing here. Der er, really no keyboard lag either as I’m typing things out. So I think if you are doing productivity kinds of things on here, like Excel Word PowerPoint, all of those things will run quite well. But games are another story, because these don’t really have the graphical horsepower to support a lot of the modern games out there. But it is possible to do some gaming on it we’re going to take a look at Minecraft and we’re, going to look at some movies also and see how well you can use this as a high bitrate movie, playback device and minecraft is running pretty well on. Her, surprisingly, so we’re getting frame rates well above 60 right now, and that is running at the full 2160 ved 1440 opløsning. This is running with the Optifine performance, enhancing plugin, which does give us a little bit of a boost, but anybody can get that plug in to run so, Jeg tror, for casual games. This is going to do quite well, especially the kinds you might get from the Windows Store or some of the indie games, perhaps on Steam that are not going to tax a graphical processor too heavily. This is going to do quite nicely here and on the 3dmark cloud gate test which measures how well it might do on some of those triple a titles.

We got a score of three thousand five hundred and twelve. It puts it almost identical in its performance to the Dell XPS 12 that we looked at a couple of weeks ago, so that one, I really lined up quite nicely between the two. They have very similar processors. So I think again for these kinds of games like Minecraft and other casual games, you’re going to do well, but just don’t expect to run the latest and greatest triple a title on here. As I always caution now, let’s take a look at some movie watching all right, so I’ve got a blu ray MKV playing here right now. This is the full movie that came right off a blu ray disc, det er, 37 gigabytes in size, very high bitrate running off an SSD over there, so it seems to be running just fine. I can skip ahead to different portions of the movie here, ingen problemer. I was checking the frame rates earlier and it is able to keep up as you would expect it to so really good performance out of there and have to say overall. This is a really nice little tablet device. I haven’t been a big fan of this form factor. This is the one I think I could live with the most because it does work well on a lap and that’s been the one issue that I’ve seen with a number of these that they haven’t really performed. All that well as laptops, because you have to balance things a little bit differently because there’s so many different components that move around.

But this one really does nicelyand I think it’s because of the kickstand and how it’s designed. Because it is relatively flat back here and it’s, not you know, cropping itself up on its edge. It really is laying almost flatand that really does make a very big difference here so nicely Performing device overall with the corium processor battery life isn’t the best again about 5 eller 6 timer, but they will have those modules. You can stack on to get better battery life in the near future there and, hvis du vil, the ThinkPad keyboards, you will get one on here again: Jeg er, just a little bit concerned with the fact that it, Jeg ved, moves so much as you’re typing on it. But if you are looking for something in this form factor, this is a really nice design here from lenovo. This is lines i’ve been thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters, including gold level supporters shebeen. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to Lam TV, slash patreon, to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit.