The reason i chose gamer’s gate to review. I have all the others up there, as you’ll probably see on top of my screen. Ingen, not all the others, but i’ll show you some different ones and why this one is the best. So when you uh basically go to gamers get, i just found about it. Uh not too long ago, and i realized by far it is the best deal site. Så, Samlede, you have um let’s, see on the side. Here you have, like you start out with experience when you sign up and uh achievements that you can get like. I’Ve got some achievements which increase my experience, which now my experience is gon na put me at level three level. Three means that when i want a game like this it’s like 16.99, which i’ll get more into, why that’s such an awesome price, but hey everyone’s, got their deals. So when you go down here, you have these blue coins. You can either buy blue coins. If you feel that’s the safest way to trade or, men, you want to do things um another way to look at it is say you have two thousand blue coins. The game is six bucks, you know uh or 650. You know what you do. You buy five dollars worth and guess what you only paid five dollars instead of 650., so it works out great because when you buy a game, you get blue coins back. Even if you pay in blue coins.

Guess what they’re going to give you blue coins back bigger the game? More blue coins come back now i, as far as i understand when you uh reach higher. You know experience points and you get. You know to a higher level. You will get more blue coins back uh every time you purchase a game now it’s a little annoying with some of this, because level three is reasonable, but then you see twelve thousand five hundred okay, Okay, godt, one hundred thousand to hit level five. But at that point you get ten percent back on your purchases, which that’s like a credit card in itself. That’S that’s, fantastisk, Det er, Uh, Det er, Det er, pretty great um, but you can use the blue coins just like money. You don’t have to think you’re getting ripped off. One wayor you know maybe another um it’s it’s, all the same like if you know uh, you have a thousand coins. Det er. A thousand blue coins is equal to one dollar. So if a game is five dollars, it’s going to be five thousand blue coins is no difference in that or you using your credit card. Um reason why i picked this out, i mean let’s go to the offers. They give you this plethora of different offers over here that are just awesome, like i picked up grade grid and dirt 3 and grid 2, all last night and a couple other ones. Men, like i said you look at this, this is the classic version and they have the regular one that i had up there for 16.

99 let’s just jump over to like steam and see what they have for it. So f1 2013 let’s see so uh 49.99 let’s. Throw in 2013 there so you see both and 64.99. Åh vent, didn’t! We just see oh that’s right, 16.99 og 22.09, and they work great, like the only thing i will say is sometimes like. I had dirt three made me wait. 10 minutes kind of weird didn’t. Understand why it was because of uh um. You know really popular download, but if this was already used um, but if it wasn’t there it would actually have a button for you to press uh that it will redeem. You know reveal that code, then you’re gon na copy that gon na jump over onto steam and you’re, Selvfølgelig, going to go into games activate, and then you know next and of course you know, we all read that stuff right as much as we actually should. But no one ever reads that kind of stuff um. So then you would just you know paste whatever into uh. You know that that code into there and then just hit next and it’ll go it’s straightforward as it can possibly get just like any of these other sites that you could possibly go to now. Um i’ll show you like games rocket, that you know they’re all right. I’Ll put them uh, they can have some good deals uh. Nowhere near like i said the you know, uh gamer’s gate here, because gamer’s gate has the best deals i’ve seen day after day after day now, like i said this is a games rocket and then you also have uh dl gamer.

You know i don’t know if i’ve really been too thrilled with what i’ve seen um see, i guess uh vip zone is five percent off all your purchases. I guess it’s probably going to be about same idea, but their deals are just not the same as i’ve seen: Åh ja, eight percent. What the heck is that i know everyone’s got their deals. I know you you’re gon na put in the comments uh that’s, just the the deal that gamers gate has now they’re, not always great, but you know i have seen more deals on there than anywhere else and then, like even green man, gaming they’re, Ikke dårligt. They do have some good deals on there, but i definitely have seen you know better uh, the humble bundle you can get some real serious bundles off of here. That i will say, are pretty good but far and it’s like between it feels and then there’s. Is there any which you could find any deal? That literally, is out there it’s in the name that you type in um and that’s, where i found out about gamer’s gate now, what’s so cool about this kind of in a sense is you could see what everyone’s got and i can just click on gamer’s gate See what gamers gate has or i can go on. You know a dl gamer. I can see any of these and or i could just straight go show all but it’s annoying.

The search bar is crap. It doesn’t work like it should at all and then like without pictures. I i don’t want to sound like a child. I need like a i need a picture book to be able to, but it doesn’t do anything justice. It doesn’t do the game justice that you’re trying to find out. Maybe i want thisi you you might not. You might not, but you’d have to go through clicking on this clicking on that, to find out that you don’t, because all you see is a name so it’s great to find out. Who’S got the deals and who’s got the most deals, but in all honesty, gamers gates got it for me. They are the winner on that one like, f. eks., game tutor. You put a question in here which is real easy. First one to reply, gets 500 coins. So that means you’re gon na get a quick reply, and you know what, if you pay a lot of attention and try to get like? Oh, you know i’m gon na watch this. As soon as one comes up boom. You reply to it and you know it’s a valid answer. Guess what you’re gon na get that 500 reward? You know uh if you go and you know still check it, you know you, you might, Jeg ved, still check things that might might interest you that you know the answer to, or maybe you want to get the answer to, but mainly you know the answer to And you might be able to actually still answer it if other people just put oh i’m having the same problem, Jeg ved, then you might have the answer to it and you get that 500 reward.

500 blue coins. Two equals a dollar. So two of these rev uh or two of these helps done. Uh replies done and uh verified, guess what you’re getting a dollar and with games as low as 1.70, like let’s, see jericho over here, which isn’t some great game or anything but it’s, not a it’s. Not the worst game in the world, but for a dollar 70 Det er, not bad at all um, and you can really gain that up really really easily uh. Dybest set, alls i would need like is basically a thousand and three coin. Uh blue coins that’s really not much. Definitely if you’re buying games, so i would definitely say this uh for the most part concludes it. I think i’ve, basically gotten everything uh, that you would really need to know on this. You know other than that everything self explanatory. You got my buddies and my achievements and all different things. You can gift people things once you have friends on here too, which is cool, but you can also you know, gift someone the steam key. I guess you know it’s it’s, whatever you know, but if you do it, you get rewards. So actually, if you do have friends on here, you get other friends to sign up, send them something, even if it’s something for a dollar seventy, because you know what it’s gon na just add to your experience, points which will in turn uh end up adding to You having more back to you so like i said to end it all um sign up for green uh for gamers gate today, and then please, please subscribe and if you like, my video, please hit like i’m trying to build into a a bigger youtube channel.