Best Tablets under 150$ | Top 3

I have some really nice tablets here, so stay tuned until the end, because I will not only offer you some tablets, which are just barely under 150, but I will go way below that price. Point so you can choose the best tablet for your budget and dont have to spend a whole 150 […]

The PSION Series 5 and 5mxLet's take a look at how PSION arrived at these little marvels!

We have our email, our contacts, calendars, web browsing and apps of all kinds for both business and pleasure. If you have an Apple device, Youre, no doubt using Siri to some extent to help organize your life and make things easier or Cortana in the Microsoft camp and Google Assistant, which is the well […]

Teclast M40 Pro 2023 | Updated Version What are Its Advantages?

The business has since released a new model of the same tablet with some noticeable software and performance upgrades. The brand new techlist M40 Pro 2023 har en 10.1 inch display and comes pre installed with Android 12. lets examine its features and costs in more detail. The tablet still has the same shape and […]

Best Laptops for Drawing of 2023

For this year, first were going to show you our five best picks then well talk about what you should look for before buying a best laptops for drawing you can find timestamps and links to all the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below Lets get started, drawing and sketching […]

This MacBook got MUCH better after M2 Pro release

I stedet, it is a much better deal and I will reveal this model, but first lets go over all MacBooks. You should and should not buy in 2023, because yeah its much harder now to buy the right. Macbook Lets cross two names off. First Intel based MacBook. Some people are still considering them, Men […]

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 🕳️🕳️🕳️ BORING!

Creators be like man, thats zoom on the s23 ocean, still sucks. Look at that. You cant even see it properly. Look at how blurry those images are. Look at the shutter lag its lagging its lagging the title of the thumbnail. I know its probably why Samsung will never take me to San Fran. […]

BEST PORTABLE HD MONITORInnoview HD 15.6 Anmeldelse af tommer skærm (Online Shopping My Way)

The relevant features Pros cons and pricing at the end of the video Im going to give it an overall rating, so that youll know if it meets your needs Im Kevin with online shopping. My way lets get right into it. Inside there are cables. Those cables are going to include a USBC to […]

Nuc Box 9 Første kig, A Fast Super Tiny Ryzen Powered 4K Mini PC

I still get surprised by how well it runs hey whats, going on everybody, its ETA Prime back here again today were going to be taking a look at the brand new Nook box 9 from gmk Tech. Nu, i 2022, gmk Tech released a lot of mini PCS. Some of them were powered by […]

Best Laptops for DJ of 2023

For this year, first were going to show you our five best picks then well talk about what you should look for before buying a best laptops for DJ. You can find time stamps and links to all the products we mention in this video down in the description below lets, get started still looking […]

Titan Elecstor- 296WH 300W Mini Power Station REVIEWED!! It can even run a small PC!

If youre new, here Im Reese of the four piece, variety or lucky triple XL and on todays show, we have another Tartan elixir of solar product from Apex interactive this time being the absolute Top Model. This is the literal mini power station theres, 80, 000 Mars worth of power inside of the system. […]

MacBook Air M2 Unboxing and Review

Ja, fordi, Endelig, after a long time, even the air has changed its design and its really beautiful it has modernized and kept up with its bigger Brothers. The shell remains always in high quality aluminum, giving a solid consistency going from round curves to a flat and angled shape. It resembles more and more […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Release Date & Pris, Funktioner, specs

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 might take some time to arrive. The second largest tablet producer in the world Samsung delivers high end tablets every year. Fanen, S7 and tab S7 plus were announced on August 5th 2020. During Samsungs virtual unpacked event, while the tab S7 Fan Edition was announced later on May […]