All of this. It costs about 279 msrp, but you can find them cheaper than that and i think that’s worth it and we’re going to talk about that in this video, because this has been a really surprising device for me. There’S been a lot of things in here that i found that i actually like quite a bit and we’re going to talk about that. But before we do, i want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. I appreciate you being here. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell, if you want updates, when new videos come out now, let’s talk about the lenovo chromebook, do it Music without further ado? Here we have the lenovo duet, and this is probably not something that you were expecting to see unless of course, you’ve already watched, other people’s videos or you’ve seen it on the internet, and then you probably know what to expect. But for those of you unsuspecting victims of this video it’s, really an interesting device and i’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. It has a 10.1 inch lcd screen full hd resolution. Det har 4 gigabyte ram 64 gigabytes of storage and it’s also got dual speakers on. So you got stereo speakers: you’ve got both of them up there on the top and it’s pretty nice and easy to use it’s powered by the mediatek helio p60t processor, and i think that it works pretty well.

I reallyand i feel bad saying this and there’s nothing against lenovo at all. I did not have a good impression of chromebooks coming into this. I am a parent and my kids have been distance learning and they are using some hp. I think hp, chromebooks and those are like the hundred dollar ones that you can get, and i really have not been impressed with the experience, but i wanted to try something new. I looked at the specs talked to lenovo and i’m like yeah. I want to go ahead and try this out, because i like this idea of the two in one concept and also the specs, look pretty darn good for 279 bukke. What makes this special is the ability to do that now it comes with this keyboard, which reminds me a lot of the surface pro keyboard just a little bit smaller. The keys are actually really nice to press it’s. Pretty sturdy and durable it’s got the little pins here that connect to the bottom, with these two little plastic posts that help it lock into place and it’s a magnetic of course. So you don’t have to worry about fishing around in the middle of the night. Trying to find it just make sure that everything seats properly if you connect it and you’re not getting the mouse connectivity then go ahead and just adjust it sometimes one side. If it’s kind of cock, eyed won’t go on their right now.

You do have a row of function keys on the top here. Det er, not the traditional function, keys like the f1 through f12. You would see on a desktop, but back forward refresh expand. You can go to the menu you can go to settings. You go to quick settings, you can volume down volume up, mute, lock the screen lots of stuff there, the only complaint i have about this entire keyboard, which is surprising. I thought i would complain about it more because you know it comes with the the tablet. I mean i didn’t really expect it to be this good for the price i can’t stand, the backspace the backspace is super tiny and when i’m typing away, i have a hard time hitting it, Nogle gange, especially if i’m not looking. So it does require an adjustment in your muscle memory to make sure you hit the back key. But overall the touchpad is nice. You get the functionality here, so you can use it as a touch pad same as any other touch pad. On a laptop. I find that it works pretty well and it doesn’t have specific buttons. You just press down on it, either way on the front side, it’s also protective as well. So this this gives you basically a screen cover for your tablet. You don’t have to worry about going out and buying a screen protector to put on there. Selvfølgelig, you canand you probably should just to make sure that you’re safe rather than sorry but either way.

I do happen to really like this a lot. This actually happens to be my first experience with chrome os or my own chromebook and i’ve been using it quite a bit and i’ve been using it more so in some cases than my samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus, why you ask? Because it acts as a full browser, this isn’t like when you’re, using a browser on your normal tablet or on your phone, and it uses it in the tablet or phone mode. The little mobile app version this right here it has a fully functional normal desktop browser. So it allows me to do stuff in youtube. It allows me to do certain other things that i can’t normally do on my phone or on my tablet. So i really really appreciate that that was a really nice surprise functionality, wise so, like i said, four gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage, mediatek helio p60t. That allows you to do pretty much anything that you want to do now. You can’t play fortnite on here, but you can play pub g with the settings turned down some. You can play call of duty mobile and i have an example here. I was playing call of duty mobile on there and it’s actually pretty nice. I did enjoy playing this. I played quite a few games on it works out handheld, you can use the keyboard kinda, but the mouse doesn’t work the way that you would want it to so it’s, not it doesn’t really work out the best when you’re trying to play games on it’s, not Really built for that, i even played some among us and some other stuff, and you can click around with it, but it’s better to just hold the tablet and use it yourself that way.

So for gaming, though it does surprisingly well, the tablet has up to about 10 hours of mixed use battery life. I think that’s pretty fair, especially for the price point. I didn’t expect this to be like a monster, battery killer tablet or anything like that. So what you get out of here, though you get great functionality very easy to use, and the chrome os, like i said, is very intuitive. It feels just like using a google phone almost which makes sense, because chrome os is from google, so chrome built in you have the play store built in you can get your other games and apps so that’s, nice and it’s very familiar and it’s easy to use. It’S not like, let me go learn this whole new language for this operating system, at least if you’re coming over from android, but i think even for people who are not android users, it’s pretty easy to figure out now other things to talk about with this tablet. It has stereo speakers, which are nice they’re up top right here, one here one here, the sound, jeg tror, is pretty decent on here, especially for the price point. I you don’t get bose surround sound, but it does sound perfectly good. You can watch videos with it. You can play games all that good stuff. It has an 8 megapixel camera on the back and a 2 megapixel camera on the front. But this is not something you’re going to want to take a bunch of pictures with and share with on social media.

You can do it and i think that this will work fine for school, especially for kids or teenagers or people who need to take pictures of their projects, og den slags. This is not something you’re going to be winning national geographic awards with but it’s there. The only thing that kind of annoys me about it, selvom, is when you are holding the tablet in portrait mode. The camera is up here, that’s fine, i don’t have a problem with the camera being up there, except for the buttons are down on the bottom. Så, whenever you’re trying to play like mario kart and it’s a vertical game like that you’re constantly hitting the volume or the power button when you want to take pictures kind of gets in the way when you’re holding the tablet up. So i don’t really know why they came up with that design, but they did so yeah as far as biometrics go. It doesn’t have facial recognition or a fingerprint sensor. It just has the normal old school stuff you put in a password or you do a pen which is very much like using a normal computer. I think that’s, pretty on par with the rest of the chromebooks, at least in this price range on the back. It’S got a two tone design and actually feels like metal here, and it has more of a smoother velvety texture here, and i like the way that it looks. I think that it looks sharp it’s got the little lenovo branding down here on the bottom and the form factor on it is actually pretty nice and sleek and rounded.

It feels very much like a tablet. The chrome os has two different modes on it, so you have normal mode where it looks like a tablet and then, whenever you attach the keyboard here, we go turns it into desktop mode, so you can use it that way. The folio style keyboard is nice because, when you put it down, it turns the screen on when you close it. It turns the screen off that’s a nice feature very common with tablets and such especially with the official accessories that go with it and it’s nice because it saves battery. And then you also have the back here and the back is very nice because one it helps protect it. It looks cool. It reminds me a lot of like the google fabric cases, hvilket er rart. It works out well connects on there magnetically, but also you have a stand here. So the stand can be used very much like your microsoft surface. Pro it bends out. It holds position, so you can tilt it set it up. Imidlertid, you want the only frustration i have there. You can’t really use it when it’s in your lap and that’s, because it has this floppy hinge right here for the keyboard, so this right here keeps it from being able to stay upright without you having to like prop it up on your knees or your thighs Or whatever, when you’re in bed it just doesn’t work out that well not really for use on the couch or when you’re in bed you’re going to need, like a traditional laptop for something like that, so very easy to put this back on and stays on there.

So pretty cool now other things that are nice about this chromebook. It has mouse and stylus support. Now you have to use a usi stylus and lenovo sells one it’s about 30 bukke. I don’t have one they didn’t, send it to me and they also sell a wireless mouse that uses a usb dongle that plugs into the usb c port. It does charge with usb c. It will work with a wired mouse which is actually really nice. I tested it out myself if you have one of these usb type, a to usb type c connectors. All you have to do is plug it into the side over here and then you can plug your regular mouse in and it’ll work. I tried it with the wireless one that didn’t work, but the regular wired one will. So you can use the usi type stylus. You can get the one from lenovo fairly inexpensive, that’s nice you’ve got stylus support. You get the keyboard that comes with it. You don’t have to pay for it. The keyboard is actually really nice very good to type on, and then you can also plug in the mouse or get the wireless mouse. If you get the one that they have with the little usb dongle, so it makes it where you can effectively be a real laptop replacement, Det er, not something you can typically say about these lower priced tablets and chromebooks like yes, you can use a chromebook it’s designed To be a really cheap, throwdown laptop, but if you get like the 100 150 Dem, they’re, really not all that impressive.

This one right here, especially if you pick it up for 249 or less even at 279 dollars. I have been really really impressed with this. I’Ve been using, it i’ve been using it a lot more than i expected to like. Like i said i, i had low expectations going into it, it pretty much shattered all of them, and then this turned out to be a really enjoyable experience, and this has nothing to do with lenovo and the reason i’m saying this is not because i want to Downplay or talk badly about chromebooks it’s, just that’s, my personal experience and i’m sure some other people, other parents out there watching this have used those hundred dollar chromebooks and be like this isn’t doing it for me, but this one really looked appealing. I heard really good things about it, so i wanted to try it personally. It’S been a game changer. For mig, this right here has had me looking at other chromebooks one that’s. You know normal laptops with like an i5 in it that i could use, but this one this one perfectly fine in the power department perfectly fine in the productivity department, you can download microsoft office off the google play store. You can sync it with your account. So if you’ve already got it on another laptop or computer somewhere, this is great because it allows you to do entertainment things. You can watch videos, you can play some games, actually some pretty decent games.

I find you can use it for kids, det er, very versatile for children and it’s nice as a throwaway. You can just toss it in your bag and use it whenever you travel. This is very easy to pull out somewhere go to the coffee shop. Do some work? Do your twitter, i find that i like to use it for twitter a lot and it’s nice, because instead of sitting there and hand jamming everything on my phone, i just take this to the kitchen table or take it to my office or i take it to The living room and put it next to my couch while i’m doing stuff and it’s really convenient so battery life, jeg tror, is good power. Jeg tror, is very good. The screen size that’s, the only other thing that i, that kind of i wish were a little bit better. The 1080p resolution looks fine, but when you’re trying to use it as like a laptop, it seems kind of compressed because of the 10.1 tommer skærm. If it had a slightly larger screen, that would be better, but then you would lose out on the portability factor a little bit so and that’s, not a ding that’s, just personal preference. I normally use a 34 inch ultra widei probably in the minority here so that’s, just my own personal sentiment, but i’ve been really really impressed with this it’s been really exciting and fun to use and it’s nice.

That look i’m just saying i was a chromebook snob. I really was, and i hate to say that, because all technology deserves a chance, but normally i use pc stuff like i’m, still not going down the linux road. Jeg er ked af det.. Sorry guys! If i offended you i’m sorry, but when it comes to pcs, i prefer pc and then i’ve also got a mac. Now that i do all my video editing onand i never imagined that i would find use for me personally in a chromebookand this thingi’ve just been tickled with it, and especially for the price. You cannot go wrong with this at 250. 279 bukke. I mean if this were 350 bukke. I would still say that it’s good it’s it’s that good and it’s refreshing finding a product that i enjoy so much. So if my excitement about this is enough for a vote of confidence, then you can go ahead and take that this was sent out to me by lenovo as a review unit. This is not something i’m being compensated for i’m, not being paid they’re, not getting to see us before you are they just send it to me test it out, make a video. Let us know what you think yeah. I i think that this is solid. I would personally buy one of these. I would so that’s the biggest seal of approval that i can give it, and i think, if you want to pick one up, i don’t think that you’re going to complain about it or be unhappy.

I think you’ll probably enjoy the purchase so that’s all i’ve got on my review of the lenovo chromebook duet. I think i’ve covered about everything screen looks nice. Sound is good great functionality with the keyboard, the mouse and the stylus. Four gigs of ram is plenty for the price point you can play some games on it very versatile. I like the keyboard so that’s pretty much it in a nutshell, so that’s like the tldr version. If you want to watch that anyway, so that’s all i’ve got guys. If you have any questions or comments about the lenovo chromebook duet, then sound off in the comments section, i’ll get back with you.