If we talk about Huawei, most people know them as smartphone brand, for which they are well known. Their smartphone technology is crazy, but Huawei also has laptops and in 2020 Huawei started to introduce their laptop products in Indonesian market. The interesting thing is these Huawei laptops always have different things. Ok, i 2020 started to sell their laptops in Indonesian market. Der er 3 types of laptops already sold in Indonesia, the Huawei MateBook X, Pro Huawei MateBook D, 15 and MateBook D 14. All three are unique: the specifications might be ordinary. The Huawei MateBook X Pro uses Intel Core i7 10510U with 16 GB RAM 1 TB SSD, and it had discrete GPU NVIDIA GeForce MX250. At the time, Derefter, the screen is, men, 13.9quot, which is unusual. Hvorfor? 13.9Quot? Because the resolution is 3000 x, 2000 pixel med 32 Forhold, while all other brands only at the end of 2020 or early 2021 started to use the 32 ratio again, while Huawei has been using that for a while, Then there is Huawei MateBook D 15, which uses Amd Ryzen, 5, 3500U 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD Integrated GPU using Radeon Vega, 8 Grafik, with Full HD 1920 x, 1080 Pixel 15.6quot screen big screen, combined with rather fast processor, with price around IDR 8 millions. Again this is unique. Then there is Huawei MateBook D 14, which uses AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor with 8 GB RAM 512 GB SSD with Integrated GPU, Radeon, Vega, 10, Graphics and 14quot screen Full HD, 1920 x, 1080 Pixel.

This is the first one we tested and we found that it is very unique because its performance, its performance, can even compete with laptops that use Ryzen 7 4000 class series.. This is very interesting, Så, even though the similar hardware specifications can be found in other laptops, the Huawei laptop has several advantages and uniqueness, which always makes it different. Some of it are like, for eksempel, laptop Huawei seems to be made to meet processor maker expectations. One of that can be seen in Huawei laptop with AMD Ryzen processor according to AMD. One of the best examples of AMD Ryzen laptop at the time was those made by Huawei. Huawei makes sure that AMD Ryzen processor capabilities can optimized to its full capabilities like in optimizing Dual Channel RAM and the laptop also uses SSD storage, making it very responsive. But we don’t know what kind of customization is done by Huawei. That makes laptop with Ryzen 3000 series can give such a remarkable performance. Even the series that uses 8 GB RAM can be used to play games comfortably. We could not find this in other laptops that use AMD Ryzen 3000 Serie. This is very interesting. Huawei laptop with AMD Ryzen is also offered with design and appearance that is like premium laptop, regardless of its lower price. The appearance is premium, then this is the important one, the quotHuawei Sharequot. This feature is already available on all Huawei laptops in Indonesia. This feature enables Huawei laptop to connect directly to Huawei smartphone, to connect Huawei smartphone to laptop simply activate the NFC to do the pairing process once connected, which is basically only by putting on laptop once connected the smartphone display, appears on the laptop screen.

What can you do once connected? We can control smartphone from laptop, we can run smartphone apps on laptop and gaming can also run smooth without lagging This. We did not find in other laptops, not even in 30 millions priced ones. This is very smooth, even the Huawei 8 million series can do that. Huawei Share also enables us to receive and to telephone calls open and edit files on smartphone without needing to copy the files to the PC or laptop first transferring files from smartphone to PC, and vice versa can be done simply by drag and drop. We can copy writings from Note on smartphone to laptop using copy paste it’s that simple and what needs to be remembered that all of this runs smooth without feeling any lagging. We haven’t found others that are as smooth and comfortable as Huawei Share. Then there is innovative recessed camera, so webcam in Huawei laptops has a unique position that we have not found. Godt, not exactly like this. In other laptops that we have reviewed, the webcam module is positioned integrated with the keyboard buttons with hidden position between F6 and F7 button, when not used, the webcam will be hidden inside the laptop and appears as normal button. Denne, Selvfølgelig, makes the user safer from the risk of being spied upon, like when someone tries to hack and use the camera so it’s safe, because if you are not using the camera, you just need to close it to make it appear.

You just need to press the camera button. The camera will appear from within the body. Then there is fingerprint sensor on the power button. This Huawei laptop is equipped with biometric security with fingerprint identification. Ok many have this kind of feature but different than the other laptops. The fingerprint sensor is integrated with power button. Usually this is only found in higher class laptops, while in Huawei all laptops come with. This feature positioned, like this, makes the laptop automatically read the user fingerprint when the user presses the power button and directly logs in into Windows. So users don’t need to do the fingerprint scan on Windows, login screen, det er, more practical and faster beside the three laptops that we mentioned earlier recently, Huawei Indonesia has released the latest variants of their laptops. The latest is Huawei MateBook D 14, but this one is powered with Intel processor, Huawei MateBook D series usually has an interesting selling price for the hardware specifications offered the design and appearance look like premium class laptop with metal body, even though the price is still lower. Not the very expensive The brief specs are the Huawei MateBook D 14 Intel uses Intel Core i5 10210U for the version offered in Indonesia. Dette er 4 kerner 8 threads processor, which is suitable for multitasking. Det har 8 GB RAM 512 GB SSD, quite big, with discrete graphics, using NVIDIA GeForce MX250, which is similar to MX 330, makes this laptop having capable performance even to run the latest games.

It also has accelerating capabilities that are ready to be used for content creation. Software such as Adobe Premiere, for eksempel, then the screen is 14quot Full HD. The body thickness is only 1.59 cm quite slim, and it only weighs 1.38 kg with battery capacity of 56. Wh that is claimed can last up to 13.2 hours playing 1080p video. The plan is for Huawei MateBook D 14 with Intel to be sold with interesting price at around IDR 11.499.000 and specially for those who do the purchase until 14th of February 2021 will get Huawei MatePad T8 for free a tablet that is priced at IDR 1.649.000. Hmm not bad right After the 14th of February, the MateBook D 14 with Intel buyers will get a Gift Box. They will no longer get the MatePad, but hey will get Gift Box as the Huawei MatePad replacement. This applies starting 15th of February 2021. Then there is Huawei BackPack and Huawei Mouse available.. So once you are buying fast, you will get everything complete and you get a tablet as a bonus. Besides the promo for the new Huawei MateBook D, 14 Intel Huawei, Indonesia also has several interesting promotions for purchasing other Huawei Laptops until 28th of February 2021 for the Huawei MateBook X, Pro that is sold for IDR 29.999.000. You will get purchase bonus, Huawei, MatePad, T10s, valued at IDR 2.599.000, and you also get Huawei Sleeve and Huawei Dock. While for Huawei MateBook D 14, that uses AMD that is sold at IDR 10.

499.000 will get the purchase bonus of Huawei, BackPack, Huawei, Mouse and also Gift Box, then for Huawei MateBook D 15 that uses AMD with 15.6quot screen that is sold at IDR 8.699.00. Godt, get the purchase bonus of Huawei, BackPack and Huawei Mouse. This purchase promo is interesting. Desuden, this coincided with the celebration of Chinese New Year, so it’s clear. Why are this Huawei laptops different? Because there is Huawei technology embedded into these laptops which were beyond our expectations? First time we tested these, so we are looking forward for Huawei MateBook D 14 Intel to arrive, so we can review it. You are also inpatient to see the review right. Ok, let’s wait for it for together and make sure you see the review. I am Dedy.