A very efficient way for me to get some of my research done, and I saw a lot of really cool PC concepts from three companies. We’Ve covered a lot here on the channel, but with very new products, and I wanted to show those to use we’re gon na start first with HP, and the first thing that I saw that was really cool was a new phone that they have. This is called the elite x3, and what this is is a cell phone that docks to a docking station and becomes essentially a desktop Windows Device and it’s running, though with an ARM based processor. Så, although you get the Windows experience in a full version of Windows 10, it runs Universal apps onlyand this is really a big change for Microsoft, because before they had a separate version of Windows that ran on arm, this will now run any Universal Windows app That it’s little Snapdragon ARM processor can support, so you will get the kind of battery life. You would normally expect out of a smartphone yet get a full Windows experience. Så, in addition to having that docking mechanism, they also have a notebook module. That is completely wireless to the phone, so it’s a Wi Fi based system where you get your keyboard in your video and everything just streaming from the phone to the laptop module. So you’ve got that and you have the dock at your desk, where you can plug it in and get an actual wired connection for both video and USB and everything else really interesting concept.

Fordi, again you can take your phone and make it your PC, I’m sure it’ll be a lot slower than a typical Windows PC might, but for a lot of these Universal apps, it might perform quite well, I think it’s about 700 or so for the version with Just the phone and the dockand I guess they’re, going to have a big package deal coming out soon for 1300 for the notebook module as well as the dock and phone, and this next one is a gaming PC from HP called The Omen X. Det er, a big cube, reminiscent of the old next cubes that Steve Jobs was selling before he went back to Apple, but this is designed for gaming and they have a separate cooling chambers on it. So one of those squares on there is the power supply. Another one is for the drives another one is for the motherboard and video cards and they’re all cooled independently from each other what’s interesting about this is that this is industry standard. So you can take a micro, ATX motherboard and stick it in there. Their press release indicates they’re going to have a chassis only version of this product, so you can get it with the power supply and the drive brackets and nothing else that will cost you around. 600 or you can spend 2000 plus and get it configured the way you want. If you had 210 70 s, an SLI configuration at the show very big case, it’s really enormous.

You can’t miss it, but if you’re looking for something cool for gaming, that might be worth taking a look atand this is the HP pavilion wave, this is an Intel based desktop computer i3, i5. I7. That looks nice enough for the living room and it has a nice speaker built into it, also kind of almost like a MacPro design, and that you’ve got everything kind of fitting into a sort of cylinder on this it’s, not quite cylindrical, but the same concept as To how they loaded everything in there, so different design, they’re trying to focus this more as a living room PC with enough horsepower to do more than just what a micro mini PC might be able to do for you there’s a GPU option available to an AMD One similar to the processor you might see on an iMac, so not all that fast for higher end gaming, but probably good for mid level games and a bunch of you wrote in about kangaroo’s new notebook, PC concept, and they were there at the show with it. And what this is going to be is a 11 tommer laptop. It feels very similar to what we’ve seen other low cost laptops look and feel like, but unlike those, there are actually two computers in the box and they come on these little silver cartridges. So what you do is you pop in the cartridge and then you can boot it up inside of this laptop dock.

The dock, Selvfølgelig, has a display. A 720p display keyboard trackpad battery all the ports, and then you can pop these little computers out and swap in another one and boot it up into something different. So you could have two different Windows machines, a Windows, analytics machine. Imidlertid, you want to configure it. Du kan, these are Adam, sherry trail based devices, two gigs of ram and 32 koncerter med opbevaring, each interesting concept that comes out in mid october for about 300 and will certainly take a closer look at that when it arrives and lenovo was there with their yoga Book and i thought initially that this was a dual screen device, but it isn’t. So what you’ve got is your touch screen area like we’ve, seen on many tablets and two in ones, and then the other portion is a big positive area that is built to work. Like a keyboard, so when you touch it, the keys will light up there’s a trackpad area and you can use it like a typical keyboard, although it doesn’t have any feel to it. So that was the one thing that I had a hard time getting used to is typing on it, because there is no key travel there’s, no keys. Are you just trying to put your keep your fingers in the right spot to get the key presses you’re? Looking for, but it also doubles as a Wacom tablet. They have Wacom technology integrated into it, so you can draw in that entire surface and see the result of that drawing on screen.

It runs Android or Windows. You have your choice of operating system, doesn’t, dual boots. You got to pick one or the other. The price on it for Android is 4.99 550 for Windows. We’Ll see how this one does I really like how thin it is as a two in one but it’s very hard for me to type on at least I probably need more time to play with it, but what I like about Lenovo is that they try all Sorts of different stuff to see what might work out in the marketplace, so those are some of the interesting PC things that I saw at the show have a few more odds and ends on the wrap up on Monday night. This is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV, slash patreon, to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit.