Dybest set, this is a review to see if it is still worth in 2021, which is now um. There are a lot of new models that have come out so with this tablet to talk about it briefly, it has a detachable keyboard, which is awesome and you can use it as a tablet as well at the same time. So if you want to use it as a tablet, you can basically log in and do the stuff and take it away, whereas if you want to use it as a laptop or a netbook, basically this thing clicks and there you go so it’s quite nicely done And then you can use it as a laptop. Imidlertid, you have to then put it on a stand which is inbuilt as well. There you go so that’s all about microsoft surface also. It has got a charging port on to the right hand side here and it has got a magnetic charging cable as well. So it comes from the round and then basically clips in there. There you go. It fits in and it will flash at the bottom with white light when it is charging. So that being done, let me type in my password quickly and i’ll be with you so that’s you in in the tablet now so, som du kan se, it’s doing a split it’s trying to update and and doing other stuffs. So with the surface tab. If you are not uh very familiar with it, it can be used as a tablet.

So if you want to use it as a tablet, if i was to press in there that’s the tablet mode being touch screen, it’s quite smooth, i would say for a tablet: i 2021, the function itself is quite smooth and also, if you don’t want to use It as a tablet, but as a computer you’ve, got an option here. If you press on it, it will take you to the desktop version and you can use the mouse pad at the bottom here to use your mouse basically and there you go there’s your desktop you’ve got recycle bin intel, explorer finder folder, whatever you call it. Uh microsoft, uh store uh, you put outlook, word excel powerpoint note, and then you have video settings as well. If you were to click on stuff like this here, it would basically open up those apps and you can go from there good thing about microsoft. Software rt tablets are basically you get those package of office for free and they are quite good as well. So if i was to test them quickly, i would say that from my experience using it for for a while now it is quite good if you are using it in the desktop mode and if your work only needs to be doing, microsoft word excel powerpoint or Not and and checking emails and browsing internet explorer, uh it’s still brilliant. So let me create a blank document here: yeah and when i’m, trying to type in let’s, say type it’s quite smooth and the typing experience is not bad and again you can do that and if i was to type different things and if i was to switch From one point to another, it’s quite fluid, to be honest, so microsoft word without any problem, works fine and that same with the excel and powerpoints as well.

So when you are using it on the desktop mode like this, i would say it is still worth and if your job only involves using these apps, i would say: go forward for it. Look at the functions. Det er, actually quite good so i’m quite impressed at how this stuff actually runs smoothly for these applications. Have sagt, at, nu, uh let’s not save it and it’s working as fast as my macbook pro at the moment. So i will not blame it for being old tablet. It’S still functioning still does the job, so there’s no issue at all opening internal explorer. Now some people have put it on their video saying that youtube doesn’t run on party tablets, blah blah blah. What is it actually does so just to avoid any copyright issues? Let me take you to my channel and again, while i’m doing that as well. If you have not already subscribed to my channel, please go on to my channel. If you type, i help it should bring up with my channel there, you go that apple logo, with a plaster with i help is my channel so make sure you click on that one and that’s my channel there and just to avoid any copyright strikes. Ja, i can now show my channel here and play a video to see how smooth it is and let’s test the video here. Let’S look at one of the video that’s been, i would say quite liked by people.

It is the one with airdrop issue that people normally come through and they’ve actually commented a lot on this video so i’m, very much comfortable on putting this video uh forward. This is the new version of airdrop issues which i’ve released three months ago, but people keep on looking at my old video uh. Imidlertid, because it has got so much views, it automatically comes up on source. So if i was to play it so, som du kan se, there is, i will say, slightly slow lag unloading, but it still works fine and, while it’s working as well as you can see, the sound quality is not bad on the tablet as well. The sound comes from the back and it it it feels very surround sound, so i’m, pretty much happy with the sound system as well. So when it comes to internal explorer and all the microsoft office apps, this tablet is still brilliant. You can probably find it under 50, quid or or slightly more if it depends on where you’re looking, but under 50 quid a tablet or a laptop combo to do this basic stuff. This is still good to go now. The problem starts when you are trying to update stuffs and trying to access the microsoft uh office. Microsoft store. So this is the microsoft store if it was to access it, it will sometimes let me in but most of the time it will just kick me out, but on the desktop version, sometimes it works fine.

So let us go down and type in an app let’s say: go for netflix. There you go netflix is there, you can go in there and basically install the app i’m, not blaming it solely on the tablet um at the moment, for for taking its time to install it. It might be the case that my internet is not that good as well, because my router is downstairs and i’m using another repeater in this room. So sometimes it might be that inter issue, men det er, not that fast, det er, okay and then this app is installed in this pc, so that’s that’s installed now so let’s go for amazon. Prime. Our prime videos let’s go prime, nothing for prime video, so let’s go prime. So there are other apps you can use uh as well, let’s go to top charts and see if we can download more apps uh top three apps let’s. Try that one, and as you can see there as well, this little trackpad here allows you to use it as a normal laptop and i’ve been using it for a while, and it works brilliantly. You’Ve got netflix now tv, adult photoshop express vlc, which i love as well, so let’s try installing vlc and whatever is in the windows store. This is the only thing you can download trying to download any third party app will is not possible on this tablet. So it’s going through it now and it’s now trying to install it, and hopefully it will install it in a while so that’s.

Have sagt, at, the desktop version is still fluid and i’m pretty much happy with how it works. The only thing i would say, i’m worried about is the tablet side. Imidlertid, on the tablet side as well, you’ve got plenty of stuff here. You can still use your mouse in here. Også, you can use a finger, because this is a touch screen to scroll down and do systems. You can go to store that’s. What it comes up with the app plc has been stored. You can also use trust functions to navigate around rather than just relying on the mouse, and there is antivirus in there. You can download them as well. If you want to let’s, go for avg or avast let’s go for avast, install it and now it’s installing the antivirus as well so brilliant. So i would say this. This tablet is still still fast enough and working fine. The only time you might have or struggle getting access to the store is because your tablet is not updated to the current software, and also this button here is the home button, which is disguised as the windows logo. If you were to go into your pc settings and go on to update and recovery, som du kan se, it’s done installing objects it’s been day three now for me trying to install updates, it’s very slow, and there was a lot of installation to happen as well. So i’ve done it in two chunks uh.

If i was to look at the update history, i’ve had to reset this tablet as well, because it was getting slow, so that’s that’s the update history, Uh, not showing you the moment but that’s, Fine. Oh there you go, it came out, come on then update history take go so that’s everything that’s been uh, updated or pending. So there were a lot of things that failed to install in the past. Imidlertid, there was some other stuff that was successfully installed, failed to install successfully installed, and then there are a lot of things today that are pending restart from installation. Så, i bund og grund, once i restart the computer, all of these updates will be uploaded, and this was one of the main reason that my microsoft office was lagging slightly, but mainly i couldn’t access this tool, but now because of some of the updates it’s letting me go in Nowand i can upload, update and download some softwares as well as you can see, that’s the main screen. But if you were to click on that one, it will show you three different apps as well clicking on the app and then pinning it to the start. Will bring it to the start menu, which is this one here and if i was to go down there netflix is there now and same again if i was to go down on the softwares and click on our fast and pin it to start there, you go Avast is there and the last one that we downloaded is vlc.

If i was to hold on that one pin to start there, you go vlc. Is there as well and to be honest, a tablet in 2021. Um of this speed is not bad for the price. It comes with. Naturligvis, there are limitations on what extra support on updating software you can get on this tablet, men for 2021 for a budget price under 50, pound or let’s, say depending on where you buy it on the hundred pound for a for a second hand model or for Brand new, you might have to pay extra, i would say this: does the job and it’s very portable, as you can see it, doesn’t weigh much. It fits in your laptop bag, taking probably one quarter of the laptop space, including the keyboard, and this keyboard is a decent size, Jeg er, 5, 8, og for mig, you have the keyboard. Spaces are not too small, that’s my mac apple keyboard and comparing the size it’s. I would say slightly small, but not that small again, obviously the keyboards are the same size. Naturligvis, the spacing between the keyboards are slightly narrow on this tablet, whereas on here there are some spaces. Imidlertid, i would still say that it’s still goodand still you can do your stuff in here and having said that, i would say that this works brilliantly. This is the tablet version of um internet explorer, rather than the desktop version and i’ve found that the dexter version is slightly faster than the tablet version.

Imidlertid, you can always type in here something you want to go and say just type in something like gold price. Today and it’s using bing search at the moment, and there you go gold price. If i was to then move on to the desktop version and open intel explorer let’s go on that one and if i was to type in dexter version, is slightly faster than the laptop version when you’re typing and stuff as well so that’s. My personal experience, you might have something else, uh interview as well. Please let me know down in the comment section if you have experienced anything different i’ve not gone through the bricking side or jailbreaking side of this tablet, because there’s still functions. It still does the basic stuff that i want you to do. It has the antivirus. It has got the office program which is for free, and it has got the microsoft store as well, which has got various apps as well, obviously not as many as in the android store. But it has still got tons of applications in there which you can still use, so i would still be happy to carry this laptop tablet. Around i’ve got a macbook pro which i carry around, which is slightly bulkier. Imidlertid, this being so portable and small for tiny jobs, like writing, an essay or doing some research on internal explorer or watching youtube videos or browsing netflix and stuff, i i’ll take this as a as my portable, portable uh device, so my phone being the first portable Device, this is my second portable device.

My laptop is my third portable device because of the sizes as well so that’s. The review guys it’s slightly longer and i’ve made a raw video um for this tutorial, video or whatever you want to call it i’ve, not edited. This one uh because of the length of the video as welland i wanted you to get some feel about the hands on experience on the tablet itself. In the past i’ve been told by a couple of you guys that obviously uh everything was shown very fast. Trying to squeeze everything within a certain time limit, so this time i have just elaborated everything in a real time, showing you the real time, delay or lag in using the tablet itself. Imidlertid, from me, if i was to read this tablet price wise 1 ud af 10, i would give it 10 ud af 10, because the price is very, Meget, very cheap for a tablet. Aka also laptop and obviously for charging i’ve got a macbook pro, and this is a magnetic charger as well. I would say this is slightly fiddly when it comes to charging it. So out of 10 Jeg vil, probably give it a 7. det er, ikke 10 ud af 10.. When it comes to the portability of this tablet again falls down, and that goes down and you can take it anywhere. The weight is not too heavy as well i’ll, be happy to carry it all day around in my back as well, so for portability again, i’ll give it 10 ud af 10.

for users um in the tablet mode. I would give it around 7 ud af 10, whereas in the desktop mode i would again give it. I would easily give it nine out of ten so that’s my review on a microsoft surface rt. This is the first model they brought out um and that’s. It guys, apart from one extra thing, i’ve forgotten to tell you today. So if you look around the tablet, you have got a little uh port, where you can put in a old samsung type accessory, and there is a actual size, usb port as well. På denne side, if you want to come on this side, there’s a volume buttonand there is a auxiliary cable button over therethe power button is on the top and that’s it guys uh. Faktisk, i forgot about the sd card slot as well. This sd card slot here, where you can put in sd card to expand the memory of this tablet so that’s the total review of this video. Undskyld, some of the things came at the end. Obviously i forgot about them, but if you have not subscribed to this channel yet please subscribe to the channel to get further updates on any tech items. I normally do apples androids headphones. Both um beats airports pros and i’ll.