So this is very easy to do, but the first thing you need to do is get the google play store, mine’s right there, so you do need to get google play store on here. You guys don’t know how to do it. Just do a quick, google search on how to do it takes about five minutes. Let’S check out my channel. I have a video on how to do it as well so that’s. The first thing you need to do, and once you have that installed again, that takes about five minutes. That’S gon na take the most here under there just type in launcher, and it brings up a whole bunch of different launchers. The one i’m using is not the prime, the nova launcher right there so install that baby. When you do you’ll get a little icon down here for nova launcher just hit that guy and like magic. You now have a normal looking android launcher so what’s cool about this too, is you can add in widgets, so you push and hold off to the side you get widgets here you get different wallpapers, which you can do, Selvfølgelig, with the normal launcher as well. That’S also, what you’re setting so this is like a normal looking android home screen. Okay, so you can install different widgets depending on what apps you have installed on here so and this big clock widget i have which is so much better than the tiny little clock you get.

Otherwise i have the google widget what’s the weather today, which is actually pretty funny because amazon uses bing. It actually goes to bing. Instead of google, you know it’s the google one there uh i put on amazon music, just to show that i don’t actually use amazon music, but it is on here then. This is for your documents, uh the standard document that comes on the fire devices, so it opens up, opens up a new document for you and then down here. So you can change the way this works, so you can either have these down here or you can do where you swipe up like you would do on like ios or something. Then it also gives you this. So you hit that, and that gives you all of your apps and then, of course you can add apps to your home screen and we’re down to your main bar down there, so it’s very cool, then two you can do where you have different or multiple apps Into one file system right like that, and in order to do that, just kind of drag and drop and i’ll do it so the one downfall of doing it. This way is that say you open up something: let’s go to actual youtube, not youtube studio. He said we open up something here. If you guys were to just push home to go like you, normally would do, it’ll actually bring it back to your standard launcher so way around.

Det er så. You got you’re in the youtube that you don’t want to be on youtube anymore. You hit the square to open up all your open apps and then you swipe away from youtube or you can leave it open. If you want to leave it open. Uh then hit nova launcher again sort of do that, one more time, that’s the one downfall this there is a way around. Oh this see that one uh, so again, you just open hit the square and you can open up nova launcher again. The way around this is you can do a more complicated way uh, if you guys want to do a more complicated way, just google it. But basically you have to use your computer and you have to hook up your fire tablet to your computer and you have to download a apk file and transfer it over to this guy and then that way it would stay this way um. But i think this is just cool just if you want to be using standard, android, looking home screen here or if you want to use the fire one. You know you can kind of switch back and forth between the two. Just just got ta make sure that you hit that square there to go back to the main home stream, because that it will bring you to your your uh, normal fire home screen so yeah. So that is how you do that. I think that is really really cool and again you can use other launchers on here as well.

Just make sure you do download the google google play store. Ellers, if you’re using the amazon app store, you don’t really get anything. Other ones are on. There look kind of sketchy to me yeah there we go all right guys. Thank you all very much for watching happy holidays.