I øjeblikket, this model is not available on online platforms. I have purchased it from offline store, but i’ll make sure to give the link once it’s available online let’s open and see what dell provides with the laptop Music. So hmm Music. This is the user manual Music. This is charger of 65 Watt, Music Music do and it has green light to indicate the power supplies switched on Music. This is a stylus dell, calls it as s pen, Musik. It uses 4a size battery, which is included in the box Music Music. This is the laptop with space gray color, which looks stunning on left. We get one charging port with led indicator, one hdmi port, one usb port, one type c port. Unfortunately type c is not thunderbolt on right. We get one full size, sd card slot, one usb port, one combined 3.5 mm headphone jack and the kensington lock. This laptop has ergo left hinges, which means, as you open the lid, the laptop lifts, 3 degrees for better air circulation and cooling. This hinges has got sensors, so the laptop turns on as soon as the lid is open and there is no need to press the power button turn on time is very fast. Less than 10 sekunder. The keyboard is backlit with two stage of adjustment: low and high. It has got good amount of key travel, and these keys are tested with 40 million clicks without any error Music, as this laptop is touchscreen, it can be used as template.

Also i’ll show the response of the s pen and see how it performs Music Music. This laptop comes with intel i7 11th generation processor with quad core and 8 Tråde 2.8 gigahertz is the base speed and it can be boosted up to 4.7. Gigahertz ram is 8 gb ddr4 3200 megahertz with 22 latency i’ll, be upgrading the ram in my next video. It comes with 512 gb of nvme ssd. It has latest wi fi and bluetooth chip with speed up to megahertz. I am currently connected to 5 Gigahertz 300 mbps. Download speed, integrated graphics card is intel. Iris xe, which is of 2gb dedicated graphics card, is nvidia geforce. Mx330, which is also 2gb Music Music, so do viewing angles of this. Full hd display is nearly 170 degrees and colors are also vibrant. Musik. The camera is 720p, which performs pretty well even in low lighting conditions. It has got privacy lock, also Music, if you guys, like my video, then please subscribe to my channel press the bell icon.