I work 5x. I was really impressed with the build quality and it is still impressive. This is the best build quality by far and has a lot of features on it that I really do like to see an Apollo Lake notebook, but unfortunately, after a 6 eller 7 days of testing there's a bit of a problem that cropped up with the battery. That it doesn't seem to want to fully charge but more on that later, but the design of it is really nice, som du kan se, it's all metal. It is on the heavy side. So this comes out to be one point: Seks, seven kilos, Næsten 1.7 Kilo, that's a good 400 gram, so heavier than other models, I've seen running the same chipset in here. So as you guessed it's, the Apollo lake in 3450 it's got only 4 gigabytes of RAM. So not the 6 that we have been seeing lately on other units, 64 gigabytes of II, MMC, 4.5, specs storage, and it does support a SATA, 22 42 eller 2260 SSD inside. So what is great about the design? Is it not only has a touchscreen as you can see, you can lay it completely flat, but you can reverse it around into that of a tablet really. Men selvfølgelig, a heavy tablet at one point: seven kilos now holding it in the tablet mode. You will tire out quite quickly after a while, but at least it can be done.

I myself use it more. I would say in the presentation mode which is like so there and that's, probably a little bit more practical. I feel to do this, so you can use it then, like a tablet, that's docked into a stand, but using it in this presentation mode and as a tablet. There are a couple of issues here and complaints that I have the first one is the power button location that you can accidentally tap that a lot of the times even just moving the laptop around I've tapped it. So I have solved that myself by sitting in the power optionsmenu F Windows 10 there to make sure that that power button does nothing when pre. So I have to shut down using the Start menu and not the power button, so that's being solved. Another thing is that when you have the screen at this angle here anything less than that you see, it will actually start to drop down under its own weight. So the hinge can't really support the whole weight of that. But I mean it's not too bad, but when you start to tap on the screen, that's going to happen and the other one. Is that not a hundred percent of the time that when you do use it in this way that the keyboard will dis activate? So it won't actually register any touches there when its flipped around now it's not doing that, and then the touchpad is completely disabled there.

But I've noticed that it's not always working 10 ud af 10 gange. It seems to work or sometimes there's a delayed reaction towards it when you put it back that it will take at least 5 sekunder, for it then to disable the keyboard and touchpad. So for me, by far one of the best features of the iWork 5x. Is this right here? It is a type C port we've got on there and it is a proper type C port, and what I mean by that is, it will charge, have data and video out up to 4k 30 Hertz all at the same time, from this one port, which is Great now, but I have noticed that the charge rate from this port has only around five watts, so it seems to be only accepting about 5 volts to charge through this and not 12 Volt, so that's a little bit of a con there that, depending on what You'Re doing it won't actually charge too well and on the DC jack, which I'll show you in just a second, it will charge at around 15 watts the charge rate so 3 times faster at the proper 12 Volt 3 ampere. Here we have a micro HDMI and then a full size, Usb 3 port that will power external hard drives, so the DC port 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that also outputs, clean audio and reasonably loud I mean it's, not the loudest, but probably liked it to be a Little bit louder but it's great, that it has no static over it.

Another USB 3 Port, again powers external hard drives, and then our micro SD card slot, which runs at USB 2 Hastigheder, and it does sit in there nice and flush. So those SD cards, your expensive ones, should not pop out or be damaged and broken, and you shouldn't lose them now. The touchpad is great. This is a precision. Touchpad we've got full gesture controls, it is accurate, it's, nice and sensitive, and you can tweak up the speed while the sensitivity on it to your own liking there, and I really do like this. This is such a step up from the likes of the easy book. Three pros touchpad and most of the touch pads we find in this cheaper Chinese tick. Now the keyboard in my first impressions, an unboxing video. I see that was really good. I did like it and it has no flex. It is really was a tiny tiny little bit there pressing down super hard is really good to type on. In that regard, that there's no balances no flex. I noticed the key travels a little shallow would like it to be perhaps a few millimeters more. It was 0.2 millimeters more, I should say there, but I have noticed that sometimes the keystrokes, for eksempel, on my a button aren't registered every time, so at a 10 gange, it'll work, måske 9 gange. That is a slight annoying, so the build quality I feel, is a little bit up and down on this with the keyboard, which is a real shame to see.

Hopefully this is just the first batch issue just like that issue with the battery which we'll talk about later on. So while screen on here is covered with glass it's touched, as I mentioned in the beginning, so it will support 10 touch points now, it's non laminated. So there is a bit of a gap it's about one millimeter, but it doesn't bother me on this laptop here because they haven't well used a screen protector to start with, and the glass that they have used is very transparent and clear. So you don't really see it now. Touch accuracy is really good, it's, a good external and really no problems with it whatsoever. I even had any difficulty touching things, probably aided by the fact that it is thirteen point three inches now. The IPS panel, Selvfølgelig, is 1080p. It has deep blacks, reasonably good colors, it's, leaning towards cool white a little. But overall I feel a very nice panel. Maximum brightness comes out to almost 300 Lux. It tops out about 290 495. I registered, but I really do like the screen it's one of the stronger points I would say of this particular notebook here, so the laptop came with Windows 10 in Chinese and I had to install Windows 10. All over again I made a backup of the drivers. Now you see here that it does say pen and touch, so it will support a digital pen. desværre, out of the six or seven actors styluses, I have not one of them will work.

I cannot seem to find it and source it from anywhere. Not even the cellar that I bought. This from on. Aliexpress has a clue of to what actual start us. It users, which is really disappointing from cube to actually release this device and it doesn't seem like they have the stylus available. So you can see that the windows was reporting that we've got only three point: eight four gigabytes available that's, because they've dedicated a little bit to that Intel, HD 500 GPU. Now it will activate. So when you do your Windows install in English, if you have to do this, make sure you use Windows, 10 home and if you run into problems just go through the troubleshooting. There will the key. So it might come up and say it cannot activate it run. Troubleshooting and it should activate it as a digital license, so looking here at the Geekbench fourscore, you can see these scores they're actually higher than normal. So these are quite good scores for the sale run in 3450 seems e there. Now it has full cause. Maksimal turbo er 2.2 gigahertz and a very good school they're. Nu, having a look at the this is the set of three drive that I installed to us as a transient one and 56 Gigabyte 122 ved 42 proper speeds there, some it's running at the full set of three speeds that port has not been reduced or I've. Seen on some units, they didn't actually run at the full speed, but no problem with that, so the internal MMC drive is 4.

5 spec that Toshiba the 0 60 1493. Now a battery life, like all of the Apollo Lakes, is very good on this laptop. The battery we've had a look at the internals and it's 38 watt hours, and you can see here that I've done almost 5 hours and it's down to 52 that's from 100. I have been running the brightness at 25, so if you run at about 50, then you can get around 7 timer, 25 8 hours plus, hvilket er rigtig godt. Desværre, a rather major problem has reared its ugly head here, and that is on my fifth or sixth day of use. The battery will no longer charge beyond 50 for some reason, so this is a battery. I believe calibration problem that I've seen before on the likes of the Aten Bay trials. Så hvad sker der? Is it's only going to charge itself to 50 because it's only detecting one battery cell and he did notice that when it was full at 100 that at around approximately the 50 Mark, the battery would then suddenly be reported to have only 7. So I do believe a bias update could fix this, perhaps it's an issue with the first batch, but it is a rather major issue here that I'm, not too happy that I have this on my unit. So the loud speakers they sound a lot better than the typical poor crappy speakers. We normally get on these devices out of China and there's a reason behind it, because they've actually used four speakers in here.

So two for the left channel and another two for the right channel, they're located just here and I'll, give you a short sample of just how they sound Applause Music. Så, as you can hear from that that the sound quality is a lot better it's. Just a lot richer, more meds, Annette, tiny bit of bass as well, and some decent volume at 88 decibels max. But I have noticed that at 100 volume you will get a little bit of vibration and distortion from those speakers. So it pays to really put the volume up to about 95 90 max in order to avoid that now quickly, touching on the camera quality that we get from that front facing webcam that's, the only camera that's on there. Selvfølgelig, it's really quite good it's, Ikke dårligt. I have no major complaints as long as you're in good lighting. So if you do this in low light, that's not gon na be great. Nu, if you record using the windows camera app, then the frame rate comes out to be up 15 billeder pr. sekund, Men, som du kan se her, it's not too choppy overall it's, not bad and better than what I have seen in some of the other laptops. I'Ve reviewed so onto gaming performance. This is a Windows, Store game, Ashfield, extreme and right now it is running I'd, say just below 30 frames per second it's perfectly playable, but it's just not as smooth as I would like it to be.

Nu, Selvfølgelig, I could lower the desktop resolution and sit in the visual settings to the lower setting, but I've just played it with the default, so it's 1080p default settings you're able to game on it. So let's have a look now at two other games. I'Ll start out first with counter strike and then we'll check out League of Legends, so this is running 800 x, 600 lower settings and hovering around 30 billeder pr. sekund, hvilket er godt. I haven't applied the power limit tweak. He walked into that one which you'll probably give us another 10 15 even higher. Faktisk, if I do apply that tweak now there's a video of how to do that and it's a simple memory edit, that will increase the power limits, allowing us to almost double the framerate on some games, and I should have been how to shoot him then. So I think this is a enough time. Looking at my bad gameplay let's have a look at legal legends now so perfectly playable, which is good to see and again, if you increase the power limits, you can probably on double the framerate. Imidlertid, it will come at the cost, Selvfølgelig, I've reduced battery life and increased temperatures of the CPU, speaking of which let's have a look at them now and see just how hot it's getting so I've still got the game. In the background there and after now almost 30 minutter 70 degrees is the max there on the CPU and 70 or so on the GPU, so great thermals here on the iWork 5x.

So this is probably one of the better ones in terms of build quality. Definitely that I have looked at that's powered by an Apollo Lake. The quality of this laptop is premium. Okay, we've got some minor issues with the keyboard that sometimes the a key for me. Doesn'T seem to register. At least it doesn't want ten out of ten times, which is annoying, Selvfølgelig, now the touchpad on it. This is really good. Do love using this touchpad it's so much better than what I'm used to the average kind of below average poor quality ones we get on these Chinese devices. This is a huge step up. You can control the gestures as well, which makes it a joy to use. I love the fact that it has that type C port on the side there, so I can connect out my monitor and everything and basically dock this machine and use it as a low power desktop. So the performance of it is good. I haven't noticed any issues that it doesn't seem slower or faster than any of the other Apollo days, which is perfectly fine. The thermals are excellent. It tops out at 70 grader, so they put a nice large heatsink on there. If you've seen my unboxing, you can have a look at the internals there and they've done a good job of things. Very good, build quality overall. So the screen is good touch accuracy as well, Meget god, no issues with the touch screen whatsoever, so it's not a fully laminated, which is a shame, but that would have probably pushed up the price even higher and as it stands, this is quite an expensive device.

It'S selling for around three hundred and even over three hundred u.s.. So there is a bit of a deal breaker that hopefully cube her going to address they're going to fix this, and then is that the battery meter that on my unit now before it would only stop charging at 89. And now it has 50. But if I run that battery down right past 0 it'll just keep going and going and going so, the battery meter is reporting things incorrectly. It should run for around seven to eight hours, which it has in previous days that I've been using it it's just recently that this problem has popped up. So to me I would say: hold off if you're going to buy one of these wait and see if they're going to fix that if they're gon na release a bias, update and hopefully the second batch will have that problem fixed so I'm, pretty sure they will Do that now there's another minor con and that, as the power button placement can be annoying. So I set that to do nothing, and the other thing is of course, that as a tablet at almost 1.7 Kilo, it's just super heavy and really I find myself using it very little as a tablet, mostly as a notebook with a touchscreen which is great. So I do hope to see you back on the channel with more upcoming reviews that I'm working on currently I've got the me notebook err, the top point 5 tommer 2017 model should be coming out.