They are reviewing a new laptop. This is a HP Envy, 11th generation Music. Dette er en 15.6 inch laptop Music. The body is made of aluminum at the back. You have the vent and the Envy logo written here, foreign USB port and a type c port on the other side of the laptop you have the SD card slot, a USB port and the charging port under the laptop. If you look closely, you can see the model number and the serial number Music over here, its written HP, Envy X360 convertible 15 m ed1023dx thats the model on that laptop. You can see the event and the speaker. This is also a three system, convertible laptop. You can use it as a tablet. Music lets turn on the laptop. This laptop comes with the fingerprint on the keyboard, also the four buttons on the keyboard sound system division we are reviewing today is equal. jeg 7 11 generation. It comes with the keyboard light Music. When I place your finger on the fingerprint scanner for it to scan Music, it also has a privacy button right here. When you press it, the camera comes invisible Music. Let me open the camera. The camera is open. When I press the button you cant disable D, when I press it again, the camera starts with me lets check out the specs and task manager, its a full HD display. This piece is running Windows: 11., where you can see the processor Intel for S7 11th generation.

It has four chords and eight processes, clearly 12 gig ram, and it comes with a 512 gig SSD Music. It has a shared GPU of 6 gig lets check out the system properties why? I can see the model Joseph has. A very nice speaker lets check how long it takes to restart foreign Music, Music foreign. This laptop takes 20 seconds to fully restart thats very fast and impressive. This because it comes with a very fast processor, from turquoise7 Music, fremmed, Musik, fremmed, Musik, Musik, foreign foreign, is very fast. I mean very, meget hurtig. Music lets try a wrong finger.