FNF iFive Mini 4S Anmeldelse / RePad 8 Anmeldelse

Normalt har det en fuld plast bygge og en ikke lamineret display, men her har vi F ni. 5 mange 4'ere. Denne ene her er en fuldt lamineret 2048 ved 1536 aka retina panel herinde på 7.9. Tommer har 2 GIGABYTE RAM 32 gigabyte lagerplads, og det har en fuld metal […]

Ny iPad Pro 10.5 anmeldelse – Compared to 9.7 Pro – Do you need it?

This is the iPad pro 10.5. It is replacing the iPad pro 9.7 that I got last year, we’re going to take a look at some size, comparisons and some performance comparisons, and then talk a little bit more about what this new device brings to the mix. Nu, before we get into the review, […]

FNF iFive Pro2 Anmeldelse – Phoenix OS-tablet med tastaturdock

This is going to be a different kind of review here, because I had a lot of problems to get Google Play installed on this particular model. Faktisk, I can’t actually install it. I have completely given up otherwise it looked like an interesting Android tablet, so one of the few Android tablets I’ve […]

GPD Pocket Tiny 7 Tomme Vinduer / Linux Laptop PC Review

This is a little tiny laptop from the folks at gpv and they are also the people behind a couple of my other favorite devices like the GPB win here, which is a Windows game console as well as the GPD XD, which is an android console. I’Ll. Put a link down below so you […]

JDTab J01 Review – Android 6.0 Retina Tablet With Harman Kardon Audio

They decided to create their own custom tablet with a few other companies like Lyoko, Harman Kardon, who handles the speakers me xud operating system, and we have Foxconn D assembly and everything else. So this one has the written panel that we’re all familiar seven point. Nine inches 2048 ved 1536 resolution has four […]

Lenovo Miix 320 Anmeldelse – $199 Aftagelig tablet / Laptop 2 i 1

This is a little laptop, but it allows you to detach its screen. We’Ve looked at a couple of similar devices over the years here on the channel, but I think this one is probably the best of the bunch that I’ve seen so far doing this for the last couple of years and we’re […]

Chuwi Hi13 anmeldelse – Windows 10 Tablet med skærm til Surface Book

Nu, Desværre, på nuværende tidspunkt, at least at the time there’s reviewed this isn’t a dual boot model. It’S only Windows, 10 home it’s got 4 gigabytes of RAM its dual channel power bi and Intel Apollo Lake Celeron in 3450, with a maximum turbo of 2.2 gigahertz that’s quad core has 64 […]

NuVision $79 Windows 10 Tablet anmeldelse – TM800W610L Signature Edition

So take a closer look now at the hardware, and I was very surprised with the build quality on this. I was expecting something all plastic and very cheap feeling with a lousy display. This has none of those issues. It’S actually pretty well built it’s got a metal case on the back here. det […]

Jumper EZPad 6 Anmeldelse : $200 (or less) 2 i 1 Detachable Tablet Windows 10 PC

Today this is a smaller version of the jumper laptop that we looked at about two weeks ago. That has some flaws. This one isn’t perfect, either and I’ll point out some of the areas where you should be concerned here in just a second, but I do want to mention in the interest of […]

Chuwi Hi13 Vs Chuwi Hi12 Quick ComparisonWhich Should You Buy?

This is the recent model that just came out: it’s Windows 10 only this one’s Windows, 10 and Android on the HR 12. So you’ve won a dual boot model that straight away as the obvious choice. There is quite a difference between both of them so I’m going to get into detail. There have […]

Teclast Tbook 16 Power Tablet PC Review – $260 Microsoft Surface Alternative

This is a tablet computer. That looks a lot like a Microsoft Surface device, but it doesn’t cost as much as the surface does this one? Som du kan se, it is about 282 dollars on gearbest.com, en ekstra 30 bucks will get you a keyboard case that goes with it. I do want to mention […]

Teclast X3 Plus ReviewFirst 6GB Apollo Lake Windows Tablet

So it has two three gigabyte: chips from Samsung they’re, low power, double data rate; three chips: 64 gigabyte lagerplads. desværre, just Wireless in I would have liked to have seen while it’s AC on this. You can see the design of it it’s very similar to the x5 Pro that I reviewed kickstand. […]