Today we have another special guest, say hi to gyawan m12. 20. Ja, but before we get to the tablet, give me a second to talk about my patreon. There you’ll be able to get access to my animation process. Sneak peeks and just other cool stuff link will be in description now. Let’S get back to the tablet, thanks gavin for sending me this tablet. I really have no idea if i’m saying this right. I want to make this quick and simple, so let’s see what we get in the box. Okay, this is what you get tablet case. Tablet wires pens adapters pancakes this case. I don’t know what it’s for with nibs inside a glove instructions. Oh no guys. I think there are no stickers but it’s all right, because instead you get a bag. Okay, that now you’ve gone over the stuff you get in the box. Let’S talk about the tablet itself and i must admit i really like how it looks like it’s, pretty cool and have these blue and purple marks all over it, and i just love blue and purple. It also has express keys here on the right side and as well some buttons at the top. This tablet can be connected to your computer or an android device and look what i found. If you click these two buttons you can undo and review pretty cool. Only this will be probably more convenient for a left handed person now that i think about it.

Are there tablets for left handed people like the buttons are always on the left side. From what i’ve seen mean you can’t use your right hand to press on it. Okay, Jeg er. Getting off topic. I decided to compare this tablet to how i usually draw my tablet and whoa. I can make thinner lines. I guess one of the benefits of connecting a tablet to a tablet is that you get better pressure, sensitivity well, Det er, pretty much. It now let’s head on over to my quotation, marks computer from my last review. I learned that i should not use the old laptop so i’m. Still in my mom’s workspace thanks, mom and downloading drivers works really easy. Just pick the right driver for your tablet on their website and, in our case it’s, gammon, m1220 and you’re ready to go. It also asks me to allow some permissions, though i hope it’s, nothing dangerous, but if it is it’s, not my problem, because the computer ain’t mine, Okay, the next thing i was trying to do was to set up the express keys and not going to lie even For my big brain power that was pretty hard in my last review. I could just pick what each button does, but here i had to match the keyboard shortcuts with each function and i don’t use computer often enough, never to know all the keyboard shortcuts. So it took me a while to figure out how to set things up other than that everything was easy.

Here are the top buttons. Here i can draw pretty comfortable. The pen works good and you just get everything you would get from a simple drawing tablet. Now i’ll try to actually draw something and tell you my experience but to make things simpler, i will draw connecting it to my tablet, because it’s easier to record that way and computer version of medibang still scares me now. The strawand here i am drawing i don’tremember if i mentioned in the video, but if you’re drawing on an android device, you can only draw vertically so that’s. Why i’m recording it like this, and i did not record the whole thing because it’s just a lot of me struggling since i’m, just not really used to like looking up at the screen like and then drawing not right on it. I don’t know how to explain, but like i’m used to drawing right on the screen, that’s that’s, what i mean but other than that i think it it felt nice like i, i like how the pressure sensitivity feels like i really. I noticed that when i just usually draw it’s, i can’t make as thin of the lines if i don’t reduce the actual size of the brush, but with this i can like make really thin lines and make thick lines um so yeah that is nice. I don’t remember if everything was perfectly fine. Jeg tror, except that i was just getting confused with, where i’m drawing and that’s it and i’m just gon na draw something really simple, because again i don’t want you.

I don’t wan na sit here forever. So if you’re looking for a drawing tablet, i would i would recommend this it’s it’s, pretty good. You have like express keys. Only one thing keep in mind: express keys, don’t work if you’re drawing with android device, but for a computer. There are express keys and also like the top navigation bar thing and it’s not expensive for a drawing tablet.