Gaomon PD1560 Tablet anmeldelse & Speed Draw! PLUS a Gaomon S56K GIVEAWAY!

I have been utilizing this pill for a couple of week now and it is wonderful for a newbie animator (like me lol) OR for a seasoned skilled on the lookout for a desktop pen show! Desuden, do you know that October is Gaomon’s anniversary? Neato!

This is the place you should buy the beautiful pill i confirmed within the video!

Gaomon web site: https://www.gaomon.internet/Pen_Display/PD/PD1560.html

Amazon hyperlink: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075WSRLC6

Any questions? Let me know within the feedback! Desuden, ought to I make extra authentic content material like this, or like some storytime animations? Please give me some suggestions!

This is some details about the pill and the place to obtain drivers (and a few coupons to save lots of you some money!!) :

GAOMON 2019 Anniversary Celebration Sale throughout Whole October
PD1560 20% OFF 289USD SALE PRICE+19USD Coupon
OS: http://bit.ly/GAOMONUS_PD1560

PD1561 20% OFF 327.99USD SALE PRICE
OS: http://bit.ly/GAOMONUS_PD1561

PD1161 20% AF 183.99 USD SALE PRICE
OS: http://bit.ly/GAOMONUS_PD1161

S56Okay 40% AF 19.99 SALE PRICE
OS: http://bit.ly/GAOMONUS_S56Okay

Retailer hyperlinks:
OS: http://bit.ly/GAOMONUS
CA: http://bit.ly/GAOMONCA
UK: http://bit.ly/GAOMONUK
Websted: https://www.gaomon.internet/

TABLET DRIVERS: http://gaomon.internet/obtain


The Giveaway runs from now till October 22nd, and all it’s essential do is share this video in a Tweet, tag me (@geothebio) and Gaomon (@Gaomonpentablet) to enter, that is it! I’ll randomly choose somebody after the giveaway is over on the 22nd, and I’ll get into contact with you and have Gaomon ship you the prize!

The prize is a Gaomon S56Okay pill!

–5*6 Inches work space
–2048 degree battery pen
–10mm pen sensing peak

This is the place you possibly can comply with me!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/geothebio
Tumblr: http://geothebio.tumblr.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/geothebio
Patreon: http://patreon.com/geothebio
Ko-Fi: http://ko-fi.com/geothebio
SHOP: http://geothebio.storenvy.com
REDBUBBLE: http://redbubble.com/individuals/geothebio

Tak for at se, and keep hydrated~

ANSVARSFRASKRIVELSE: i used to be not paid any cash in any respect to provide this video, the pill was offered to me freed from cost in trade for a evaluation! all opinions are mine and mine solely!



22 Kommentarer
  1. Oh my God is this YT account secretly run by Ellen Page? Fortsæt det store arbejde, and consider running an Ellen Page personalized voicemail service on the side. 😉

  2. This tablet will improve my drawing skills i want to try digital art so bad i'm tired of pencil art
    Check my insta : saya_chan27

  3. ALL DONE!! 👌👹🔪🔪🔪🔪
    Hope to win !!
    My twitter:chan27saya

  4. I didn't have a much space to install Instagram Please select Winners from here

  5. I have this tablet and I love it. All the chords that come w/ the tablet worked. I use it w/ the screen protector provided, so I didn’t have the pen issues mentioned in the video. I don’t know if this applies to all Windows users, but with my crappy laptop, I have to run the software as an administrator after every restart of my computer (until the software window appears). It was annoying at first, but I’m used to it and only have to do it 3 times max. I also moved the pen pressure down a notch, I like line variation, but it was too sensitive for my tastes. A couple other things to note is you can rotate the tablet screen if you’re left handed, import/export tablet settings if you use different express keys for different softwares, and there are two express keys on the pen as well. This is my first screen tablet I’ve owned (I’ve worked on a Wacom screen tablet, didn’t like it much) and it is absolutely worth the price, I’m a big fan of GAOMON tablets

  6. I love ur Sona and ur voice this video was amazing

  7. Less than $300 for a display tablet is insane! :0

  8. 2:38 I am new to how these this work, but I'm not so sure that's micro USB. Is it maybe mini-HDMI? I don't even have one of them, so idk.

  9. "I'm using a Macbook Pro from 20014 it's old"

    stares at my 2009 Macbook Pro barely chugging along

    I feel that

  10. What a lovely Money Zone segment!

  11. I like how you can set different settings for the buttons 😮

  12. This tablet looks pretty cool. Thanks for informing me.

  13. Informative and entertaining review. Looks like a solid piece of hardware.

  14. Mesmerised. You're really gentle to listen to. Also trying really hard to see what's in your book stack! 😀
    Tak for denne video, would love to see more like it. Xx


  16. Keep up the great work chief. Good luck to everyone

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