Montei um PC Gamer no valor de 680 reais

Para ir na parte de trs e aqui os conectores dela displayport HDMI TV analgico e devo ir digital e aqui dentro da caixa e tem manual e o CD de instalao Demorou mais conseguir encontrar, a fonte que vai alimentar aqui, o PC essa aqui uma, nox, Urano Sx de 500wats, No conheo essa […]

How to factory reset Onn tablet remove pin password pattern Watch to the end

I just wanted to see the version of it i’m going to show you how to factory reset this, and if you forgot, your pin password pattern. Locker whatsoever, this can help as well it’s, very simplified, så jeg er, going to show you the steps, because it’s not like a one, two three there’s a […]

A Tiny Ryzen Powerhouse! M75q Tiny Gen 2 Review 4650G It Can Game!

Godt, this is actually a tiny pc that’s. What they’re calling it, because the whole volume of the setup is actually only one liter. This is known as the lenovo think center m75q tiny gen 2.. Now this was recently on sale over at lenovo’s website and ebay. So i figured i’d go ahead and […]

Best Tablets in 2021 – Which Is The Best Tablet For You?

. I made this list based on my personal opinion and i’ll. Try to help you find the right one for your needs to see the most up to date, prices and find out more information about these tablets. You can check out the links in the description below before we start. Jeg har en […]

Bukan Tablet, Bukan juga Ultrabook | Lenovo ThinkVision M14T

id dan di video, Kali ini, Gua, mau membahas sebuah benda dari, Lenovo yang ada di sebelah, gua ini, Denne, bukan tablet, og dette, Også, bukan, laptop tuin, melainkan ini, Er, external monitor, buat kalian, du, yang memang, membutuhkan, portabilitas, niveau, Lanjut apabila kalian, itu adalah, seorang, profesional, synes om, editor, ataupun designer ini, Er, Lenovo, […]

MyTimesheets AppNo Paper, No Keying, No Stress

So the first thing i’m going to do is switch into a view of my phone. So here you have my cell phone. This can be used on the app which you see here. The virginities app can be used on a smartphone tablet or there’s also pc login. So basically all the employee does […]

New iPad Air 10.9-inch 4th Generation Review

There are several different setups that you can get with the apple ipad, Luft 4., for eksempel. My setup has the non cellular enabled space gray 64 Gigabyte, but you can get it in several different colors with up to 256 gigabytes and you can have it with a data plan. Hvis du vil, jeg […]

Huion Kamvas 16 (2021)【Unboxing & Anmeldelse】

Denne gang. Hearing company sent me their latest canvas 16 Tablet, 2021 edition it’s a tablet with a screen that can be connected to both pc and android phones. This would be my second time trying a pen display tablet and the features sounded very appealing to me, so i felt interested to give it […]


1, aypiyes ekranl, bir tablet, olduunu e monese, modelinden, gryoruz, dostlarm, sizlerle, beraber, Aure tabletinizi d, grnne bakalm 10.1 aypiyes ekrana, sahip 2 GB RAM, var 32GB dahili hafzas, var, 2 megapiksel arka, kameras, 5000 miliamper bataryas, ve, iki ylan, Smart 999, TL’ye bin TL Arkadalar bu, rn, satn, alabiliyorsunuz, ve, taksitli, bir, ekilde, alabiliyorsunuz, […]

5 Best Windows Tablet 2021

I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and i’ve listed them based on performance features and price. I’Ve included options for every type of consumer, so whether you’re looking for a budget windows tablet for daily tasks or a more versatile two in one design with a detachable keyboard. […]


My goal like Music, Um, Musik, Music in oh yeah, Musik, know Music, Music Applause game. You know super bear adventure, Musik, follow the arrow to get the turtle village, Musik, Um, Musik. Oh you know, Music turtle village. Here we go Music, go yeah. No turtle. Village was the lovely place before the recent […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review | Samsung Tab S7 Plus Review 2021 |Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Unboxing

Super speed is span And Shine. Free connectivity, Awards and personal fun When She has just wait for someone Producer of personal and Friends which calls attention the board and Write up is an interesting gives me for the peppermint, Sticks, peas and refined, and resort maldives University test Mode. Ci thng Nam, Gold Circle […]