I did get this tablet for free. Ja, but i mean it was part of a subscription service like it was a free gift for subscribing or something there’s, no such thing as a free lunch, but either way you’re on this video let’s unbox, this samsung galaxy tab 8. Now this samsung galaxy tv has slight changes like it’s got some pre installed, apps that you won’t see on your actual tab, if you just buy it normally, fordi det er, a free gift and the wallpaper is a bit different. But apart from that, the whole unboxing experience is the same, so let’s open up the box, but before that let’s actually take a look at the box, because you know you’re gon na appreciate that marketing material you’ve got pictures of the samsung galaxy tab on the front. You’Ve got some features on the back and you’ve got some branding on the sides. It’S pretty box standard and with a tablet like this you’re buying a mid range tablet. You shouldn’t be expecting to run crysis 3. it’s a simple tablet for simple games watching videos. You know maybe doing some emails and stuff so don’t place. Your expectation too high on the living room got ta, be fair to it. Opening up the box you’re instantly greeted with a free micro sd card, which is cool, i mean you can use it. I will probably keep it for future use and you’re greeted with the samsung galaxy tab.

A tablet itself, it’s wrapped in this cloth material as it’s pretty standard for smart devices. Um took it out place it on site. We’Ll talk about that later, so let’s take a look at the accessories and there aren’t much it’s, pretty sparse in terms of a box. You’Ve got a nice charger in that it’s, not a fast charger. I don’t think it doesn’t say: adaptive fast charging on the charger itself and it’s got a nice little white, usbc cable, which gets the job done. Jeg gætter, and apart from that, you don’t actually get earphones or anything or a headphone, jack, adapter or anything it’s kind of annoying that that is the case i mean i know they want us to buy wireless earphones but having the option to use a earphone adapter Headphone jack, but whatever so let’s take a look at the tablet now and let’s talk about the specs first and foremost. Screen is it’s 10 Inches, which is pretty good, and the resolution is 1920 ved 1200, which is pretty all right. I mean some enriched tablet. Don’T expect like 1440p here should be fine and the dimensions is it’s 9.65 inches by 5.88. Inches it’s got all the usual stuff and it’s powered by a 8 core samsung exynos processor at 1.8. Gigahertz and it’s got three gigabytes of ram. Now this particular model has 64 gigs of storage. I don’t know if they sell the tab, a with any other sort of storage sizes, but it is what it is and it has like a 6500 roughly milliamp power battery, which is pretty good, and it should last.

You for a pretty good time now i haven’t extensively tested it yet subscribe. If you want to see a fuel review in the future, but it should be good enough to last you a good day or two in terms of usage, especially if you’re just watching videos and typing stuff on it. But then again, there’s nothing. Earth shattering here and it’s expected it’s, not the highest end device ever so now we got the specs out of the way. Let’S take a look at the actual physical design of the device. We’Ve got a kind of a metal plastic material on the back it’s, not necessarily plastic plastic, but it doesn’t feel like pure metal either it could just be a mix or it could just be a coating of metal on plastic, but either way it doesn’t feel super Fancy, but it also doesn’t feel super cheap, it’s kind of the trend with this device it’s a tab, a it is a meat range device and it definitely feels like it on the right side. You’Ve got all your controls, your lock button and all your volume up buttons they’re there and you’ve got a selfie camera, which is cool and you’ve got a red camera which is cool. Now these cameras are not going to really do anything for you, except if you really need a camera, in a pinch for, Sige, a zoom call, or for you to take a picture of a document or receipt to digitize it and save it on your tablet that It will do a job for that, apart from that not very good on the bottom, we’ve got the speakers, det er, unfortunately not a front facing speaker setup, but we do have two speakers here, so it’s kind of a semi stereo setup, so that’s cool and we’ve got A nice port on the bottom that is usbc, which is very, very good now, on the top of the device.

You actually have a very surprised addition. This is a headphone jack, which is a godsend, i’m surprised. Faktisk, i thought initially that this device did not have a headphone jack, but it does have a headphone jack, so you don’t have to necessarily use bluetooth earphones with this, which is why i didn’t include a usbc headphone adapter that i talked about earlier. Oh, that explains it, but then again some song actually putting a headphone jack on here is it should be a given it’s, not like it’s, a tiny smartphone, where you can give them the excuse of oh they’re, trying to cram more battery life in here more technology. In here, if they didn’t put a headphone jack in here, i would have been thoroughly thoroughly disappointed so that’s that okay, so let’s turn around the lap tablet and, som du kan se, the screen is really really nice. Now the colors are excellent. The vibrancy is there. Det er, an older panel at the end of the day and samsung makes some of the best, if not the best oled on the market and it’s very, Meget rar. The blacks are nice and dark as dark as a cheap. Oled could be and it stack up to those, but it still works as a very good display, and it looks very nice it’s responsive, it’s snappy. It gets the job done, it’s only 60 Hertz. Så, if you’re really obsessed about getting 144 hertz for like pubg mobile or something you have to look elsewhere, but this isn’t a gaming tablet.

This is a mid range tablet. That’S really targeted for people who need a big screen in a pinch, and i think it does the job pretty well with set screen and overall it comes pre loaded with android, 10 and it’s, pretty snappy of a device, and surprisingly has minimal amounts of bloatware for Samsung device, so it’s got the pre loaded, samsung apps and the pre loaded newspaper subscription apps, which is how i got this tablet for free in the first place. But apart from that, there isn’t, like third party random stuff in here that used to appear on older samsung device, which is a good thing and overall it’s a pretty nice device to hold in the hand. It definitely feels like a device you would enjoy using and if all i wanted to do was watch youtube type gmail, you know type google docs with maybe an external keyboard and maybe play a little pass or play a little fifa. It should be fine it’s. Just that, if you’re trying to be a competitive, mobile, legends gamer, which i have no idea, why you would want to be, then this might not be the tablet for you, but it is nevertheless a very interesting choice, and hopefully my unboxing and first impressions give you A more in depth look into what this device actually feels like to use, and now, if you want even more information, a more in depth review will be coming. Maybe in a couple of months time i just like testing my devices thoroughly so make sure you subscribe for that and like this video, Selvfølgelig, you want to show your support.

If i get enough likes, then i’ll be like okay it’s, a good idea to make this video and i’ll make it in depth review, but either way i’m going to end this video here. Thank you so much guys for watching. Follow me on instagram and join my discord.