So this is what we use to solve our problem when it comes to the length of your wi fi or internet Music. Since i am a globe subscriber, i took advantage of the opportunity the globe offers this um tp link uh. This is actually a mesh system uh. It requires two to make a mesh, but this one one will already do yeah so that’s. One thing that you need to understand this one will already help uh how so, basically this will be. This has two modes: a router mode and uh and um. How do you call this um ap mode, uh access point mode um. This is the the model here. Is the ac 1300 eller? Let me hope it zooms through the ac 1300 AC 1300 og ja, the brand here is tp lake or in short, they call it as deco and well it comes with its own. I think this is one meter, um lan, Kabel, rj45, rg45, cable and it’s power, adapter, okay and well for you to use this and extend your wi fi. It already has a 5g and 2.4, but basically for you to take advantage of the 5g, your phone or your gadget needs to be 5g ready, Det er. One thing that you need to understand, and so basically you’ll be able to connect on this as 2.4. Okay, Okay, it only comes with two ports: Okay, so what i did is um. Naturligvis, you need to connect this directly to your main, router, okay and to power it up, and if you try, let me show it to you: Okay, so there, obviously you just plug it in there there so they have different color indicators.

Yellow red blue blue is when, when you’re ready to set up okay and there, Okay, so uh, i will, i will be just using my own uh land cable. Since there it will be much easier. Okay, see it’s, yellow i’ve already set this up uh when you plug with an internet connection. Uh give it time it will change its color to green okay, Uh. Okay, i will show it to you the app it comes with an app you need to download it to manipulate or control uh it’s it’s benefits: Okay, um uh, Okay. Så, Ja, you can literally extend this. As far as you let’s say. You only have one of this because it’s expensive okay, but when you uh avail this from glow it’s like around around 100 til 200. I think uh, 100 til 200 passes a month include uh that will be uh. That will be added to your. It will be an add on to your uh subscription from blog, okay ummm, so it’s a really good plus, especially if you don’t really know how to use those. How could you, how could how will you be able to set up another route? Så ja, this is the easiest way to go. It comes from glo, okay and um. Ja, so what i do is uh you set this up. I’Ll show you to you the the app how i set those things up and then and Music. Ja, so what i use here is the ap mode.

Okay, so you change that in your in your in the app and then basically it will extend as far as, Selvfølgelig, you have to connect it wired. Okay, i prefer because you’re not using the mesh system. The mesh system, meaning you need to have two of this okay – En – will be the main router and then the other one will be wired wireless okay, but we are using this only as an extender okay to another part of your house. Så ja, the thing here is, you will need a longer cable, a longer lan, cable or a longer rg45 cable, okay uh, as far as it can reach to where you want to place it, and then eventually it will extend the wi fi signal with this. From your main router going here, okay right um, so basically that’s it and let me show you okay, so what you want to look for is more. When you go to the app you will see there advanced click advanced and find the operating mode change it from the router mode to access point mode. Derefter, i bund og grund, you need to restart your router from there that’s it you wait for it to reboot and after it restarts and normalizes, then it’s already on ap mode, Okay, Okay, so again, Uh! This is a good way for you to have that extender uh with the brand, with the brand of course and yeah. It seems really uh pricey when you think about it.

But when you go and avail this with your globe subscriptions, it will be much cheaper because they offer this in a lower. Godt, of course uh. Since you want it, you want to extend your wi fi and without really having a doubt on how will it work? Det virker, Naturligvis, but yes go wired.