I really do like it, but i feel for those that are going to be using a laptop for work and business. This here is even better. This is the macbook 14 s, its got a lot of things on offer more so than this model, its got a 90 hertz ips screen, so it still has the 3×2 Størrelsesforhold, but its also a touch screen. Weve got thunderbolt 4 support with this and another type c port, Så 2 type cs in total, and we do have lp ddr4 x ram with this, which is extremely quick over 4.2 Gigahertz. The ram paired up with iris xc graphics does offer some really amazing performance for integrated graphics out of this model. Now it does offer pci 4 support with the 11th gen. This model that huawei sent out to me is powered by the core i7, den 1137 0h. Det har 16 gigabytes of ram and that ssd is one terabyte. The matebook 14s comes in a plain white box, som du kan se, thats it and we do get a type c to type c, cable of reasonable length and then our supercharger dependent on. Selvfølgelig. Your region, where youre buying this, if you buy from europe, youll, get an eu charger. This is the uk one, so its their supercharger 90 Watt, and it takes just under two hours to fully charge the laptop. We have that typical matebook finish, which is a brushed metal finish matte here, weve got the huawei logo and, Ja, it can be opened up.

One handed and were greeted with a nice keyboard here for a 14 inch laptop its not too bad. What theyve done with it? Now we do have the half sized arrow keys and you can see we are missing. Like the matebook 16, there is no page up or down button or no home button, and we do not have the pop up webcam right there thats, where it would be, but its of course, in the top bezel now with this particular model. So this is all metal palm rest. We have the evo sticker here with intel and the touch pad nice and large, Meget god, smooth finish to it. Its accurate finer movements ive had absolutely no problems with either the good thing about the keyboard too. Its got about 1.5 millimeters of travel, its very comfortable tactile, tastatur, nice feel to it and its not loud and pressing down. Here there really is no bounce, there is no flex to it at all and it is a backlit keyboard. So the keyboard is not particularly bright. That is the first level there, which looks rather dull, in fact its looking a lot duller on camera. Now me capturing it than what it is in person right here, and that is then the second level. Så, after a while, it will turn itself off automatically to save on our battery. Nu, like the mate 16, we do have a fingerprint reader in the power button there so thats a good x brand one.

It works really well. If you dont want to enter in passwords, you can use that and you do have the option to use the webcam as well for windows, Hej, face unlocking, which again does work. Nå nu, the thickness of this one, we are looking at approximately 15 millimeters and then just over 1.4 kilos of the weight of it. So that is very good and ill. Give you the total travel weight of this shortly. So we do have a rubber foot at the rear, slightly higher than the one at the front. This is the intake vent. There are two little fans in here that suck cold air in from here and then blow the hot, warm air out of the back and ill get onto the thermals and the fan noise and later on in this review. So two down with firing speakers, there are in fact four speakers in total, with this two subs two tweeters here is a sample of them at 100 volume it does sound very good for a small laptop on the right. Weve got a usb type, en port. This is usb 3.2 General, one specs. Så, as i mentioned before, the thickness here is about 15 Millimeter, so it is thin and then the top spec model that i have here, which is the core i7 one. With the space gray, one terabyte of storage and 16 gigabyte ram. We do have thunderbolt 4 med denne, so that can output 8k 30 30.

weve got another type c port. They can also output video. This is 4k 60 tested hdmi 2.1, with this so thats 4k 120 hertz that ive tested working fine with my lg cx and then a 3.5 millimeter hovedtelefonstik, with microphone support, very good quality out of this theres no static or interference, or any problems with it And then up the front a bit of a change here with a microphone so instead of just the two, we normally have like the mate book 16 and previous models, four microphones now and they are using some ai tech to improve the voice. Clarity. Now the laptop weighs 1.42 Kilo, men, with the cable and our power supply youre, then looking at a total travel weight of 1.66 Kilo, hvilket er fremragende, so it is lightweight and portable. Now we have a 14.2 inch fully laminated touchscreen here with the matebook14s. The resolution of it, som du kan se, bring this up: 25 20 ved 1680 right now, im running a scaling of 200, which is just recommended by windows, and so we can see things a little clearer now the touch response i find to be very, Meget god. The accuracy ive had no problems with it and the brightness does top out at over 380 net. So its a lot brighter than the matebook 16. color coverage here. Weve got 72 percent of p3 adobe, rgb is 72, ntsc is 67 and srgb is 94. So good brightness supports 10 touch points, and when i am tapping on the screen it does wobble a little bit, but that is normal, something we cannot avoid.

The hinge does feel good and it doesnt feel like its going to be loosening up anytime soon for me, so overall i rate this as a great screen. jeg, like the 3×2 Aspekt, ratio and the fact that does support touch. So the laptop is running the 11th gen. As i mentioned the core i7, it is the 11370h now this is a 35w part, but if you turn on the performance mode, it will then use up to 45 Watt, so that is function mp, its a balance mode and then onto the performance mode, and then The refresh rate, this is another important one, that you can change it over to 60 for power saving, which is by default, and then i will be running it. The entirety of this review in 90 Hertz – not that youre going to actually see that because i record, Selvfølgelig, i 30 billeder pr. sekund, Så 16 gigabytes of ram maximum. desværre, ingen 32 gigabyte ram, which would it would have been really good for this. Now the memory is definitely a huge positive here, its very very fast. Now the speed is not actually this 3.7 Gigahertz, its in fact, 4.2 Megahertz, so over 4.2 Gigahertz, its the low power ddr4x, so extremely quick ram here, and that really aids and benefits that iris xc graphics, which youll see later on. When i show you some synthetic benchmarks, so not too much of things to point out here of interest really, but we do have a one terabyte ssd now, oddly enough, the slot in here, according to hw info and the spec of this machine, it is a pcie 4.

0 spec slot, Okay, but ssd that they used in it isnt. We are only getting here, just your standard, mvme, Okay, so pci 3.0 spec speeds, so thats a bit disappointing and then a wireless card. This one is the intel wi fi, six ax 201, so thats paired up with bluetooth 5.1, its very, very quick, now transfers you can get out of this im getting with my wi fi 6 router, approximately 1.3 gigabit per second transfers, so its very, very quick. It can probably even do better with a slightly better wi fi six router, so its very, meget hurtig, no lan port on this. desværre, but i didnt really expect it with this ultrabook style of laptop cinebench r23 score here does show that it is for a quad core, its a fast machine, Okay, so this performance getting over six thousand six thousand five hundred forty three for our multi core score Over 1400 for a single core score there for an 8 core is very good. Nu. To put this into perspective, the matebook16 will be able to achieve 12. 000 points double the score, but it has, Selvfølgelig, double the cause and 16 Tråde. This has eight threads maximum turbo is 4.8 gigahertz og en 3.3 base clock, so more synthetic benchmarks here lets take a look at some of these are very, Meget god. Some big surprises when it came to well performance in general, just excellent, especially the ios graphics, but first geekbench here really good score single core score there getting close towards 1600 and multi core close to 6 000 for a quad core, Meget, meget god score.

But look at this. This is where i started to actually break some records here. Ive got the best score ever for this chipset with the iris xc graphics when it comes to fire strike now this is over 2 000 points more than the vega 8 grafik. You can find in the ryzen 7, 5 800 h, macbook 16, really impressive performance there with the graphics im blown away by the iris xc performance here paired up with that super quick ram, you really can see the difference and youre seeing gaming soon when i get On to that and night raid here, another really impressive score graphic score here. Se lige her 20 000. It is another record, its a record breaker, so that is great and then time spy still for integrated graphics. I mean this is a really good score. 16. Over 1600 points here for the graphic score, Selvfølgelig, as a dedicated gaming machine. If it was one, this would be a poor score, but for integrated graphics. This is the best i have seen. It is really quick, heres a sample from our front webcam, so yay it is in the top bezel its not located in the keyboard. Unlike the mate book x series and because i make book 16 that i just recently reviewed quality of the camera itself, Ikke godt. You can see it looks washed out a little bit grainy now it does have a 720p infrared camera too with it.

So that means that it works with windows, hello for face recognition for unlocking, which is another positive there, because its always on as soon as you lift it up. The lid is going to see you and unlock you dont need to pop up the camera. Now the microphone quality is good because of those four mics theyve done an excellent job with that sound quality overall. On this laptop, i really do like. I think it is excellent. I just wish they would start using 1080p improved cameras in their laptops and onto our video editing now so im using adobe premiere pro here. This is a 4k clip that i always test out and it is fast and fluid, but im only running a quarter. Playback here with the resolution so ill change that to full and youll see that it actually runs fine, it doesnt seem to drop any frames. It doesnt seem out of sync, but i have noticed that sometimes when you skip around a little bit on the timeline, you may see sometimes a little bit of lag and that is typical, thats normal there really, when you have a dedicated gpu its just so much Better and faster, men, the iris, xc graphics is really good. As i have shown you its quite potent so export times ill test that out now well see how long it will take to export one minute of footage at the youtube preset, and it is about to finish up.

This is super fast look at that about. du. Could say 35 seconds for one minute of 4k footage to be encoded in the youtube preset, and can it gain this laptop here, so the macbook 14s, with the iris xc graphics, and that super fast ram actually does really well. So this title here is cyberpunk 2077 low settings, low textures 1600 ved 1900 opløsning, and i am really impressed by this performance its getting always over 30 billeder pr. sekund. Dette er et krævende spil. Its got a lot going on even on the low settings. Now this was the old gen intel graphics. We would only be getting about 16 frames per second on average or 18, Ikke godt, not playable, but for this one to be over 30. I am super impressed. So the iris xc is a huge steer pop and its doing a little bit better here than even the vega 8 graphics weve, seen in the ryzen. 7. 5. 800 h, gta 5. Now so this is 1080p, but because of the 3×2 aspect ratio screen, it looks all crushed in it. Doesnt have the borders top and bottom. So i set this to the normal settings and in the middle for the pedestrian variety, the view distance and those other settings. So exactly the same as what i had for the matebook 16, but its performing a little bit better now that matebook was probably getting around on average about seven or eight frames per second, less, even ten.

So if you do intend to play older titles and light games like this on the side, i would go for this modelthe macbook 14 s over the matebook 16, even though it does have that super powerful ryzen 7. Det 5800 h so really good. For these kind of older titles and games, you better get this kind of performance without even having, Selvfølgelig, a dedicated gpu. But what about an older, lighter title counter strike lets see how that one runs on the iris, xe-grafik. Her, as expected, the game is running really well were at 90 frames per second and im just up against some bots here. So i could turn on the v sync and keep it at 90 frames per second matching. Det 90 hertz refresh rate with the screen. So older titles like this very, very playable and, Selvfølgelig, im able to get kills here because im just up against some easy bots and not human players, so really smooth great for these older titles. Now that was just a sample of the fan noise, so it gets a little loud when you are gaming and coding, video or running cine bench now, termikken, it did end up peaking at 94 grader celsius. Now what i did notice, selvom, that when the fans ramp up that, when youre putting it under continual load like cinebench or gaming, the thermals are pretty good. The temperatures do drop right down and it does maintain it just spikes to 94 or the early 90s triggering thermal throttling for just a few seconds.

Until that fan curve and the fam rpms creep up, and then it takes over and its fine. So i think they need to adjust a little bit. The fan curves to be maybe a bit more aggressive on the higher end temperatures, so it kicks in a little sooner then this would not happen at all, but the sustained performance is what is important. Then it is not throttling, Men, Ja, it did trigger it and it does get hot. These are hot chips and even the five ryzen eight hundred h and the matebook 16 does to get quite hot into the 90s, and this laptop does support huaweis share and the multi screen collaboration that you can do so. You can share the screen and have it mirrored as a secondary, monitor on the mate pad pro right here, for eksempel, and then youve got huawei share 2, which you can easily connect up the two devices and swap over files. So its rather handy, if you happen to have other huawei tech, like phones or tablets, now i do get linux working on it, but unfortunately the touchpad doesnt work. The touchscreen does not either so there are going to be some driver issues to work through if youre going to be running linux on this laptop now battery life. På dette, with the brightness set to 30 percent at the 60 hertz mode, ikke den 90 hertz and in balanced, i can get around over seven hours.

So the battery life is good, its not amazing, but its good. Nu, if you use 90 hertz and youre doing something a little bit more demanding than what what i was doing was just light work on it, then it really comes down to about five and a half hours, so it takes a bit of a toll. Selvfølgelig, the high refresh rate on our battery lifeso this laptop, jeg tror, is absolutely fantastic. This is one of the best i think work and business laptops that ive come across now, its not cheap. I see that this configuration in europe is going to be selling. This is the top spec, kernen i7, with the one terabyte drive for about 1400 Euro, so it is pricey, but youve got thunderbolt 4 Pcie 4.0 Støtte. But the odd thing is the ssd included. Is a pci3 one, it doesnt seem to support psi4 speeds. I could never achieve them, so youd have to swap it out and put say something like a samsung 980 pro in here to get the proper speeds, then weve got the touchscreen, den 90 Hertz. The super fast ram, sadly its only up to 16 gigabytes of that lp ddr4 x ram, but it runs at over 4.2 Gigahertz. That means that, as i showed you, iris xc performance in this is fantastic its the best i have seen ever on integrated graphics. I ended up getting what were basically records that i set world records for the integrated graphics performance for iris xc, with this chipset on 3d mark its the highest scores ever that ive actually seen in the highest reported its a pretty amazing performance there.

That means even a game like cyberpunk 2077 was playable achieving over 30 frames per second average on low settings, but not the lowest resolution. So in all up its got, i think almost the complete package here, the webcam great, to see it up the top. Unlike this model, here of course, which is that pop up one that looks up your nose and your neck, but its only 720p and the quality not that great, i really wish theyd improve upon that quality. Great speakers excellent, byggekvalitet, excellent keyboard touchpad. It really is the absolute best that ive come across, i think for a work orientated business laptop. So thank you so much for watching my review here of the mate book. 14 s do check out my review of this one, which is the macbook 16., its a cheaper model about 200 euros cheaper for the ryzen 7. Det 5800 h model, eight core 16 thread much more powerful cpu, but not the vega 8.