Now you see more and more rolling out and as people continue working from home due to the coven 19 pandemic and kids kind of going back and forth from being in school versus learning at home. Chromebooks have really seemed to kind of be the option for everyone: i’m beth matter here with adrian kingsley hughes adrian, you have gathered what you consider some of the best chromebooks that are on on the market today. Uh tell me tell me what your favorite features are. Tell me why you like them, tell me everything about them. Okay! Godt, at the top of the list, is the google pixel go chromebook? It there’s something about google hardware making making its own hardware for its own operating system. It’S not the best it’s, not the cheapest, and it doesn’t fall into any of those categories where you can go. That looks nice but it’s a solid, reliable, hardworking machine that, i bund og grund, you know it’s going to be supported by google for a while and just delivers what you want. Det er 13 inch screen it’s in that sweet, spot, Intel, processor, dual camera, nice long battery life, so that one has to be on the list. Then there’s the samsung galaxy chromebook. Everybody loves samsung hardware and this one stands out, partly because it’s got a 4k display on it, and the 4k display is great for people who really just want those pixel real estate to put stuff up on it. That is probably its most stand out.

Feature of the display um if you’re looking at a screen for a long time and you’re used to maybe high end um windows on macs. This will will not feel like you’re looking at a budget piece of kit and the price of you know: it’s it’s, not that expensive at around 250 300 bucks it’s quite a cheap system. Then we have the asus chromebook flip c43. This one is one, i would say, is ideally suited for work from home people. It’S powerful you’ve got a 14 inch display on it, the keyboard’s nice. It comes with 512 gigabytes of storage as the base option and you’ve got 12 timers batteritid, which i think in terms of putting in the work over a day 12 hour. Battery life nowadays is pretty much the standard, especially working from home, a lot more. Then i’ve got the dell chromebook 3100 student education edition now this one’s great for kids that throw stuff drop, stuff spill, milk and soda into things well. I’Ve included this here as well, because i think it’s great for those, maybe engineers mechanics people doing outdoor stuff where they want something a little bit more ruggedized, but they don’t want something like long lines of the panasonic toughbook. This one will take, drops it’ll, take being kicked, it’ll, take having a toolbox thrown on top of it, so it’s a great chromebook for somebody who wants the simplicity of chrome, but a robustness of something that otherwise they’d have to go to a high end laptop.

Then we’ve got the lenovo chromebook duet. Now this one’s on the list, primarily because it’s cheap it’s about 240 bukke. It looks nice. It feels a little bit to me like using uh an ipad with a with a decent third party keyboard on it, it’s pretty middle of the road in everything that you’re getting for that you’re. Getting a 10 tommer skærm, which is which is small but adequate for most, depending on what you’re doing you’re getting four gigs of ram, not much you’re getting 64 gigs of storage again, not much, but you’ve got 10 hours of battery life and it comes with this Optional, pen and and and the pen when i used it, was like i kind of like this pen, even though the rest of it felt sort of budgetand i was like wishing it was an ipad pro. jeg, like the pen so it’s all knife with the because of the pen, because i know some people like the position of that pen because their fingers are well. You know it’s a big thing compared to that particular pen. The pins are nice they’re to really pinpoint what you want: they’re nice, regardless of your your finger size adrian. What so? For anybody watching what’s kind of that difference between the chromebooks versus say your your regular mac or windows device? Godt, i think the the gap is getting smaller. It’S it’s interesting we’ve had high end chromebooks for a few years now, og, and people were questioning, why do we want high end chromebooks when chrome os, really couldn’t didn’t really seem to leverage that users now they’ve got the option of using parallels desktop for chromebook, so That you can bring windows onto your chromebook it’s, a it’s, an amazing achievement.

Basically they’ve been allowed to install software on chrome os, which you can’t do otherwise, so this this is sort of opened them out for the enterprise market. A lot more you’ve also got just the the idea that they’re pretty cheap compared to a macbook. Jeg mener dette. I wouldn’t you know i i i run a macbook pro there’s places i don’t want to take it. I take a chromebook. I happily take a chromebook. I stedet, it’s also the idea now that that closeness to the android operating system that people like, jeg tror, if you’re, if you’ve, got if you’re an iphone user you’ve got the ipad. If you’re an android user you’ve got the chromebook, and i think that these the synergy between those environments has actually helped chromebooks a lot and then there’s just this idea that you don’t really have to fuss with it. You know you don’t, really worry about viruses. You don’t really worry about somebody trying to kind of do anything wrong bad with it. If it breaks you download stuff back onto it from google, just works, it’s very simple, very low drag the total cost of ownership over. It is low, especially compared to high end windows systems. Now i’ve seen some people say, macs are cheaper. I wouldn’t like to put max in the school environment, so yeah it’s it’s got some great great benefits to it. The price performance these days as well. The performance is amazing, as well considering compared to the older ones, the first first few gens they were slow and sluggish.

Now you’ve got systems that really just feel as responsive as anything. You could use okay, godt, Det er, really good to know if anybody’s interested in some of these different chromebooks we’ve got links down below.