For my travels, it’s really nice, i can seeand well after a few months later down the road they released, the iplane 30, which i have yet to play with and before i could even play the ip30 here comes the ip40 here look it’s in my hands And well right now, we’re going to discuss about the iplay 40 and let’s, get it on and unbox this on, the cube i play 40. let’s go so psychic and welcome back to my channel i’ve, just unboxed, the all youtube i play 4d and what i chose Is the one that comes with a universal pen and this universal thing is really helpful? It will just help me. Do some writing on the word or just for relaxation just want to write it down instead of typing it. The old fashioned way come on let’s discuss about this cabinet, so out of the box, i can say that it’s still the same as the ipad 20, which i can grip with my single hand and it’s, really really nice really portable and guess what the frames has Improved i heard that this frame is made out of magnesium alloy, making it more durable and more resistant to pens, especially when you’re putting it inside a bag, and you suddenly forgot that you have a tablet inside and well sat on your back it’s, not really really That nice, but given that this has a magnesium alloy, it should be well a little bit more resistant to your being juicy.

But this palette is equipped with the unison hydro t618, which is an octa core 2 gigahertz of processor and together it has a gpu arm. Mali g52. Now this has only one variant of storage and ram, which is an 8 gigs of ram and 120 gigs of storage, which is more than enough for me for online schooling, for those meetings and, Selvfølgelig, to walking through the day for some entertainment, det er. Really really important enough, so we did try to check the score on and to do it gave me the 218 000 points for the unison tiger uh. For mig, it’s well pretty much enough already for a tablet of this size. I don’t really expect it to be too high, since i won’t be really using it for gaming, but later we’ll be doing a small game test on this tablet. Godt, like i told you, this tablet is really built for gaming. I checked the uh trading mark or graphics, Selvfølgelig, and it only guarded the 704, which is pretty miserable on the gdmart gpu test, and i further check it on the geekbench app and well, it garnered a ‘6 single four points which is well not bad and Of course, 1456 multicore score, which is for me more than enough more multitasking on this tablet, and this tablet comes in a 10.4 tommer, 2k display ips lcd and guess what the pixel count is 1200 ved 2000 pixel. Of course it has a 10 point holding touch on the screen and well guess what and swiping left and right on this tablet is really really responsive.

I really don’t have any much problem with touch and, Selvfølgelig, the screen change is really really nice. So we checked the rm info for the security level on this tablet and it just got a level 3 security which is for me well just a little bit lacking. Selvfølgelig, you cannot watch hd on netflix, but nevertheless i tried watching some high resolution, video on youtube and sending the graphics to 1080p 60fps and it’s really nice. I can say that the videos here on this tab is punchy. The colors are bright, det er, really a nice experience and what i noticed from the screen uh the bezels are very, very much uniform and yeah it’s a bit rare to see. Bezel of this uniform size, which is really nice, looks just like a tv now watching my favorite nba game here is also really nice. I can say that it’s really really enjoyable. They think that this has a one box, cavity or four speakers on this tablet, which gives you four firing out sounds from your tablet, which uh, while you’re watching on a landscape mode, it’s firing out from the upper left lower left. Then the upper right and your lower right is really really a good experience, and i tried listening to some music. The sound is really crisp about. Turning to maximum the sound is still good. I could hardly see that the sound is muddy and yeah it’s still very replaced very, very clear.

I like the way how the sound people perform on this tablet. Let’S talk a little bit about the camera. It has a 8mp rear camera together with a 5 mp front cameras. Take a quick look on some samples. Godt, i can see on outdoors. It can take some good shots but of course, on indoor i can see that it’s really really smudgy and on the front camera. I can say that. Godt, it takes some good photos, uh on well lit place and, Selvfølgelig, uh during dark place. I wouldn’t really say that it’s, nice and, of course running on zoom and running on some video chat app. I can see the 5mp front. Camera is really nice and well i’m, pretty much personal and now we’re trying to check the lte on this phone. I can say that it gave me some decent speed similar to that of the iphone 20 og, Selvfølgelig, using it as gps. I can really say that the gps is really really fast, acting and using it on google maps, it’s really really a good experience. Now this tablet comes with a wi, fi, AC, abgm and, Selvfølgelig, 2.4 gigahertz as well. Five gigahertz support it’s really really fast uh. I tried that will be some uh videos on this tablet and well. It gives me good spin as long as your service provider gave you good speed as well, then i also tried to hook my tws on this tablet using bluetooth.

Selvfølgelig, this has a bluetooth 5.0. When i can see the experience using, the tws is good and, Selvfølgelig, given that it has a real 5.0 teknologi. The connection is good. I have yet to see it disconnect from time to time, as of now it’s still good and, Selvfølgelig, this tablet comes with a whopping six thousand milliampere hours of battery and of course it supports just a 10 watts way way. Hvad 10 watts is, but it’s slow, Selvfølgelig, and i drained the battery down to 40 and charge it back up to 100, using the cable and the charger yeah. It just gave me 10 Watt, but not a little bit more well, det er, just exactly 10 to roughly 10.5 Watt, and i took three hours and 12 minutes just to complete the whole cycle. Godt, quite long now checking the screen on time. Durability of this phone uh run it on pc, mark stress, test battery stress test, i mean so it gave me the 8 timer og 22 minutes screen on time, Selvfølgelig, putting it to 50 Lysstyrke. Then i run it through the light and well not bad. For that of this size, giving me an 8 timer og 30 minutes estimate is really not bad. One thing that i noticed from this tablet it’s a little bit heavier compared to the ipad 20.. This one weighed in at 474 grams and roughly half a kilogram and, Selvfølgelig, uh having a magnesium alloy frame, would probably give it a little bit more weight.

Men selvfølgelig, more weight doesn’t mean it’s, really bad, det er, more sturdier, Selvfølgelig, and putting on a table. Godt, i don’t really mind if you are using it for online schooling, online uh conferencing. You might want to buy yourself. A good tablet stand well. It should look something like this check it out, so i just have to mount it like this and i’m good to go, see good good investment. You can also use it on a parting mode. Just like this. Nu, for my final testing, i would love to try this pen on this tablet and let’s check it out so well, it’s nice to use it on a sketch pad, or some word documents when you can write some words write some letter uh on this cabinet and, Like i say, this is a universal pen and, Selvfølgelig, Uh. It works on probably any tablet and yeah uh. Based on my experience, it’s giving me probably a good experience. Let’S write my name down here: uh gadget sidekick, Ikke dårligt, so sometimes, Selvfølgelig, you want to relax yourself using a pen to write instead of typing it just uh just the way you do and sometimes giving you some old school method really is refreshing and really Is nostalgic like this pen now, like i said a while ago, i want to try a little gaming spin and let’s. Try all call of duty and right now uh. We can see that it’s on minimal settings and we play the game.

So i can see the graphics is really really bad and yeah. The way i handle the gaming series slow and the response is really really slow, så ja. I can say that this tablet isn’t really built for gaming, so if you’re planning to play games on this one, maybe you can play some solid player but of course, definitely not called judy. So we have used the ip20 from ultra cube extensively on this review and i’m really really excited really happy with the result, and i can say that this tablet is really nice for online conferencing. For video calling and, Selvfølgelig, for online schooling, i can say that it’s also good for entertainment like watching youtube watching netflix. The 2k display is probably the best selling point on this tablet and having that uniform bezel, i can see it’s really nice to look at as well as a one box cavity having the four speakers on this tablet is really nice experience, it’s really really immersive and Very very entertaining, og, Selvfølgelig, how can i forget that this pen is really working well with this tablet? So what can you say about this tablet are willing to buy. It comment on the comment section below so let’s have a small discussion about this tablet. The ultra cube, i play 40.