10 Art Style ChallageAnimasi indonesia Edition! (Parblo Intangbo M Tablet Review)

di, Her, kebetulan, gue, dikirimin, Tablet, lagi Ya: dari sebuah brand bernama foblog yang nantinya, juga bakal gua review Jadi bagi kalian yang ingin, lihat reviewnya tontonin, aja videonya, coy nah, sebelum, gue, ke, channel saya, Denne, Mari kita, Unbox, dulu tabletnya, so ini, Nih, Coy gue, Også, Har, hampir, dua, minggu, pakai, Denne, Ya, […]

Leveling Up My Home Office Desk SetupGrovemade Unboxing & Anmeldelse!

My name is wesley im, a ux designer based in atlanta georgia and welcome back to my channel so for todays video. This is gon na be very similar to the home office desk setup, video that i just recently made, but i decided i needed to do another one, because i recently made some […]

Can you GAME on a £10 PC?

I save from the bin, but also a surprisingly affordable, PC, still less about how i got this computer because we can touch more on that later and more about the frankly impressive specifications you can get with these all in one computers. This pc contains a haswell core i5 4460t, Som, although is old, […]


Para r: 1200 ele equivalente, a um notebook, hoje vendidos, no Brasil esse notebook que vocs to vendo que custa mais ou menos 2.500 2.800 reais Olha s, diferena mais do que a metade. Do preo nas mesmas configuraes que o at mais potente ento assim uma economia gigantesca. Do preo cheio mini PC eu […]

Microsoft Surface Studio Laptop Review | Is This The Ultimate Laptop For Artists?

Selvfølgelig, as i tend to, i had recently reviewed the microsoft surface pro 7. So i wanted to see if there were any other notable surface books since ive always been a fan of surface books, but ive never been able to get my hands on one and thats. When i saw this beauty, […]

Apple M1 Max MacBook Pro ReviewBeast Mode

Note taking uh photo editing some video editing as well um, but yeah, particularly this one. Her. This has been my main device over the last year and a half. Det er 2020 16 inch macbook pro now. When i initially bought this device, it was cool at all a nice little upgrade for […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 (Global) | 2 Weeks Later | Good and Bad

. So what im gon na share with you in this video is what i like, and what i wish the xiaomi consider upgrading onto this device. Hey guys, if you dont know me and potterworth make different videos on app review. Forsinkelser, photography and filming tips so be sure to subscribe, my channel to […]

Raspberry Pi 4 Tablet: RasPad 3 by SunfounderFull Setup and Review!

. This kit turns your raspberry pi 4 into a tablet. Det har en 10.1 tommer, touchscreen display and built in battery, which makes it a convenient and portable solution for all kinds of projects, including retro gaming. Godt, unbox it set it up and try it out with a number of operating systems. Lader […]

GameGlass Just Got Much Better ! | 2021 anmeldelse

So im gon na show you some of them today and i think you will like them, Musik, Hej, Damer og herrer, very briefly, if youre not familiar with game glass, its an app, you run it on a tablet and you get a small interface like that. You can then go, you can sit […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Anmeldelse – SEBAGUS Itu Ya..?

Oh grow Cepatlah, hvis, Til, del, bagiannya, dieselnya, Hashmi, Eller, for, bata, Denne, overspringe, kameranya, Denne, kamera, Tilbage, 13MP, Der, dual flash kalau kamera depannya, 8Mp, hasil, jepretan, fotonya, langsung, aku, beberin ya, oh ya, ininya, stadig, cukupkanlah, Til, sekelas, Tablet, Tablet, ke kameranya, aku, rasa, ikke, perlu, spesial, Spesial kapabilitasnya yang disayangin ini, kagak, […]

Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook Unboxing

Today we gon na unbox and review the Lenovo Flex, 5 Chromebook editions.. So without further ado lets get on into it. Lets get on into it. Initial thoughts on packaging weve got the Chromebook logo. Weve got the Lenovo logo. Weve got nothing really on that. Side. Weve got your normal spec sheet on […]


Dependendo do Estado mas assim o link para as duas opes, esto aqui, embaixo e claro d, para usar, o comparador escolhasegura, para comprar, preos, est, cupons e criar, alertas, para sempre, pagar, mais, barato, sabendo, disso e deixar me pede, 51 Msica e eu preciso confessar que no Dia que o sal me: pede […]