Top 5 Best Touchscreen Laptops 2021 Anmeldelser

I made this list based in my personal opinion and hours of research and have listed them based on popularity, kvalitet, pris, durability, user opinions and more. If you want to see more information in the updated price, you can check out the description below and also make sure subscribe for more reviews. Okay, Så […]


000 en el canal, si 100.000 personas 100.000 dibujantes en este canal bueno creo que somos 104 mil o tal vez 105 mil para cuando yo en este vdeo pero bueno eso, merece, ser algo. Especial as que vamos a festejar y qu, mejor hacerlo a lo grande me. He unido con dos youtubers dibujantes […]

MSI Summit E13 FlipGoodbye HP Spectre X360?

Denne – is the first convertible laptop that msi has released in over a decade? What made it so unique to me, or not so unique if you really think about it, is the resemblance to the spectre x360 like this is a product that’s entering the business market and the way that msi is […]

unboxing Alienware M17 R3

3 inch display intel i7 next generation, 16 gigs memory, although i like 32 one terabyte, ssd, Nvidia, 2078 gigs windows, 10 and all the other jazz, the hmm, oh my god, oh it’s, opening this will last me about seven years: Åh, oh alienware, piper Open sesameoh oh whoa, what wow chawhakhan […]

HP Chromebook 11a Review

But you will end up installing linux on it, one of the linux distros. What you’re, probably missing out on and you’re, probably making a mistake hereis you’re missing out on google’s chrome os, specifically the google chromebooks at this time in india. Not many laptop makers are really focusing on chromebooks that’s, […]

Top 5 Best Ultrabooks of 2021 | Best Lightweight Laptops | Detailed Review

Through extensive research and testing. I have put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers, Så, whether it’s price performance or its particular use. We got you covered for more information of the product. I have included links in the description box down below which are updated […]

Top 5 Best Tablet for Drawing in 2021

These tablets have been specifically made to make your illustration work, convenient and enjoyable for producing highly detailed works in today’s video we’re, going to showcase five of the best tablets for drawing that you will find awesome. Techfluencer delivers a complete buying guide for tech enthusiasts. Here we try our best to make you […]

10 COSAS GENIALES que puedes comprar en AMAZON #6 💥 SET UP Edition

No me enrollo ms las palomitas y disfrutar del vdeo de todos, los productos empiezo el vdeo, con un accesorio que va a subir el nivel de vuestro setup loba y luminal de una forma muy muy original os hablo del kit, colo light pro de la marca eye Life, smart un, sistema modular de […]

Đánh giá ThinkPad X1 Nano: Một Chiếc Ultrabook Siêu Cấp!

I km vi cc mc gi, rt l, cao ln y l, 44 triu ng ti ca, hng VinPro, Tuy nhin th do y lm sn phm, cao cp, nn, L, n cng c. I km vi, nhng c quyn, nh l ton, ngay 4 triu ng cc bn. I mua ti khon single ny […]

Buying a Surface Laptop 4 Dont Make these Mistakes Intel v AMD v M1 MACSULTIMATE BUYERS GUIDE

I don’t want you to make these mistakes let’s go through which model you should buy, because this is so hard to make a decision. You have intel. You have amd, you have 13, you have 15., so many configurations so much to go through and so many mistakes you can make. When purchasing this […]

이번에는 레노버 P11과 갤탭S6 라이트를 비교해봤습니다.

Pro Galaxy Tab, S7, P11 Galaxy Tab, S6, Lite. Pro Pen and Keyboard Cover 600, P11, 400, 4g RAM, 270, 6g RAM, 300 P11 Galaxy Tab, S6, Lite, 349, 64, 200, S6, Lite, P11, Samsung Lenovo, P11, S6, Lite, iplay40, P11, Snapdragon, 662, S6, Lite Exynos 9611 Processor, Geekbench (Nørdbænk), 5 3D Mark Wildlife, Benchmark quot, […]


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