Is Linux The ANSWER??? – JingPad A1 Tablet

You got android tablets like the galaxy tab, but does anybody actually buy those? Maybe my dad at one point enter the jing pad a1. This is a chinese company, actually jingling international basically just means whale and uh dace fish, which is on their logo right there at the whale and the days fish […]

Chuwi Larkbook X Review FINALLY A Good Jasper Lake Laptop!

If youre unaware it is the successor to the gemini lake, its low end intel, but it is 11th gen, 10 nanometers now. Endelig, four cores maximum turbo is 2.8 gigahertz im talking about the sauron in 5100. That is powering this being only a 6 watt-chip. It is just intended for low end […]

Denne $300 2-in-1 Windows Tablet is Amazing!

Two in one windows tablet: you can buy right now and, som du kan se, it comes with a keyboard and a trackpad included. Ive used it for a week now and what i can confidently tell you is that its a great windows tablet on a budget. For mig, it basically takes all the […]


It sounds pretty good, but in real world usage long term is it a good, buy, hey everybody its andrewand this is my review of the hp 17 here for 2021 coming up Music. Nu, before we begin, i want to let everybody know in the interest of transparency and full disclosure im […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Surface Pro vs iPad Pro (2021)

Money can buy and all of them could be a great buy for you. But it depends on what youre looking for and even though i really like each of these devices, they honestly couldnt be more different. Each one has a totally different style of keyboard, a very different operating system and a lot […]

TABLET ANDROID 2jutaan TAPI Rasa 5JUTAAN!! Unboxing & Review Chuwi Hi Pad Air!

eps di 103 in cukup lebar, jenis, oktina, 18 Jun, so Tiger baterainya, 7000m, aha, Denne, hvis, Til, nonton, Video bisa sampai delapan jam dan Deni touchscreen dan, full lamination, teknologi ya, Nah di sini, ada tips, guys Jadi kalau, du, nyopot, Vi, coklat, yang bagian, depannya, Aja, Ya, biar, Ini, Tuh, kayak, Navn, si […]

Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED ReviewThis Broke My Heart

This is yet another one of them its the vivobook 13 slate oled and its basically a tablet pc running for windows 11, with the key highlight being that oled display wells first has asus claims, which is interesting to say the list, but unfortunately theres just one major Flaw with this device that just […]

Best Budget Windows Tablet Review 2022 | Best Windows Tablet Buy on Amazon 2022 (Buying guide)

They will be used in so whether youre looking to buy a budget tablet or one thats great for business or a powerful tablet. That creatives will enjoy well, have an option for you, so if youre interested in finding out which windows tablet will be best for you stay tuned, all the links to […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4 Anmeldelse

, and you know if you really dont want to watch this video and you want to buy. One of these i say, go ahead and buy one of these, its quite good, but it took lenovo for generations to get here and were going to find out how and why now. So you know […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Full REVIEW

Both on the great and both on the limitations, first of all, its a beautiful tablet and one of the things that, efter min mening, is more important on the tablet is the screen. The sound the overall build quality and here will be more than fine. We are talking about 11 inches with the […]


Lo nuevo de ryan y que es esta real mi padre me gusta que como nombre como complemento de la marca sea paz, te voy, a contar absolutamente todo lo bueno lo malo, muy, atento porque hay, cosas, geniales, pero otras, no tanto de esta nueva tablet de la Nueva tablet y primera de rial […]

Apple iPad 9 Anmeldelse: Cheapest iPad Is Faster Than Samsung

Not much has changed at first sight, but on the inside theres an important change, because now its faster than premium tablets from samsung, however starting at 329 dollars, we dont get just top performance, but also a couple of weaknesses: im andre from and in this ipad 9 anmeldelse: you will learn everything […]