The latest version open file, Ja, agree, choose location, push next run Fedora writer, Okay, Im gon na run it as soon as it opens Im gon na shut this off create, live USB. Just click here and itll. Download lets see right to right when its finished downloading its got no drive in it, which theyre talking about this make sure on your USB. You dont have anything on because it will uh wipe it off the whole. Whatever you have on so Cameron inserted into the machine Music, Okay, it recognized it see right to drive with this. One click creates the USB and it downloads the 1.9 gigabytes as well with that I just plugged in the USB drive SanDisk Cruiser blade right to disk and its gon na write to the disk. Oh its nearing the end checking the written data. I got the USB out and Im gon na reboot my set and uh go into the BIOS and boot from the USB. I have Fedora on the USB key Im gon na plug it in the machine and turn it on and Ive got the computer to boot. To USB see Fedora Im gon na go up start Fedora. Workstation live 35. fremmed. Try without installing right now, Im gon na try. I dont like this wallpaper, so Im going to change it. Oh maybe this one here Tenny two one four weather type in Winnipeg 37. I can change that to uh Celsius. Three above installed to hard drive right now.

I have Windows 11 on the hard drive and, for some reason, its not identifying it. So if you happen to install youre gon na wipe out your operating system right over youre gon na put Fedora right over top of it, At 232 Gigabyte, but it doesnt show that theres a Windows 11 installeret på den. So what youll do as youll definitely delete the whole thing, so I would advise you to installation destination. Okay, I want to get out of this quit. Are you sure you want to quit? Ja, I do okay, Im gon na plug in another hard drive and all because I definitely dont want to install it over the windows. 11.. Some of the Linux programs show you that you can uh partition it in half and then boot from your from your Linux. On one side and your windows from the other, but for some reason this installation is not showing the windows 11. so Ill, be back when I am Ill have to quit. Fedora yeah power off power off power off youve, inserted SanDisk Cruiser blade 16 Gigabyte. That already contains a live system. Do you want to restore it to the factory settings? Ja, this is after youre done restore Im going to restore it.