I was invited to a technical alpha by the blizzard diablo immortal team, and i went in expecting to enjoy myself, but not to the capacity that i have been enjoying it. I want to go ahead and state that this first impressions, video, is for those who have never played a diablo game, as i myself have played diablo and diablo 3, but i’ve never played them as a hardcore player, mainly just to kind of dive in with friends And dive out it’s your boy, chaotic and today i’ll be giving my quick and simplistic first impressions of the upcoming mobile mmo action, rpg diablo immortal let’s get it poppin. The first thing i want to start off with is that people are going to be really impressed when they actually get their hands on this title as it’s a mobile title, that’s deeply focused on grinding co, op and action. Gameplay you’ll spend your first 7 til 10 hours playing through the story and getting a hang of the class that you selected as of the alpha. There are four available classes, but for launch there will be six. The available classes are barbarian, guiden, demon, hunter and monk, with the unavailable classes being crusader and necromancer. Each class has a set amount of skills that can be learned simply by leveling up your character up to level 45, which is the cap during the alpha. The launch cap, as of this video, was slated to be level 60, but who knows what could change by the launch of the game? As for activities, there are various things to do during the alpha open world grinding, as monsters are literally everywhere.

Dungeons such as elder riffs, which are randomized dungeons, traditional dungeons, are also in the game which have a tailor, made path with specific monsters and bosses to defeat and then there’s also forbidden layers, which are also randomized dungeons, but they appear randomly as you play the game. You’Ll also have bounties within the game, which are very quick to complete, where you’ll find a set of enemies or a boss that you have to defeat, and once you defeat them, you simply go and turn that bounty in and then you get another one and rinse And repeat now, as i mentioned earlier, this game, it does have co op and while i haven’t spent much time in co, op due to the nature of this alpha, it’s a really cool addition, as you’ll be able to pair with up to four friends and complete Various tasks together, diablo mortal doesn’t, seem to have any limitations to what you can do as a group, as the entire game was built with co op and that massively multiplayer feel in mind. You’Ll also have access to guilds and a friends list, so you can plan gaming sessions with various groups of people overall, Jeg er, truly enjoying diablo immortal and everything it has to offer for casual players. You’Ll be able to hop on complete some story, complete some side quests and get off right after you’ve received your fill for the day, but for the more hardcore players, you’ll have so much more to do every single day that you log in that will last you Hours upon hours until your battery dies, the developers have stated there will be seasons implemented into the game, and i did take notice that there was a battle pass which focuses on giving you more to grind.

Rather than giving you op items that make you stronger than the free players, so i have nothing bad to say about this game thus far. We still don’t have a release date or even a release window, but if this is what the alpha has to offer i’m sure, the future is bright for diablo immortal. If you enjoyed this super short and sweet first impressions of the game, please consider liking and commenting with your thoughts and opinions, while also subscribing to support the growth of this channel. We also have a discord that you all will be able to use for the launch of this game as a hub to meet new players and set up co op play sessions with each other. So please consider joining today have a wonderful day.