Faktisk, we will take a look at both generations of gbd pocket. The gpd pocket, like the name suggests, is a pocket sized laptop or um pc. It features an x86 intel. Cpu runs windows, har en 7 inch touchscreen and a somewhat normal keyboard. So now lets start with a little unboxing. I have owned the first generation gpd pocket since about 2018 and the second generation for like half a year now. So i had enough time to compare them and tell you what i think about both both pockets come with a letter case to protect the devices. For eksempel, when they are thrown into a backpack the boxes, they come in also feel quite nice, but the first generation box feels a bit higher quality. The rest is very similar both come in thin plastic bags and have a cloth sheet to protect the screen Music. They also come with the same power brick, which can deliver up to 2 amps and 12 volts lets compare the actual hardware. The pocket 2 is a bit thinner, but actually feels and looks way thinner, since it has a curved bottom case, like a macbook air. På denne side, both pockets have a usb 3.0 Type, a port and a 3.5 millimeter hovedtelefonstik. The first generation pocket has a micro hdmi for video out and a usbc for data charging, and also video up. The pocket. 2 also features a type c port for data charging and video out, but its on the other side.

It even has a charging led, which is super handy on that side. There is also another usb type, en port, but strangely this one is upside down when compared to the other side, the pocket one has nothing on its other side, but the most important change between the pocket. One and two for me is the microsd card slot. With this i could double the storage triple or even quadruple it, which is what i plan on doing its amazing on the inside. The pocket 2 features a 7 tommer, 1920×1200 ips touchscreen. The hinge on the pocket 2 goes back a bit further, which i like for thumb typing, speaking of which, personligt, the keyboard is the perfect size for my hands. I used it on many occasions and it worked really well for its small size. The only gripe i had is that the first generation pocket has shift keys on both sides, whereas the pocket 2 does not. This is a bit annoying for thumb typing, so i remapped the question mark button as a shift button as a mouse replacement. Alongside the touch screen, the original pocket has a thin pad style knob, which works really well, if you have one hand free, but not, while both hands hold a device like, for eksempel, when thumb typing the placement of the mouse buttons and the split spacebar is also A bit problematic on the pocket 2. There is a capacitive pad like on the old blackberries at first.

I did not like this at all. This was even the reason i purchased the pocket 1 when the 2nd generation was already out, but i have to say now owning it. I think its better than the knob more precise and easier to use, also perfect for handheld use. Also perfect for handheld use is the mouse buttons on the left side of the device now lets power them on and take a look at boot times. The pocket 2s lcd lit up first now the first generation pocket followed. The gpd logo also seems to have changed between the generations. The light bleed of the pocket 2 does not really happen in person, its probably because of the camera angle in person, both screens look about the same, i would even say they look like the same panel. Wow and after only 25 sekunder, the pocket 2 is booted up Music. The pocket one took about a minute to start for our next test. We can take a look at the performance of opening and playing back a youtube video. The loading of the youtube page was okay on the pocket, one not super fast, but definitely bearable. Lader. Look at this video. It seems like a cool topic. The loading of the video was actually quite slow. Lets crank it up to 1080p and look at the resource utilization Music about 40 cpu usage now lets look at the full screen mode wow that was unbelievably slow. The gpu also seems to be more utilized now now to the pocket too.

The search page is loading way. Faster lets also turn it up to 1080p and make the video full screen Music. As we can see, the cpu and gpu usage are well below 10 impressive for such a small device. Next lets try some real performance benchmarks with cinebench r23. We can see four squares on both screens here since the pocket. One has a quad core cpu without hyper threading, while the pocket 2 has two cores with hyper threading. The original gpd pocket used here has a x7 z8750 intel atom cpu, while the pocket 2 uses an intel core. M3 8100 Y, both feature 8 gigabyte ram og 128 gigabyte lagerplads. The pocket 2 cpu features two low power cable lake cores, whereas the pocket one only features atom cores which are way slower. I wanted to make a timer for this, but both devices took so long that my recording already stopped when they finished both took over 10 minutter, but the pocket one took way longer for single core performance. The pocket one took over an hour at the end. It achieved 171 points in single core and 720 in multi core. The pocket. 2 came in at 1163 Point, multi core and 653 single core using crystaldisc mark. I wanted to test the speed of the internal flash storage of the two pockets. Both of these devices use slow, emc storage, but the pocket 2 uses a faster type lets see if this translates to better benchmark results, wow so yeah.

The pocket 2 is a good bit faster, but still actually only about as fast as a good usb 3 stick. But in day to day usage disk access on the pocket, 2 feels ok on the first generation pocket. There are often very long loading times. Next i wanted to try gta san andreas, which is one of my favorite games for some reason under pocket 1. My version of gta wouldnt start while capturing, so you just have to believe the screenshots here. The fps was between 13 og 22, with some stutters lets see how it runs under pocket 2.. I used the same settings for this. I put everything on max except anti aliasing. Okay lets go. This is actually the same. Gta instance i used in the apple tv, egpu, video and the one i used for the development of gta mods back in the day. Damn this game just brings back memories, so we are running at 25 fps, which is the fps. This version is locked to, but there are areas where we drop down to 20.. I always love the rideable train in gta san andreas, its sad that you have to install a mod to do the same on gta 5., so yeah gta works well on the pocket too. The next game i tried is one of my childhood favorites, a world of warcraft clone from 2008.. I played this game so much back in the day with my friends, it was crazy since then, occasionally i look into the community and play on a private server.

This one is called four nova, so lets try. If this game can run on a pocketable device, the settings were maxed when i tried it on the first generation pocket since its not really that demanding today, oof it might be playable, but barely stutters and fps under 20. Most of the time are not really that great for an mmo after playing a bit. I noticed that the gpu might not even be the bottleneck here, since changing the settings to low only helped a little bit with performance so now to the pocket too. I used the same settings of course right out of the gate. The fps is way higher, mostly in the 40s, no tearing and way more playable. This is something i could actually enjoy and i did after recording that footage. I played four story on the pocket. 2. Many times, but now to the real question: can it run crysis? I used the demo version from 2007 for the tests, as i dont own, a retail copy of the game so for the original gpd pocket. The answer is yes, but it aint fun with frame rates under 20 and massive stutters. I wouldnt want to play crisis like this. You could say it was a crisis Music. So lets look at the pocket 2.. This was actually playable with frame rates over 30. I could actually enjoy this. Til at indgå, i love both devices. I watched ads for the sony, vaio p as a kid and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I even bought an acer aspire 1 netbook at some point because of my love for small pcs. So when gpd announced the first pocket, i knew i had to get one. I will probably install linux on the first generation pocket since it often feels too slow on windows, but a pocket 2 is a great little machine, especially for late 90s and early 2000s retro gaming in a portable device. Let me know what you would do with a gpd pocket or, if you even own one, if you liked this video, i would really appreciate a thumbs up.