If youve been around for a while, then you might already know this, but there are also a lot of VR games not listed on the official Quest store. To play those you have to Sideload these games via SideQuest., Except for SideQuest, you do need a PC. So what about people without a PC? Today I have a solution. Welcome to VR Tech, Tips., Im Cas, and today I will tell you how to sideload these games without a PC.. If you do have a PC check out our PC sideloading guide, which is linked below. Over there, you can also find the timestamps as always love you guys. And all links. I mention in this guide will also be down. Der. So were going to get started soon, but first, if you like to learn more about VR, get tips on things you may not even know of or just want to stay up to date then consider subscribing as thats a big support. And now join me beyond Reality., Ok, what you will need to follow this guide is An Android phone or tablet.. Ja, Im! Undskyld, this wont work on iOS devices.. You will need the free, app Bugjeager, Your Quest 2, Selvfølgelig, And lastly, a USB cable that can go in your Quest and phone.. But Im going to explain all this in this guide. So lets move on to step 1. Step 1, Activate Developer Mode On Your Phone, Ok, so Im using the Samsung S10.

. If you are using a different phone, then your settings layout may look a little bit different, but this step should be universal on all Android phone.. So first go to Settings. Gt scroll down to About Phone gt, go to Software Information gt, then tap Build Number 7 times.. A pop up will count down for you., Now go back to the Settings and find Developer, Options. Scroll down here and make sure to turn on USB debugging.. If you are on a Huawei phone, you might want to turn on USB tethering before enabling USB debugging. Im on a Samsung. So lets move on to the next step. Step. 2, Enable Developer Mode On Your Quest On your phone, open, a browser and go to httpsdeveloper.oculus.commanageorganizationscreate. Sign in with the same Oculus or Facebook account you use with your Quest., You should then be redirected. Back to the page, we tried to open before. If it didnt just open the link. En gang til. Create an organization here. This can be any name. You want., If you have done this already before you dontneed to do this again by the way. Her. You may get asked to fill out your credit card or phone number to verify your Oculus developer account.. This is extra security added by Oculus.. You wont be asked about this if you already filled it out.. This is the case if you, for eksempel, have bought an Oculus game before. Under alle omstændigheder, read and agree to the developer agreement.

. Nu, if you open this sidebar at the bottom left., You should be able to see your organization in cthis drop down menu.. This means we can now enable dev mode on your Quest., So grab your device where you have the Oculus app installed and connected with your Quest.. This doesnt have to be the same phone or device as were using for sideloading., But coincidentally, my phone is the same. So let me open up the Oculus app.. Then you can enable Developer Mode by going to the Settings connect to your Quest 2. If you havent yet., Then open up the menu go to More Settings Developer Mode and make sure this toggle is on.. Step 3. Download, Bugjeager, Ok, were already almost done. I told you. This was quick So on your phone, go to the Play, Store and search for Bugjeager and make sure to download and install it. So launch Bugjeager now and youll get an agreement. Just click accept.. With this app, you can sideload apps on your Quest by connecting your Quest directly to your phone., Its pretty cool., But be careful about accidentally clicking any of these commands, as they could mess up your phone.. So if you dont know what adb means or what these commands do, just dont touch it., But you should be fine if you are only using it for Quest sideloading.. So my phone has a USB C slot, as well as the Quest has a USB C slot.

Så, Im using a USB C to USB C cable.. This is actually the cable that came in the box with the Quest 2.. Just make sure that your cable is able to do some data transfer and that its not just a cable for charging, because that wont work To start plug the cable in your phone and then also in your Quest.. Your phone will ask if you want to Allow Bugjeager to access Quest 2., Just click, Ok, here., Open Bugjeager to handle Quest 2. Også, Ok, here.! Now in the app at the top. You can see that its connected, but you need to allow USB debugging in your Quest 2., So put on your Quest and use your controller. bump ouch P. Now you will see a popup that says, Allow usb debugging., You can click on Allow here, and you can check mark Always allow from this computer so that it wont send you this message for your phone again.. You might get another pop up, but then just allow that as well. Now in Bugjeager and on the Packages tab gt, a list of your installed Quest games should show up.. You can refresh this list by sliding it down. Nu. If the list shows up you know you connected it correctly and youre now ready to install APKs Step 4. Example: APK Install Ill show you how to do this with an example.. If you open your browser and navigate to httpsitch.iogamestag oculus quest, you can find VR games that are not listed on the Oculus Quest because either they were not accepted or something else.

. Most of these are also on SideQuest.. Please be careful about downloading APKs on random sites.. You might get viruses so dont, just download anything that you can find on. Google, especially if you dont know the creator.. I also do not condone pirating games as it takes a ton of work for developers to make these games, and I think we should support them. A little., But some games are provided for free by the developers on itch.io., For eksempel, Harvest VR.. If you tap on it, you can find the download now button. Click on that. Now Itch.io will ask. If you want to support the developer by donating money., You can do that, but you can also click on. Nej tak. Just take me to the downloads. On this page. You can download the APK file on your phone.. Just click download and download again. Now go back to Bugjeager click. This button at the top right. Make sure to select Apk file. Click ok. Allow Bugjeager to access. Your files. Then find the APK mine is in the Downloads, folder. Ill, just tap it and it will start installing the APK and let you know once its done., You can now remove the cable on your Quest and on your phone to be completely wireless.. I do have a cable right ehre, because Im using the Elite strap battery pack., But now you can put on your Quest.. Then you can find Harvest VR by going to your Apps Library, Derefter, at this drop down, menu, scroll down.

Go to Unknown Sources, and here you have it Harvest, VR. And thats all to it.. I hope it was helpful. I also have a really cool video coming up where this guide will be super handy in the upcoming days., So stay tuned and look out for this. Video soon. Ill put a link below once its out. And if you got any questions at all about this guide, sideloading or VR in general. Drop them in the comments below Ill try to answer as many as I can. Thanks for being here, I appreciate you so Much amp, if you like what we do, you can support us for free by leaving a like and just watching more. A special thanks go to all our Champions, especially these Patrons down below.