Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Unboxing

. Now the model im about to share with all of you here on launch day october 5th 2021, is the intel 11th gen core i7 paired with 16 gigs of ram and a half terabyte ssd it retails for roughly 1900 us dollars. I will include a link in the description after all today […]

Windows 11 anmeldelse: Microsoft’s most pleasant OS—until it isn't

Det er, really my big question after testing it out for months now and getting to spend a lot of time with the final build with windows. 10, microsoft basically had to make a huge course: correction from windows 8, Som, if youll remember, was really focused on touch screens and tablet, pcs and just things […]

MI PAD 5, o MELHOR TABLET android que já TESTEI! (primeiras impressões)

Android que eu j testei na minha vida quer saber que as minhas opinies, o primeiras impresses sobre, o chave me pede cinco, ento, fica, ligado, Denne, Video, aqui E, a E, a Oi e, a pessoal como que tudo tranquilo com, jer, sejam muito, bem vindos, a mais Um vdeo eu sou, o Andr […]

ENDELIG! An Awesome Mid-Range Android Tablet! G90T CPU, 11" Display

Now its not the top of the line tablet like the samsung galaxy s7 or the s7 plus, but its a much less expensive tablet. Now the base model of the p11 plus with 4 gigabyte ram og 64 gigabytes of storage comes in at 250 dollars. You can get this up to 128 […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Anmeldelse

So goodness, gracious weve had just about a decade of these and im kind of known as the surface lady, because i liked them before everybody else kind of started to fall in love with them, but they havent been doing much in the last couple of years. They kind of look the same iterative. […]

Surface Laptop Studio Review Ended in DISASTER

Honestly speaking, i was afraid that microsoft was just gon na let the surface lineup quietly die. I mean years ago they made some nearly perfect devices and then just didnt fix small issues for years. While all of the other windows machines on the market leapfrogged them until today, this is the all new […]

Surface Go 3: Unboxing & Oversigt!

So super special video ich da fr euch nmlich das neue surf, go try an boxen testen mir, angucken unter die lupe nehmen und ich wrde sagen wir machen das ist einfach mal und heben den besonderen deckel, an und da ist es schon noch in der plastikhlle. Aber ich kannte ja, warten bis, uns […]

Best Tablets for Students under Php20,000 (2021)

The school year has just begun and the tablets has been known to be one of the essential gadgets for learning, and it is a pretty good alternative to laptops now picking the best tablets for student can be challenging for parents or students themselves. Så, to take things a little easier for you heres […]

Surface Go 3 vs Apple iPad 9 – Best Tablet To Buy 2021

Først, with the operating system, one of the biggest differences between the go 3 and the ipad 9 are the operating systems. The go 3 has been upgraded to windows 11, including a new snap feature for rearranging your windows. So if youre that type of multi task person, then this is probably a great […]

iPad 2021 Anmeldelse (9.Generation) | Wie gut ist das günstigste iPad?

Damit alles machen kann und was sich gegenber dem vorgnger verndert hat Musik ber dieses ipad, wissen ja, bereits dass, es von jahr zu jahr immer mit den dingen aktualisiert wird die wir bereits von frheren, ipads kennen oder die es schon lnger, bei, anderen, ipads, gibt, das, ipad Ist also nicht unbedingt, auf dem […]

Surface Pro 8 Gaming!!!

But before you do, that lets continue to look at what the surface pro 8 brings. So the pro 8 is a nice device. What i mean by nice, meaning design wise it kind of takes cues from the surface pro x, more rounded corners, just a nice thin profile, which you would expect the […]

Drawing on the Xiaomi Pad 5 Anmeldelse

. This is a well priced android tablet with an optional pen. These are available pretty much everywhere in the world, but the us and today im going to be testing this one out hello. My name is brad and i review tech for creative professionals and i cant remember a time when a product […]