This here is the ozu’s zenpad 3 s10. So the screen used is a very familiar one. Det 9.7 tommer 4 ved 3 Størrelsesforhold, Retina screen, which has a resolution of 1536 ved 2048 og 264 PPI so very hard to see. Pixels on this, you have to look at that really close. Now it has a hexa core CPU, which is the media tech. 81: 76 4 GIGABYTE RAM 64 gigabytes of internal storage, which can be expanded upon with the micro sd card slot. It also has GPS something. We don’t see a lot of in tablets, five thousand nine hundred million our battery and type c port on the bottom. So to quickly walk you around the device on the front. Here we have a 5 megapixel camera ambient light sensor. What is missing is a status LED. Oddly enough, azusa didn’t actually include one left hand. Side you’ll, see the micro SD card slot. Now that will support up to 128 Gigabyte. I can confirm this. I tested up my samsung pro plus card and network fine without any problems on the right side, volume up and down at power buttons. Now these are made out of metal and have a very nice feel to them and along the top we have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack which supports microphones. Now this part along here is plastic, and that is for the reception of the GPS, antenna, wireless and Bluetooth. You also see a small little dot there, Det er, where the single microphone is located along the bottom dual downwards: firing speakers a couple of Torx screws that hold the rear metal housing in and the type C port that does support Qualcomm quick charge 3.

0, although it does Not include in the box a charger that, with that spec, you only have a standard charger, which is a shame. So if you want to charge it a lot quicker, you need to go and buy yourself a Qualcomm, quick charge, 3.0 Oplader, and I see on the back. We have a unibody metal design, which feels a very premium very solid, with nice, chamfered edges that apparently diamond cut and an 8 megapixel camera, so the build quality is very premium. It is well put together, der er, no flex or creaks in the design at all metal volume up and down button. There feel very nice and the unibody rear housing gives it a very quality feel to it. Now the thickness of it as this claim is meant to be 5.8 Millimeter. But in my unboxing you’ll see that I got more like six point. Five millimeters so I’m, not too sure where they got that figure from. But it does only weigh 430 gram, which is very light indeed and very manageable, easy just to pick it up and slip into a backpack, a screen on it being a Retina screen, offers a very nice blacks, good colors on there good color, reproduction and I’m. Very happy with the quality of the screen. Now the maximum brightness goes all the way up to 480 lumens of brightness, which is very good so very bright when you need it, and one thing: I’ve noticed that the ambient light sensor when you set that on to auto mode as I simply just need to Tick that box there from the toggles that it does a really good job and it’s one of the few ambient light sensors that gets the brightness right for me.

Personligt, I find a lot of them. Don’T it’s, either too dark. It’S too light this one as those here they have customized and tweaked that ambient light sensor and I would say, it’s pretty much spot on and one of the best I have used so if you’re, finding the colors here reproduction is quite good, but I have noticed That the whites may be leaning a little bit towards the cool white. You can actually change that if you go into the splendid applicationand you can just tweak that, so if you find that the whites are too cool, then you can increase that to a warmer white. You also have a balance mode, which is what it comes with by default, and I leave it normally imbalanced or you can put it into vivid it’s for more saturated colors and it’ll. It looks more like a sense, an AMOLED panel, the same kind of panel that you’ll find in the Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 there. So you can’t. We can customize that to your liking, so very decent panel and I’m really happy with it. So here in direct sunlight, I can make out what is on the screen, but it is very reflective which makes it quite difficult to use, but the best features of this tablet that it has an active stylus, now there’s actor stylus takes a quad a battery. Now those are expensive batteries, but it does come with one included in the box, which is something you definitely want.

You don’t have to buy one of those extra. Now the battery life apparently is supposed to last for 150 timer, which is a very long time. So we have a couple of buttons on here. It does support palm rejection, so palm rejection works as soon as the stylus is detected. Just hovering about. That does have a hover feature, and now I think it will not actually do anything so get a couple of apps. I wanted to test that whether I could actually just write some text on there now I did a quick test with my unboxing video and it seems quite good but it’s going to go into a tiny, a little bit more detail here. So one of the apps that they do have that comes with it is super note now. Super note is quite handy that supports the pressure sensitivity so I’m, just gon na quickly go into a new page here and show you again that if you select a tool that does support the pressure, sensitivity, pops, something like the paintbrush that’s one, that definitely does so. If I just sketch very lightly it’s tiny there’s more pressure, I apply the figure that is getting and that actually works. Fint nok. Now there’s a little bit of input lag in this particular application. It’S not bad at all to go through with the and it’s going going to get rid of that. Some of that there and show you that other tools you’ve got a whole range of options there.

Now a lot of people use other applications so now see. If I can sketch sorry write a few notes down and see how that is going to come out so for that I’m going to change over to another application just to try out bamboo paper now, this is something an application that someone recommended that I tried. So I did a little test here. I want to get rid of that. That was my old test. You see that at the moment, that’s that’s, very quick they’re, just getting rid of all those the text here. So now I move over I’ll just get the orientation of this actually now put it around the other way. Now let’s have a look and see if I can just write something that is not going to cause any problems with the palm rejection. So it’s either going to work properly or not so soon, as my palms here, because they didn’t work too bad. But we didn’t notice that right here that showed up there from my palm, and that was probably the moment when I was lifting the stylus tip away from the screen as when that happened there, but you can once you get accustomed to it. It takes a little bit of practice. You can write notes on this. I found quite well now the status isn’t as good as the intrigue stylus that I have used on my Microsoft Surface pro. For that I feel it’s a step up and also the work on stylus is a better, but I have to rate this is quite a decent stylus that it’s it’s really not bad at all.

Now it has a plastic tip on it: it’s not rubber, so it doesn’t quite have a good of feeling or feeling. Like the note, the note five that I had had to do, one more test. You have to excuse my horrible writing and scribble here, one more test: Okay, so that worked okay there. But again that was just me touching, so you really have to practice a little bit and just make sure you get the stylus tip down first, before your palm touches the screen now some of these applications not so sure if this one does have it, allow you To to actually disable touch input, so you can’t use touch to write, and that is probably the best thing to do. If you’ve got an application that supports that, then you have no problems, writing and filling out a whole page there. Så, som nævnt, it does support a fingerprint security, which is something you don’t see a lot of tablets with this there’s. Only a few out there that have that it’s, not a real common feature, especially with the tablets, are normally review, which are more budget orientated. De er. A lot cheaper than this one so the way it works is you still have to wait the tablet first, but you can do it in one motion and I found that it really does work flawlessly. It is very quick. You see that reaction there, the reaction time between the screen, my finger being read and the screen coming on is very quick.

Nu, how you do it in one motion is just a press down all in one go and it will press read and unlock so speaker wise. It has to downwards firing speakers, and then it has the three point: five millimeter headphone jack at the top now I’m. Going to test up the speakers, but I just wanted to comic first on the 3.5 millimeter output. I found it too be excellent. I was really surprised about the quality, as perhaps the best I have heard on a tablet. It is really good. The only thing I could say that maybe it just lacks a little bit more volume to it, so you going to be driving like a large hits it then you might find that fall short a little bit in the volume Department, but it does have audio master On there, it’s got some software on it. Allow you to tweak the the equalization there it’s, DTS and yeah. The output is already good, so let’s have a listen now to just tell those two down with firing. Speakers sound and play a quick soundtrack here from carbon based life forms. Ah so happy you could hear from that that they do sound quite good and they are very loud and they definitely blow my Chinese tablet and completely out of the water there. This tablet here is the ticklers, x98 s3 and those speakers are quite hopeless. They just have no volume to them, whereas the Zen pad 3 s10 here is just 20 times louder and better quality, samt, so just to quickly cover the ROM.

So it is running Android 6.0 out of the box. I don’t know whether this will get the update to Android 7.0 as loose in the past, have been very bad at updating their tablets to the latest Android versions. So something we’re just going to have to wait and see, Desværre, but performance of it is really quite good. One thing I was not happy with it, you would have seen in my unboxing video, if you have seen that was the amount of pre loaded crap. Where that a Zeus have crammed on there. I found that to be really unacceptable. There is literally 10 applications. I will consider as bloat, but they didn’t like and the moment I connected up to the Internet. It forced upon me another 6 applications that were downloaded, so the UI they have used is what’s called Zen, UI and it’s their own custom UI in general. It is quick and snappy I’ve noticed that when you do multitask quite heavily that it will start to sometimes get a few little stutters there. Now that is something you literally get on most devices as well, so I’m, just gon na quickly go through and launch a few things here that it can bog down a little bit, men generelt, den 6 kerner. The media tech course they’ve got on. There are handling things very well and I haven’t really noticed anything that I would call troubling at the performance of. It really is quite good, so just gon na quickly show you now multitasking here, let’s go back into that’s File Manager.

Looking and some images that I just showed you before off the screen, playbooks go back into the settings, so it is really quite quick and snappy and rare management seems to be quite good. You get about 2.2 gigabytes of free on on first boot, and you see the toggles here. They are quite ugly, quite large it’s, something you’ve got to get used to, and they’ve got a few little tweaks in here when it comes to things like they oughta start manager, power and boost. What that does is just clear. All the memory helps keep things running fast and I don’t really know whether that is needed, because Android also has its own task manager and it should go through and clean things out of memory and when it comes to multitasking, it is a little bit aggressive in Getting rid of applications so if you’re some of that multitasks a lot, and you want to go back, for eksempel, to PC mark, I don’t even think that’s actually loaded up. What will happen is it is a bit of a delay. Then what will happen is it? Will actually have to reload the application I’ve noticed after about 10 minutes that it will just go through and kill applications. Now you can stop that from happening by locking certain apps. So if you pin them there’s an option here to pin certain apps screen pinningand you say you can stop that from happening and you will make sure the app is always going to be there for you, but in general your performance I find is perfectly acceptable For this type of device, the price range for gigabytes of RAM is ample there.

In one area, I did notice that it does definitely lag bogged down and then as a YouTube application right now, it’s very fast it’s loading and everything just fine and I’ll load. In a video here of well I’ll just go into what was in bad? Why not and you’ll see that this is working fine. Now I have the sitting sit at the moment. I think it’s 720p, but as soon as you change that it’s only going to go fullscreen here, that’s fluid that is smooth now watch what happens when I decide I don’t want 720p. I want something that suits the screen resolution a little better, so I want to go 1440p there we go. You see what’s happening it’s becoming very choppy now and if you decide to get out of this okay, I want to minimize this go back now. Look at this lag it’s just unresponsive. What is happening there, so that is something going on with. I don’t know whether it’s, the CPU or it’s. Faktisk, the YouTube application is causing this horrendous choppiness and lag I’ve got to kill that video and and even now the the application now has become unresponsive and extremely slow. So this only happens when you put it on 1440p, so got to get out of there. Now I’ve just got ta can completely kill all those tasks and everything now is back to normal. But if I keep that running in the back room there in the background and it’s going to complete just bog down like the whole system out until I close that youtube app, it literally consumes all of the CPU there’s a front facing camera samples.

Let’S go five megapixel front camera and an 8 megapixel rear camera and the quality above them. I found to be pretty average. You can see that it’s a little bit blocky it’s pixelated there’s, just too much compression, so I wouldn’t be buying this tablet at all. For its video quality, just give you a quick sample here from the rear camera, but you can shoot up to 1080p. But if you try to enable, if you do enable image stabilization, then that will chop the resolution down to only 720p and you can see the quality of it is really quite grainy. It’S blurry as shaky it is not good at all. Your mobile phone will definitely take a better quality than this right here, so I do like to run synthetic benchmarks and do a few tests on these tablets when it comes to things like the wireless speeds and performance so I’m, just gon na quickly run through those. Now there were a couple of them where updates that were pushed out via the over the air update system from a Zeus, and there were two of them that I installed now here is the Geekbench full score, which is I mean this is an OK score for A hexa core 6 core tablet and the n2 2 Score. Nu. This is faster than the Exynos Samsung Galaxy Tab. S2. This one is, and the later on they have this net dragon 650 and Snapdragon 650 performs about the same, gets about the same and to to score there.

It’S n two to six point: two point: one by the way, so the a 3d mark ice storm unlimited score: a slingshot. Now the internal stir rigea benchmark. That has also read of 112 megabytes per second and a write of 130 isn’t too bad. But this is e MMC 4.5 spec that doesn’t have you FS, 2.0 Opbevaring, Desværre, and the the wireless speeds had so quite good. Now the range of the wireless. I was doing some testing on that as well, which I’ll show you. I found that this was when I was on the same level as my wireless router, very good reception moving downstairs that drops down, but the speeds was still quite good. You can see actually got a faster upload for some reason, but due to the fact that it does have the plastic along the top here, the wireless range and performance is really good. Now I did a better life test here. This is a PC max, a better life work score, so seven hours and three minutes not bad and the work performance score. There was five thousand four hundred eighty one. If you want to compare that to your home or existing tablet, there’s more details there, and that was a screen on time of six hours and three minutes now. This was what the display configured to 200 lumens of rightness as they suggested, and you see the battery use there. The screen NPC mark so, for that was quite a good score there.

Now that was on the power saving mode. Godt, not the power saving mode. Just the normal mode, you do have performance or power saving, so just keep things on normal. So the tablet supports quick charge 3, but you don’t get one included, so you really have to invest in one of these, and this is an official certified Qualcomm quick charge. 3 Oplader, and with this I can fully charge the tablet in just under two hours. Uden den, using the standard charger charging times are very long and it takes around four hours with it powered off if you’re going to charge it while you’re using the tablet, at the same time again with the standard charger you’re looking at about seven hours, so very Slow charge times so really it’s very wise to invest in one of these, so just to quickly touch on gaming. So this title here is modern, combat 5 and it has completely playable frame rates. It runs really nice and smooth and if a lot better than I thought it would also will test out just after this one, a Mortal Kombat X and that one runs a native screen resolution. A title that I thought on a Retina screen would probably be running. Like a slideshow but you’ll see in a second that No, so you do notice that now and then there are a few a fiddle, tiny micro spoilers, but that happens on a lot of devices. But overall it is very smooth at gaming that is actually playable framerates.

Ikke. I did not expect this game to be so smooth, men det er, making at some times I’d say it’s, making close to 60 billeder pr. sekund, definitely making 30 billeder pr. sekund. It was a little stutter there with that animation, the gaming performance in general. Every time out, there is at least playable all right, so that’s my review, then I’ve got to say that this is a very nice. Well rounded tablet and I have enjoyed my time with it. Premium build decent battery life, a good performance, Okay. Now and then you will see a tiny little micro starter here and there, when you do some very heavy multitasking and in some games there’s a slight little pause there, but I’ve seen it on other devices and it’s, really nothing serious enough to say no don’t get It because every single game out there I have tested has had playable framerate and the stylus also as well works really well. I do like this stylus and I found that the performance of is good. It has a tiny little bit of input lag, but how many other Android devices out there support active palm rejection? Styluses there’s, not a lot fingerprint reader works well. Micro SD card support there. The only thing I wasn’t happy with it was the front and rear cameras. They do have very bad quality and it’s not up to the rest of the spec of the tablet here and one other thing too, that the YouTube application what’s going on with selecting 1440p it just bogs itself down, becomes almost unresponsive and you’re forced to have to Kill YouTube so that’s, something that needs to be addressed if they can improve on that and broke the camera performance you’ve got yourself here, probably one of the best Android tablets for 2016.

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