Chuwi HiBook 10.1 Anmeldelse – Runs both Windows and Android ! Tablet med dobbelt start

This is the chewy hai book 10.1 and a lot of people were interested in this one actually because it has a rather unique feature and that it can dual boot either. Android or Windows 10, so you can run both windows and Android on a singular device here, which might be very useful if […]

Chuwi Hi12 Anmeldelse – Først 3:2 Ratio Tablet From China

Welcome to my chewy HR, twelve video review. This is the latest tablet, that’s just by Chewie and it’s, a little different, because it’s got a 3×2 ratio skærm, så ikke den 4 ved 3 retina tablets or the usual 16 ved 9 eller 16 ved 10 tabletter, something slightly different it’s. Faktisk, using the […]

ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 Anmeldelse – Bedste Android Tablet 2016?

This here is the ozu’s zenpad 3 s10. So the screen used is a very familiar one. Det 9.7 tommer 4 ved 3 Størrelsesforhold, Retina screen, which has a resolution of 1536 ved 2048 og 264 PPI so very hard to see. Pixels on this, you have to look at that really close. Nu […]

CHUWI VI10 PLUS Tablet ReviewRemix OS Powered Intel Tablet

This is the Chewie, the I 10 plus, and this is running with an intel cherry trails. Ii. 8300. Processor. You see a Windows icon on here, but this is not running Windows. It is running remix OS, which is basically a reimagining, a fork. If you will of the Android operating system. Denne ene […]

Teclast Tbook 16S ReviewDual OS 2-in-1 With Kickstand & Type Cover

So it has a detachable keyboard type cover and it’s powered by the typical specs. Now that are all too common, which is an atom x50 thousand 300 it’s running android 5.1 and windows 10 har 4 gigabytes of RAM and is 64 gigabyte e MMC. So let’s have a look at it in greater […]

Første kig: New PC’s from HP, Kangaroo, and LenovoHP Elite X3 Windows Phablet, Omen X, Yoga Book

A very efficient way for me to get some of my research done, and I saw a lot of really cool PC concepts from three companies. We’Ve covered a lot here on the channel, but with very new products, and I wanted to show those to use we’re gon na start first with HP, og […]

Amazon brand HD 8 Tablet In Depth ReviewCurrent 2016/2017 editions

Taking a look today at the Amazon Fire HD 8, we looked at their 49 tablet a couple of months ago. This is now their 89 tablet that just came out like the 49 version. It is subsidized by advertising like this ad here that you’ll see every time you turn it on, but it […]

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review (Dybdegående) Remix OS version

This one here is the second one and it’s the Chui VI, Tien, plus and you’ll, see that it comes with an additional keyboard that acts as they stand for the tablet. Nu, it’s powered by some very common specs here it’s got an atom X, 3 zit, 8300. 2 GIGABYTE RAM 32 Gigabyte, […]

Lenovo yoga Book anmeldelse – 2 i 1 Tablet with Keyboard and Drawing Surface

So I got one in here for us to take a look at. This is the Android version of this two in one tablet and, som du kan se her, it’s got a lower portion with a keyboard, but there are no physical keys, it’s just a capacitive surface. This is not a second screen, […]

Chuwi HiBook Pro Review – 2560 x 1600, Dual OS 2-in-1 Tablet PC

So what has changed in the model? We now have this new screen on there. That is fully laminated. Det har en 2560 ved 1600 resolution and it is very nice it’s very bright. It gets up to ‘6 nits of brightness and it dulls down to about 26 and it’s got an atom. X50 […]

Vido W10 Elite ReviewAtom X7 Z8700, 4GB, 128GB eMMC & Trådløs AC

Three RAM that’s running at 1600, Megahertz 128 gigabyte Toshiba each MMC for your internal storage. Unfortunately it’s not running dual boot and it has a wireless AC that is an Intel chipset and also has a fully laminated to screen and a very nice build a very premium. Build in fact, one of the […]

GPD WIN ReviewPortable Handheld Windows PC – Gaming, Game Streaming, Emulators

Taking a look today at a rather unique PC called the GPD win, and this is a essentially a Nintendo DSi swing, doze computer. It runs the full version of Windows. 10 it’s got an integrated five and a half inch display an IPS display only 720p though, but it doesn’t have much horsepower because […]