Onyx Boox Max Lumi 2 13.3" – Hænder på anmeldelse

Introducing the max lumi 2 bionix books, the most fully loaded e paper device of all time. Det har 6 gb of ram with 128 gigs of onboard storage, a glow light and a 13.3 inch note taking screen using the new karda 1250 teknologi. It has google play speakers and a microphone for voice […]

Artisul A601 Tablet Review

Its a combination of art is soul, so its artisaul, jeg tror, anyways ive been sent this tablet for review and heres the packaging, its a pretty small tablet. Pen tablet. I think i think thats a typo 5080 lpi resolution, four keys, customize keys, sensing height battery free pen, Det er, the plus, because i […]

M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16-inch Review | 150 Hours of Use (Base Model)

Jeg mener 150 hours later and i am impressed, but this is definitely a bit of an investment and not for everyone you see. For mig, this has been able to not only replace my blade, but also my entire custom, build to an extent people of the internet im simply here to review this […]

Dell Inspiron 14 5410 – The Lightweight Champ

Music right here, ive got the dell inspiron 5410, which is a 14 inch laptop that was released in spring of 2021.. The one ive got here is just a laptop and not a two in one, which means that there is no touchscreen and the screen cannot be folded all the way back. Det […]

Wishtel ira duo 2 i 1 tablet pc review// Diya's Small world

So in this video i will be giving you the complete information about vista duo, tablet-pc, so please watch a full video. So lets talk about its features. Det har en 10.1 inch capacitive display 2 gigahertz octa core processor hd display 4gb ram 64 dk rom 8 000 mah battery android 11 operating […]

GPD lomme 3 KVM module demo (use an 8 inch mini-laptop to remote control PCs or servers)

All the way around is that it gives you access to these rear sections for the ports. Så, in addition to ports on the sides, youve got this rear section and thats really one of the most interesting things about this device. Is this usb port over here, so youve got hdmi, usbc or thunderbolt, […]

Surface Laptop Studio ReviewIt's Beautiful But Not Perfect!

Looking hardware with performance that is not up to the competition. Okay lets just keep that in mind, but i want microsoft to keep pushing, and i think the problem right now is that the chips they have access to like from intel and amd just require too much cooling for the type of form […]

Beelink SER3 Mini PC Review A TINY Ryzen 7 Windows 10 Mini-pc!

It is one of their latest mini pcs called the ser 3. This one is powered by a ryzen 7 3750h, its a quad core chip. It has eight threads and the maximum turbo is four gigahertz. Ja, it is now a few generations old. Det kommer med 16 gigabyte ram 512 Gigabyte […]

Teclast T40 PlusUnscheinbarer Tablet Geheimtipp aus China? – Prøve

Von texas und zwar was texas: t40 plus 104 zoll mit lte gps groes display 108 20 speicherplatz 8 gb arbeitsspeicher schauen wir uns mal, an liegt ungefhr bei am besten fall bei 165 euro und kann auch schon mal, fr 200 bis. 230 euro verkauft werden was kann. Sie mir jetzt ja, wie gesagt, […]


Hey everybody, its andrewand this is my 30 day review of the surface pro 8, all new from microsoft. Here in 2021, coming up Music now before we begin in the interest of transparency and full disclosure, i want to let everyone know that im not being paid by microsoft, im not being […]

realme Pad Review: The BEST Budget Tablet You Can Get That Does MANY Things RIGHT!

Now in todays, video were going to be checking out. The real me pad that i have here and ive been using it for the past few weeks now, but today were just going to focus about what this realme pad is all about. The pricing who is it for and what can you actually […]

Hỏi đáp 45 SS2: Có nên mua VGA TRÂU? Laptop lai tablet nào giá rẻ cho sinh viên?

I cho em hi em dng con gip mang review, L 1650 th nn dng mn, hnh ri, no cho, ph hp, Em, chi game, Nh, nh vi, lm ha c th, l mt con rustic, g513 g513 l cc bng, i, nm, nay s lm cc, bn, Mi, Cn 531 vn bn c, jeg […]